Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Heart of Atlantis

This is kind of a continuation of toure's the end of the world as we know it post. Instead of cluttering it up I figured I'd start a new one.

All of toure's talk of Atlantis and Cats reminded me of the book 'Hearts in Atlantis' by Stephen King.

Beneath the picture of the lost Cat we find a reversed Trident disguised in the form of the Peace sign:

The Trident is a symbol attributed to King Neptune/Poseidon, ruler of the oceans, the underworld, and the Lost City of Atlantis.

Sir Anthony Hopkins starred in the movie version of Hearts in Atlantis:

Hopkins new movie, Wolfman, is due out on
February 12th.

February 12th happens to be Presidents Day which entrains with President Obama (see toures' post) and the four Presidential Janus-heads found on Mount Rushmore.

February 12th is also Abe Lincolns birthday.

We find the Atlantean Trident on another big movie due out on February 12th:

The Lightning Thief seems to feature some strong Atlantean themes. Cities submerged in water. The floW running rampant across the face of the planet.

Valentine's Day is another big movie due out on February 12th. Combine the posters above and below and we have yet another reference to the 'Heart of Atlantis'.

Sir Anthony Hopkins (Hearts in Atlantis/Wolfman) played the role of Professor ABRAHAM Van Helsing in Bram Stoker's Dracula. Abraham loves stabbing the Heart.

Here we see Dracula with two Wolves emerging from his head (think Janus).

In the film Dracula is able to shape-shift into the form of a Wolf. He's a Wolfman, just like the one mentioned earlier.

If we turn our attention to the guy who played Dracula, actor Gary Oldman, we find that he's hitched a ride on the Jupiter 2 in the movie Lost in Space.

Here's Oldman/Dracula/The Wolfman with the words 'Jupiter Mission' over his left shoulder:

Thanks to Gary Oldmans shinanigans the Robin-son family become lost and eventually come across a derelict spaceship named Proteus.

The Jupiter 2 sweeps down the length of the abandoned spacecraft before being swallowed by the mouth of Proteus.

Once inside, the Robinsons (along with their Tinman robot) begin to investigate the empty ship. As they scan the vessel, notice that between the words 'Jupiter' (top left) and 'Proteus' (right) we find a series of concentric circles:

The Lost City of Atlantis has sometimes been depicted as a series of concentric circles.....

.....which brings us back to the name 'Proteus'.

Wiki: In Greek mythology, Proteus is an early sea-god, one of several deities whom Homer calls "the Old Man of the Sea". His name suggests the "first", as protogonos is the "primordial" or the "firstborn".

Proteus, like Neptune/Poseidon, is a sea-god who could be considered the 'King of Atlantis'. As toure pointed out in the end of the world as we know it, Atlantis has much in common with Abe Lincoln/Zeus/Jupiter/Janus, and we've just seen that Jupiter 2 was swallowed by Proteus in the movie Lost in Space.

I also like how Gary OLDMAN steps onboard a spaceship whose name means "OLD MAN of the Sea". Here's an illustration of Old Man Proteus with his Trident:

One final thing. Gary 'the OldMan of the Sea' played James Gordon in the recent Batman movies. Oldman comes face 2 face with the 2 faced Janus/Jupiter.

What does Oldman have hanging up on his Gotham Police noticeboard?

A picture of Abe and the Ape-man of course.

Did I mention that the Robinsons find an Ape/Abe aboard the Proteus?

Didn't think so.




  1. I see your Gary Old and Dracula and raise you Winona Ryder and Michael Keaton. . .
    (hopefully tonight)

  2. Awesome post!

    Did you see this "trident"?


  3. As I said on fb, the 3-themed symbology inherent in the trident's symbology remembered me to the graffiti seen all over the NYC of the '80s wherein someone had scratched "Think 3" on the highly reflective chrome backings of pay phones, remember those? ~ (•8-D

  4. While watching the LOST premier, when I saw the 4-toed foot of the Egyptian statue submerged in the sea, the first thing I thought of was: Atlantis. The 4-toed Na'vi of Pandora now make me think of the blue Atlantians....

  5. Wow! Interesting stuff. Bravo.

    Have a look at my video on the Hubble UFO Asteroid Mystery that looks like a trident.

  6. Speaking of Atlantis, the DVD cover for Kevin Costner's Waterworld is quite fitting..

  7. Doug, I see your Ryder and MK and raise you $9.

    Matt & Andre, cheers for the trident asteroid links. Fascinating stuff.

    ViolatoR, I haven't watched the Lost premiere (never did get round to finishing the last season) but I figured that show has a lot in common with Atlantis. I recall one of the season finales had the Island/Atlantis sinking beneath the waves. Ties in nicely with Waterworld. I'm sure there's a scene in the movie where Costner dives down to investigate the sunken remains and stumbles across the book Paradise Lost.

  8. In keeping with the "Apocalypse" theme and helping you navigate some deeper mysteries...

    POSeIdON = Prieuré de SION [P(Of/de)SION]

    Sir Francis Bacon = SHAKESPEARE & and his unfinished Great Work, NEVV ATLANTIS