Saturday, February 6, 2010

Having a Bad Day

Watched Buffy The Vampire Slayer S5 E6 Family today as I noticed Amy Adams has a cameo innit.
She passes Jupiter in Night At The Museum 2 and plays in Junebug (June/Juno/Jupiter).
Buffy and friends were helping Buffy move out of her new dorm room just days after moving her in.
Why is Jupiter 214/BAD? Because its planet symbol contains all these numbers.

Its door number is 214/BAD/Jupiter above crowning Alyson Hannigan the Scarlet Woman Willow.
Jupiter has crowned Hannigan before as mentioned in the Scarlet Woman link above (Scarlet Dragon 2 at The Blob). This happens in How I Met Your Mother...
Nothing really stood out about the Amy Adam's appearance but it did seem to want me to notice the 214 dorm room NR. So I google "Buffy Dorm 214" and learn that apart from this particular room 214 Buffy was only briefly a tenant of, she and Willow shared another dorm room 214 for the majority of the series episodes where Buffy goes to uni.
Some stills from Hush S4 E10
Pretty weird that I had been staring at so many adventures of Buffy and Willow in this very dorm room now learning the potent resonance of its number.
Changes my perspective on stuff, ya know.
Then I head off this evening to catch Crazy Heart in the theater with some friends.
Only to see Jeff Bridges playing country music singer Bad Blake.
Susynctly Bridges has done the same trick as Alyson Hannigan, passing by Jupiter in K-Pax!


Big Bad Wolf Moon

Revelations 9:11 ... Abbadon / Apollyon ... the destroyer ... triliteral root אבד (ABD)
Abaddon gets people to where they need to be


  1. Early in the movie, Bad is staying in room 27.

  2. Like the MON-days are notoriously BAD-days
    M = 13
    N = 14
    0 = 15
    MON = 42

  3. You're a BAD MON DABbling in the Babel

  4. I'm listening to tons of Reggae songs and Creedance Clearwater's Bad Moon ... my previous comment I use "you're" with general implication, not saying you're a 214 unless you want to be

  5. Abandon Don ABBA (at least double meanings)

  6. Wermes,
    though not quite current,
    check out another bad day in JUPITER, FL...
    from Youtube while checking Tiger Woods vids...

    Paul Merhige killed 4 members of his family during a Thanksgiving get-to-get-her in Jupiter, FL...
    getaway vehicle had plate "W42 7JT"

    NEWS report on youtube

    MERHIGE = Marriage = Tiger Woods
    Becomes even more resonant (like Elin & twin sis) when you see the crime details in (more info). Also happened in November '09.