Wednesday, February 17, 2010

17 Again and the Jupiter Janus Phooka (who might be a "half-woman lord", maybe)

17 Again features a story of a 37 year old man, who is transported back to age 17 so he can right the problems of his children of the same age.

It all starts when the main Character thinks he sees a man about to jump off a Bridge.

But when he approaches the old man, he dissapears and our main Character falls off the Bridge and into a Synch Whole which sends him back in time to age 17. 17 Being a rebirth number as March 17th Marks the suns 3 day(72 hour) stay in the Underworld battling Darkness before it is Reborn again on the Spring Equinox, as the Sun moves toward Summer Victory or Rebirth.

Throughout the film the Main Character keeps seeing this Dissapearing Trickster old man, as seen above on the Bridge. Our main Character refers to him as his "Spirit Guide", which is another word for White Rabbit or Phooka, Trickster, Holy Guardian Angel, Psychopomp, Mercury, Thoth, Hermes, Hanuman etc. A Guide of the Soul. Most importantly is that this "Spirit Guide" Mainly appears as a JANITOR in the film! Janitor is Etymologically derived from JANUS the Roman God of Doors, Archways, Beginings and Endings, and Gates and Keys. The Janitors are Guardians of the G8s of higher Consciousness, they hold the KEYS. Still in the Gates of JANUary the time of the New Year, we both look forward to the Year ahead of us (the Ideal), and look back on the Past(the Actual).

Janus as we know here is synonymous with Jupiter. Seen above Janus has Two heads, so he is Dual. Jupiter and its Symbol which alludes to the Number 42 both are symbolic of the Dual nature of the Self and the Universe. Jupiters Symbol is the Crescent of Spirit, overcoming the Cross of Matter (opposed to Saturn which Depicts the Cross of Matter overcoming the Crescent of Spirit). SO Jupiters Symbol points toward Both the worlds of Spirit and Matter, in Numerous instances Jupiter is also representative of "Heaven" or the "Other Side" the dimensions of Spirit where Energy Moves and Matter matters not. The Amazonian Shaman Juan Flores Salazar whos says on Jupiter our souls exist in an IDEAL mirror of Earth, Dennis Mckenna who says that while on Mushrooms he saw Jupiter as a Mirror of Earth, Stanley Kubricks 2001 where a Stargate to ET intelligence opens on Jupiter, Alice in Wonderland whos Underworld Courts have a 42nd Rule "no persons over a mile high to enter the court", Oz where going over the Rainbow into Oz or the Other Side and Rainbows are light reflected at 42 degrees, The Egyptian Underworld- Duat with the Goddess Maats 42 Commandments for Rebirth etc, all point toward Jupiter/42 somehow symbolizing traversing another Dimension or the Dual worlds of Reality and our Self. Jupiter/Janus can all be interpereted as pointers toward or attractors of the Shortening Bridge between Spirit and Matter and Heaven(Consciousness) and Earth (Body), or the Merging of the Actual (earthly plane) and the Ideal (Spiritual Plane-Jupiter). Janus the Janitor trickster Guide Phooka offers us the Keys to the Doors and Halls of Higher Consciousness, the G8keeper indeed.

--After a very nice chat w/ Mr. Howl Cat yesterday, I'm prompted to sneak a few things in right here. I mentioned to him how the above ¶ connected and moved me. And in explaining how and why, he thought I should add my findings.

Recently, on my blog, I laid out the Chakra climb--using heavenly bodies as the lotus centers themselves. This illustration should make this idea, finally more clear:

The important point being that I discovered at the 5th chakra, my Jupiter lotus, a balanced representative form--that of Shiva Ardhanari, "Half-Woman Lord."

which brought me here:

So, yeah? The lower three chakras reflect our animal nature. Our humanity, and compassion is the virgin birth, and this occurs at the heart or in the heart. The heart chakra, number 4, lies between our animal self, and our higher spiritual self. Jupiter then is this balanced manifestation that is born of the heart. He is heaven on earth, and the gateway to a spiritual adventure. Joseph Campbell likens this lotus center, number 5, to that of a door to a temple. The gateway is flanked by menacing gaurdians--of course these also are a symbol for the opposites that power the psyche, that create our consciousness in our physical form. These are male and female. Mom and Pop. Night and Day. Yin and Yang. To go on, is to go beyond the dualities, to go between the to faces of Janus, beyond good and evil to pure consciousness--to our true self. A G8keeper indeed, Kevin. (BTW--Tor in German is gate, or door, thus g8tor is like saying "gate door")

To get back to Kev. though, let's look at the number associated with our manifestation of heaven on earth, Jupiter's 42--

The four are the four elements of material: Air, Water, Fire, Earth
The two are the dualities that create consciousness

A marriage of spirit and form. . . (notice how I sit to right and Kev. is centered? That's right too!)

I also came across this at my moms house on the Coffee table this weekend

Lucky Star= Jupiter, the Planet of Benefaction, Good Luck, Fortune, Destiny, Fate, Life Cycles and Fortune telling. Jupiters Tarot Card is the Wheel of Fortune, so 42 and Luck are closely associated to Jupiter, as 42=Jupiter= Luck=Synchronicity. Also the word Hart is on the cover as well, 42 being connected to the Egyptian Underworld Goddess Maats list of Confessions in the Underworld that if satisfied Guarantee rebirth of the Souls Heart, as well as the Tin Man regaining his heart in the Wizard of Oz, Tin is the Metal of Jupiter, whos crescent and cross resemble a 42.

Just wanted to jot this one down considering all this lovely Janus flow here lately, Much love to all, Bless <3>


This song really hit me today. Because of your 17, Kevin, on the 17th I'll add it here.
It's pretty synctastic. He was 17 when heard the angels sing, but it turned out to be the howling of a dog, or a wolf to more precise. . .

Ratte: I was reading in The Secret Teachings that Terminal is the modern equivalent of Terminus, another name of Jupiter, the God of Boundaries and Highways

T.Hanks plays Janitor in the movie Terminal
please see this link

The big 911 Truther Charlie Sheen

Grand Central Terminal
Galactic Center's Teeth

Matrix Terminal

Terminus, click here, this a Tin Man sync and his lance is 240'

that last hyperlink made me realize this
our two face Terminator is Jupiter

I'm terminally ill




  1. You know it Mr. Shaman. Fascinating process we are all bearing witness too. A total flip of order. There is no reason for any of us not to love everyone equally and unconditionally right now. This will ease the pain for all.

    Thanks buddy. Your ability to articulate things inspired me greatly.

  2. Nice post, I forgot David Lee [the NBA player] was a 42.

    Is this 40-42 ever gonna catch on?

    I wonder what the exact degree for each color is to the decimal.

  3. Love this post ,it has really resonated with my own experiences around the white rabbit/ phooka the no 17 and the mild mannered janitors over the last 24 hours check my recent post on my blog to go deeper down the rabbit whole

  4. so lovely Kevin.
    I've been telling people lately that they are my fav. holy wholer.
    I'm pretty sure that's you. Lots of unveiling here. . .
    I'm still trying to understand Jupiter and am coming to--how about I'm still trying to experience Jupiter in a more complete way.
    I'm glad you are here to get this baby dancing.
    I quoted this a Tye the other day, seems right for you too:
    "I think we don't have ideology," he said. "We don't have theology. We dance."

  5. oops i mean kev not shaman. geez its all a blur now. thanks so much.

  6. much love yall, "love is the answer" John Lennon said it well. Great additions Doug and James, beutiful as usual to share with yall. bless E><3

  7. Damn it, Ishmael, whose not your favorite? This is like some weird tech love fest... I absolutely adore this place. Perfect editions.James you've been asking about falls and reach Terminal Velocity... I wanna laugh with fucking Joy right now... It's like a constant giggle.

  8. (2 many blogs 4 me) :)

    Anyways, waiting 4 Golden Berlin Bear

  9. James,
    you drive me crazy. Most of the the time I don't get your stuff. I think, oh-o, he's lost it this time. Nope. It gets under my skin, and then what I couldn't puzzle out comes together in depth I couldn't even fathom.
    very interesting. I need to slow down and experience this stuff is the same meditative way that it was created.

    Terminus--end or beginning?

    ORIGIN mid 16th cent.(in the sense [final point in space or time] ): from Latin, ‘end, limit, boundary.’


    ORIGIN early 19th cent.: from Latin terminalis, from terminus ‘end, boundary.’

    I think the secret though isn't that we're departing.
    I think we're arriving. . .

  10. Although it was a clunky way of going about it, the last comment was a complement James. Your stuff often seems too simple to be a deep as it is. As I've said before, much of your digital art is really incredible stuff. Transcendent.
    Your Terminal Fall is launching me somewhere. . .

  11. It's interesting that among all the Genesis generations listed with their name lists and chronologies of years the generations of Jacob at Genesis 37:2 stands apart in its form. It contains no list of names and documents no years of life but one. It begins with the young man, Joseph, at age 17.

    "These are the generations of Jacob. Joseph, being seventeen years old, was feeding the flock with his brethren..."

    Joseph later, two times, calls himself a "serpent serpent", mistranslated as "divines". It is the serpent or dragon of Revelation that has 7 heads and 10 horns - 17.

    There are 7 openings on our heads; 10 horns at our feet. If we bend over backward which is the beginning, which the end? And, how many horns would be on our head?

    Of the 10 commandments only one deals with a number, and it is the number 7 dealing with the sabbath..... again, 17.

    The CERN Ouroborus is 17 miles long. Does it mark for humanity a beginning/end?

  12. I just noticed this.... the character in the movie 17 is 37. The passage from Genesis I just posted concerning Joseph was chapter 37.

  13. all the last minute updates are awesome ... I'm loving the Terminal Janitor

  14. Beutiful additions Doug, Thanks!:)

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