Thursday, February 4, 2010

The 69 Alignment

There is a cure for cancer. It is in the plants. Just ask the Moon and Jupiter, they will tell you.


  1. Micheal (My Shell) Jackson's moon walking is similiar to how the crab shuffles sideways ... the crab is the symbol used because of this shuffle as metaphor for the three days of rest the Sun takes during the Solstices

    the Jupiter symbol is described by Manly Hall as a Crescent Moon on the left arm of a cross

    if the moon was on the top, it would be the devil symbol ... but this man holds his horns in his hand not upon his head

  2. Yezz Beutiful! Wowza, I can almost smell the TrANSenDENTAL uh-TRACtur around the bend! Blezz Namaste

  3. 27 is linked to the Moon due to the 27.3 day orbit...right?

    2 x 7 x 3 = 42

    I like the symmetry between Jupiter and the Moon. They seem to make a perfect pair.

  4. Did not think of that Arrowsmith. Clearly yes. I just connected it with Jake because he seems to be all moon and 27 now.

    They do seem like a perfect pair.

    What is also weird is Europe and Earth. Is our alter ego, avatar, pandora side of us a moon of jupiter?

  5. If it is Jim, then I'd put my money on the moon Io.

    Io = 10 = X (which marks the spot)

    Check out this poster for The Ten.

    In spanish the word God is Dios. Diez (which is derived from Dios) is spanish for the number 10. God resides on the Jupiter Moon Io?

    But then again, because I live in Europe it would probably make sense that my blue avatar lived on the moon Europa. I don't really have an answer, but it's certainly an interesting question.

  6. Io is in synchronous eccintricity with Europa and Gaynemede at a 1:4:2 orbit rate