Wednesday, February 24, 2010

slot lost lots

video below

I just heard about these guys today on the radio ... they are from Brooklyn. Their band is named after the spaceship from Lost in Space. Their music has been in Heroes, Burnout and Madden.

this tv movie poster in the subway caught my eye

as did this, since I'm a BB nut and so BAD
not the same poster as in the subway
best I could do folks

And the monkey flips the switch ... Bad Dreams

Space Monkey ... who would you fight?
Abe Lincoln, long reach, tough chin

HAM Astrochimp

the Lighthouse

Lovely Bones

Shutter Island
fool on a cliff

that's a scene from Hearts in Atlantis in 2001
makes me want to talk about healing hands
check out this link for more sync

I'm thinking Spirit Palms
what's a pocket full of gold
Back Burner Jackie O
they always kill our leaders
I will never forget

don't forget to rant about infinity

I bet that's a golden ratio or reduction in size ... the greeks used dropping water to calculate the fluting in columns, and something about entasis. There is never enough time to talk about entasis, wait till a later pic.

take that Pollock

memory of an Oriental man telling me
of a chicken that is undefeated at TTT
squares and circles
plus Hurley Hugo loves chicken

whoa, where's Captain Ron

At this point I have to include exact commercial I saw
look how they added the Jupiter finger
and the Giza Pyramids
and the fool on a cliff

Jack Shepard's son is reading Alice
it's really his nephew
wanna watch some Red Socks'?
the ball has 108 stiches
the field is a square and compass
there's a center mound
umpires are in black & white
we serve beer and breaded animal remains

om nom

oh no, I have to start talking about entasis
that would take forever
just notice his eye is aligned with horizon

Hello Yellow Halo

where to hide a key?
under a Lepus (pulse)
the rabbit done died
can't catch me

Tempieto Maestro

88 keys

Waxing um with Mr. Zog's


Shinning axe of heartless tin
the Spirit Palms beseech thee

oh noes ... she's been branded, I mean incorporated

hand game

if I can't have a heart neither can you

another Cog in a Gear
of the Celestial Wheel

how's this thing work again
oh yeah ... 108
9 18 36 72 144

the shadow / reflection
a trickster with mirrors

Jesus Christ = 37 x 64 = 2368 = 888 + 1480

"it's my house, my house I grew up in"

shattering mirrors / bifurcating minds 13x13x13
with thy mighty looking glass
Jack Rabbit is paranoid of God
and in denial

Are you too good for your home?

reminds me of what Rae Dawn asked
Suffering is Western Civilization"s
burden from Christendom
possibly worthless
and totally corrupt
then again
I'm Lost

"Sometimes you can tell people what to do, other time you've gotta just let them stare at the ocean a little while"

RED Hurley, WHITE Jacob, BLUE Jack
Jack's eye is lining up with Horus again

fool on a cliff

starring at the horizon
no bait on the hook
just trying to forget
you put the Art in Marytr

no I don't play checkers
scar ONE EYE
morpheus is bald too

post script on entasis, Vincent Van Gough used it, I used it for my work at the Duke on 42nd St, whoever or whatever built the Giza Pyramids knew about it cause they are actually octagonal in plan not square, and the Ancient Greeks had a huge grasp on Entasis.

I"m not gonna find great images tonight
yes we are talking about the ONE EYE
or CyClopian eye

human eyes perceive objects larger than they really are
if the eyes are less than 5'-6" away from the object

an object at 5'-6" or (72") is perceived at true size

object seen farther away than 72" will gradually
appear smaller and smaller than they really are

this change is hyperbolic and not linear

Do you want to see a Geometric Solid
or build a Geometric Solid?
Do you want to understand reality
or your perception of reality?

Help I'm Alive ... Take me Home


  1. This has a very chill flow to it... Plus I just dig Citizen Cope.

  2. I'm in a cage 8 hours a day. I write chicken scratch on 2x4 scrap wood. Mostly ideas that come to my head from the radio or text message conversations.

  3. Any chance I could get you guys to weigh in on this: