Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mad Moon

Been thinking about madness as films like Alice In Wonderland and Crazy Heart are popping up at this point.

What most people mean when the say 'mind' is some kind of identification with a collection of concepts which they regard as themselves.

In this sense going out of your 'mind' is a great thing as you are moving beyond this limitation or your ego.

Many people on a spiritual or esoteric path do indeed believe they are going insane when they start peeling back the layers of identification and see the infinite interconnected eternal NOthing that is the real Self.

The popularity of mad/crazy themes is due to the collective being confronted with this loss of individual identity and the associated fear/excitement of the potential madness WE/ME believe this represents.

Same meaning as The Sacred Fool really. The Fool and Mad person have very flexible reality tunnels and often see with clarity far beyond the rational or consensus.

I just read the words "mad moon" in "Masks of the Illuminati" and wondered if I could find cinematic associations to illustrate.

The word lunatic is derived from Luna/Moon.
Johnny Depp as Mad Hatter above and with moon below.

Kirsten Dunst works at Moondance Diner in Spider-Man below.

Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski drug induced vision below.
Looks up at 'infinite' bowling shoe rack receding with pyramid shape into the moon.

Drew Barrymore in E.T below.
Moondancing in Charlie's Angels
Meeting the Man from the movie Moon, Sam Rockwell, in same film


Jupiter and the Moon got me thinking about how Jupiter moved into Pisces from January 2010-January 2011. The Tarot Card for Jupiter in Pisces is the Nine of Cups and Crowley named it HAPPINESS. In G8orish language JOY. Jupiters Beneficial, Good Luck, and Benefaction energy influencing Pisces Symbolized by "The Moon" Tarot card symbolizes the Journey of Night, Dreams-where Imagination rules, the Moon=Imagination=Madness=Lunacy, Consciousnesses Journey through the Unconscious and Victoriously ressurecting Itself, The Past, Memories, our Internal world, The Moon is the reflection of the Suns Light, just as the Lunar part of ourself reflects upon what is revealed during the days light. Truth is revealed in the Day and weighed in the Heart at night. So Jupiters Beneficial Energy upon our Primal internal world and Imagination(which we use to interperate even waking reality) and Emotions can Typify some energies flowing this year.

While typing this I decided to grab a brand new book I picked up Last month, "Understanding the Thoth Tarot" By Lon Milo Duquette. I turned to the page of the "Nine of Cups" or HAPPINESS and there is a Mysterious tear across this one page, only the Page of the Nine of Cups for Jupiter in Pisces. I inspected the pages before and after this one, and none of the pages even have a similiar bend. Also even more interesting is that this slash cuts through the only places where J-upiter is written Twice.
Click on the Image to see better what the energies of the Card are and where the Mysterious tear cuts through.

Funny also to note this happend on page 237, like the room Number in the SHINING mentioned above. Lunacy and room 237 are intimately connected, and also to the Heavenly "42" number as 2x3x7= 42.

Now another funny thing is the way the slit in my page up there exentuates HA-ppiness. Last night I turned the television on for a few breif moments and caught the show "Caprica" on Sci Fi Channel. Within the first minute of having it on I heard the word "Apotheosis" 4 times, which really caught my attention because I just wrote this post the other day about Apotheosis and Christs Rainbow(42), a few minutes later a young boy picks up a toy with a wheel and 3 connected Faces on it, with a bigger face in the center, I immediatly thought of Jupiters "Wheel of Fortune" Tarot card and the 3 figures that uphold the flow of the Wheel. Before i Could finish the thought the boy goes "Hey daddy why are there 3 Faces on here? And why is JUPITER the Biggest", the father replied that they represent "Love, Order, and Strenth" and in other places Mars is the bigger one, and that its different where they are. I had to scramble and write out what I was hearing so I would remember the next day. I wrote it out, and then was inspired to draw a Circle while thinking of the unmeasurableness of Infinity as a concept, and a Symbol is a perfect yet also comparably meek symbol for eternity, I laughed at how short a circle can come to displaying infinity so I wrote HA! in the center of the Circle. It reminded me of a Tarot Mandala where the Universe Tarot card is the Background and the Fool is the Center, the Fool being the Spark-Dot at the Center of the Circular Mandala of the Universe Tarot Card, and the Fool being the first card, and the Universe the Last. The fool is symbolic of Madness and LUNAcy and Laughter as well, his energy being the Spark center and Laughter made my (HA!) symbol remind me of Madness and the Full Moon and also the slit carved across my Nine of Cups page cutting HA -piness in two.
Heres the Scanned Image of my Note to self.

The writing in red was something i was Inspired to write while thinking about totality, and how our flesh is made multitudes of internal and external universes, or something like like that.

Heres what Aleister Crowley has to say about the Tarot Card for Jupiter in Pisces.

The last portion of this talks of the Divine Nectar being poured forth by Ganymede the Greek Aquarius Water Bearer and Grail Bearer to the Gods.

I also had to scan a line from Crowleys "Book of the Law" I beleive in the Second Chapter, the 42nd Line contains references to the Heart and Joy. Both Jupiterian associated flows for sure.

Looking forward to more flow here, Great work everyone much love :)


Funny how Jake Pulls out a Tarot of a Movie Poster....

Excerpt from
Syncing.. dam near drowning! (floW)

Saw the above poster for Gone Fishin yesterday as I was scanning Danny Glover owing to recent interest in The Color Purple. We see Joe Pesci and Danny Glover covered up to their foreheads in water with two passing fish.
Today I eye Seth Green's posters for an upcoming video project with Radio8Ball. I am to make a video about Seth Green's sync web which he will hopefully see and comment on while being a guest of Radio8Ball. In this poster Seth is covered in water up to his nose also with 2 fish!

I ponder what the heck these strikingly similar images could further have in common when desperate googeling reveals...
Seth Green's Birthday is this very day...
And Joe Pesci's is tomorrow.


The movie posters show the Aquarian theme of the nine of cups as shown correspondence by Kev. The two fish are the influence of Pisces on the water of Jupiter.

Interestingly enough in reading this it gave me insight on something else that I was working on from earlier on in the day.
I had been sitting on half of The Hangover for a week now. Just too busy, so today I needed a break and just finished the bastard uninterrupted. The story is that 4 guys Wake up in Vegas non the wiser of their previous night's antics. They find a Tiger in the bathroom and a baby in the corner. After some investigation they find the mother of the child and the numbers 327.Not expecting such a sharp symbol to pay attention I sit up. Kev here helps me understand this further. This is the brink of insanity.... Not knowing where you are, just like us now, waking up, and then trying to piece everything back together.... "Now wait, what have we been doing?"

Oh, shit we're consciousness itself.
The mother whips out a tit and starts to suckle the baby... I'm going haywire at this time because, through sync I put a different connotation on such a sight as seeing a fatherless child being nursed in some kind of Isis like connotation. The Zebra print behind her nods to me.... I think first of the super computer of god in Philip K Dick's book VALIS. Zebra is the name of god by he. Like a large African monochromatic beast from Africa... God blends into the world around us in plain sight, for all to see and not register.I noticed this poster awhile back thinking that the Baby wearing a Creature From The Black Lagoon shirt was cool. I like what Toure said about Atlantis recently and some call the Fish Man theme the Atlantis Man or Aqurian Man. I like those ideas, and have also notice that in another recent flick called Monsters Vs Alien the Aqua Man was called the Missing Link, normally the Missing Link is attributed to Big Foot AKA the big foot of god. The Baby is god. Big Foot is a primate and attributed to our past evolution... Saying that the fish man is our Missing Link then we are from Atlantis and even many ancients tale of a part fish/part man coming from the sea to teach many the secrets of civilization. Richard recently spotted a Merman aligning with accession. Never the less the baby with this shirt and the Sunglasses that mark my eyes to see a god, I had interest, but not much. Also as a note the movie poster shows one gentlemen with a missing tooth, a symbol of financial troubles in Dream World.... Think Tooth Fairy... Then picture the timing of the movie and the mindset of the world at this time.
I recognize this guy from the chick flick He's Just Not That Into You that I just watched with my wife.... Can't remember his name. I don't even have to slow down the frames as his head interacts to the Jupiter like painting behind him.... It even gets cooler when the cops bust in and he damn near touches the very object that held my attention... It making a perfect halo this time. Like the Painting was attracting him as well... And fuck maybe it was. Honestly though this movie is just plain funny. I mean why shouldn't Jupiter be associated with a movie about hard luck. I mean Jupiter's luck is after all BAD Luck.... You think your life is over, and then your luck changes.... You think it's bad luck and it ends up BAD Luck(B=1A=2D=4 the numbers of Jupiter). Gambling is even the final means they use to try and right everything. Tis the season I notice as the Tiger is whisked into the Polar Chariot of the Cop Car.... Cop Cars Just seen in Legion ushering the Angel of the Moon. 2010 the Chinese year of the Tiger brought to you by the Luck of Jupiter. 244 is seen on the Cop Car, However in the bottom of the screen you find that the number is 1244... Perfect and unbelievable.

It's important to pay attention to the back ground in the first 20 or so seconds in the trailer above...


  1. The gravitational pull/push of The Moon can have dramatic influence on our planet Earth.

    It can move the waters and reshape continents.

    It can power the oceanic-tidal engine which maintains the delicate flow of water and balance of life on our sphere.

    It can also destroy by shaking and breaking the very earth and ground upon which we live.

    The Moon has no light of its own and must rely on the light of the Sun. Yet, without the light of our star, The Sun, we would hardly visually notice the Moon at all.


  2. Beutyfool! Great Post, and Great job with Radio 8 ball Jake, very exciting! Peace in, Namaste

  3. so interesting this connection between moon and mind. they became linked for me at one time, and now I consider them the same. The Hero in the Tarot must go beyond the moon which has come in front of sun, a symbol of true self, in the moon card. The mind eclipses true self and must be transcended. Also in the chakra climb the literal mind is between #6 & #7. Or the mind blows out in a thousand points of light.


    ORIGIN Old English mōna, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch maan and German Mond, also to MONTH , from an Indo-European root shared by Latin mensis and Greek mēn ‘month,’ and also Latin metiri ‘to measure’ (the moon being used to measure time).

    So that's it. Moon, Mind, Time.

    very nice Jake,
    as always.

  4. Lets not forget Dark Side of the Moon and its themes of insanity.

  5. The tear goes through happiness and 2 Jupiter's.. The tiger climbs into 124 chariot. You guys are f'n crazy!

  6. Don't go pointing Jupiter fingers around... Besides I learned it from watching you!

  7. Of course im loving this band Bardo Pond (yes the tibetan underworld and pond together!) their a great psych rock band from the 90s, and im Loving this song "Be a Fish", Ive had it on all week.

    " Id like to smell like a fish, when i go swimmin in the soupy mix. Come on in the Waters fine"

  8. Just realized Jupiter Finger pointing to missing tooth in Hangover Poster.

  9. Glasses on the Baby? Baby Oracle on the 8 - Ball? Worked for me! thanks y'all g8ers. pegcarter

  10. 42nd President of USA Bill Clinton, Madonna and Jesus

    Bill was hospitalized today at 4:24 EST with HEART trouble.