Tuesday, February 2, 2010

hEARt *

Two ears make a heart shape. Lovely symmetry on many levels as heart contains the word ear.
Perhaps to be in a state of loving/union we need to hear/listen to ONE another. Maybe WE/ME need to listen to our hearts...
Aviator Amelia Earhart also brings the Ear and Heart together in her last name. In the poster the two heads coming together form somewhat of a heart shape, something which happens when ONE moves in for a kiss.
Earhart is a Jupiter Star when played by Amy Adams in "Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian". The hEARt and Jupiter are friends.

Jupiter is the Jovian/Jovial/Joy sphere. Pure love is the Joy of Union.
The two coming together has been recently expressed in Janus a Jupiter resonator.

The two lobes/faces of the heart express the same mirrored aspect of Conscious Consciousness. The heart shape can be interpreted as the I-I or Self-Self coming together just like Janus. The knower and the known embracing and becoming a United Being. The very process of alignment on all levels; practical, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Valentines Day: Coming Soon (Opening 12 Feb)
Between New Years Day, or 01/01/2010 and February 12, or 02/12/2010, there are 42 days.

Richard: In the 2009 movie Knowing, Nicholas Cages son (a character named Caleb) keeps hearing voices in his head. The boy refers to these voices as 'whispers'. Later in the movie we learn that these whispers are in fact direct communication with a higher form of intelligence.

In an early scene Cage enters his sons bedroom to have a talk with him. Caleb is lying back watching a documentary about Tigers:

Cage turns the TV off to get his attention:

After their chat the boy removes his hEARing aid (which he wears to tune out the 'whispering') and sets it down on his bedside cabinet:

His ear piece sits right beside some Red Eyed 3D glasses and a pair of dice displaying the numbers 20/10. This of course points to 2010: Year of the Tiger, which is due to begin on Valentines/hEARt Day.

While wondering what on earth the ear had to do with the date 2010 I soon noticed another reference to the hearing aid (this time in the form of some headphones) which aligned perfectly with Nic Cages ear lobe:

This all takes place in a movie which has numerous references to Jupiter, the Jovial sphere of Joy.

Which is also linked to the two-faced Janus:

Maybe this year we'll each be given the opportunity to listen to the hEARt beat/pulse of Jupiter. If you hear whispers, don't tune them out. Listen to what they have to say. It might be PoP speaking.


  1. I was watching The Color Purple last night. I however did not purple the place.

  2. Purple is my #1 color, nice. And That movie The Color Purple is one of my favs. I always get emotional when Celie is running through the fields after her sister. Great movie and color.

    TRUST ME, Slide the meter down to radio:

  3. i really cannot stand The Color Purple. i suppose there are arguments for its cinematic merits, but the imagery and characters are fingernails on the chalkboard of my soul

  4. Awesome post tho. dig the Van Gogh... he wasnt crazy, just ahead of the curve

  5. Should I pass then Toure? It's funny cuz I had that movie on my queue.
    I've never seen it.
    -I had a thought that Oprah might be The Empress--The Queen of Pop as it were--in a pop deck.
    but I've got so much stuff in the air, it's hard to stay grounded. I'l see where the flow takes me. Will say Michael Keaton. Winona Ryder. The Numbers: 9, District 9, the Prisoner (& the 27 too) if I can get there soon--and it is all built upon the heart (as opposed to the red eye--which I finally clearly see for what it is.)
    I've got a folder anyway.

  6. Ooo, the "Valentine's Day" movie poster looks just like the "New York, I Love You" movie poster. http://www.realmovienews.com/movieimages/9984/9990/9990_17_poster_1_f.jpg

  7. I made it purple ... it's the regal color ... balancing red and blue ... that ear is disturbing to look at

  8. Richard Gere (the lover of Amelia Earheart) has the 'ear' in his surname.

    Gere also syncs with Julia Roberts (via Pretty Woman) whose found inside the hEARt in the Valentine's Day poster.

    I love this new energy that's being unleashed on the Whole. It feels refreshing, yet highly potent. I'm sure y'all are feeling it too.
    Beautiful post Jake.

  9. I always heard GEAR but never said anything ... Tommy is into gEARs of WAR (war = ear)

    rae, ram, mar, raw, 3 ra, era

    Jupiter's Mother's name is RhEA

  10. ishnael; you should still check it out. it's one of those films you just have to see... it's the type of experience you have to form your own opinion about. plus, many of the issues i have with the film are race-based.