Friday, February 12, 2010

text messaging

Will and James both have Verizon cell phones so they get to send each other unlimited texts.

James: My 54 inch T square has tiger woods JJ symbol. Only the 27 matches. But 18 and & 36 touch. Its numbered to 54 inches from top to bottom and bottom to top.

Will: I'm thinkin of two projects on about 23 42 and one about Abe Lincoln

James: Cool. I'd like to see Numbers in general. All known. Syncing all the various numbers ... Bible Wheel. Hewbrew and Greek gemantria. Tarot and the Manly jazz.

Will: What's your take on 23?

James: Dna ... W ... 11 clock ... 5 add ... 32 mirror ... 1.333 divide mirror ... .666 divide ... 16 two cubed ... 9 three squared ... 2 is evil female ... 3 is the androgynous trinity ... 23 is male odd and definite ... Prime ... What is 1 divided by 23 ... 01 12 23 34 45 56 67 78 89

(turns out 1/23 = .04 which is the inverse of 96% ... the amount of anti matter vs matter / consciousness vs unconsciousness and the threshold of the grade A+)

23 is between two special number 22 and 24

I would look for patterns in 23 times all the numbers then divided all of them and try exponents and play with the geometry

Will: ... just watched the Hangover ...

James: 50,000 Volts. Eye of the Tiger. Ride the Lightning.

James: Another day another blazing Phoenix Pyramid .. Go forth and die ... Drown the Apis Sayid

Will: I have dreams about my house in the middle of a parking lot

James: I don't dream because of pot. Parking lot is a good analogy for America. Sometimes I feel I live in Grand Central Station - Lady Gaga

Will: Lady Gaga is the girl in highschool that smelled like urine

James: Abe sync ... Who would you fight? ... Fight Club

Will: Who say's Lincoln? Norton?

James: Can't recall which guy said it?

Will: You sure?

James: I will double check after work but I am fairly confident it was said. They were talking about how long Abes reach is and how hard his chin is.

Will: I asked some dudes at work. You're right. Perfect.

Will: I know one of them said William Shatner, Captain Kirk and Lincoln again!

Will: I need that for my post for Tyes show. You mind?

James: Nevermind ... Kudos trickle down ... Lincoln made a Star Trek appearance early in the shows beginning. In Aqua Teen & Bill and Ted. Every time as a Time Traveler. Booth shot Abel right at the climax of a joke symbolic of Quantum super positioning ... Booth then falls becoming PEG legged.

Will: Shows ending. 1969 third to last show. I found the torrent. jim and jake found another time travelling one. Planet of the apes counts as does Logan's Run. He also hangs around 23. Both Logan's run and Star Trek are in the 23rd century. I hear.

James: Avatar is the Divine descending to help others find their way ... Coolio gotta get up to get down.

Will: Reading Sherlock Holmes the other day and they said a phrase that I never heard before. they said 'Jupiter decending'.

Will: Janus looks into the past with one head and the future with the other. That's the time travel hint. plus Juice bolt takes you back to the future been thinking about it all week.

James: Rothchilds double headed Phoenix ... Janus head is also in Zardoz.

Will: Janus is the god of the stargate

Will: When lightning strikes best grab the ground gotta get up to get down - Beastie Boys - BB

James: The Jewish Lightning only works at 88 mph in Back to the Future. 88 piano keys 88 major constellations. 420 Hail Hitler aka winnie the poo. Holiest of Holies. ... Time travelling space Nazis the Greys.

James: Awesome syncs ... sort of reminds me of one step forward and two steps back ... I think it's a Country Music song.


  1. oh shit Coolio you made me realize 666 = 18 or R


    Amelia Earhart

    Titan AE

  3. are you getting in trouble for too many text messages? I'm totally unsupervised. If I wasn't chatting with you I would be sleeping.

    greatest AE sync of all time

  4. LMAO ... "too many lookey Lous be looking for clues"

  5. Architects and Engineers.....perfect!

  6. I'm too smooth to get in trouble... But, bosses can google you know.

  7. Besides I've been putting all that on twitter... I was also flirting with my wife all day.