Sunday, February 14, 2010

40 second

I talked with Violator for two and half hours today and it felt like five minutes. Violator lives in California but not near the water ... so I related my ocean experience and bingo ... Where did I work? I completely forgot about this. I did not work at Sea Pine or Crystal or Linkholn ... I believe the name finally decided upon in 1927 was the Cavelier. While Lincoln did not stay at the Linkholn, his time travelling reincarnation, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, did. Jackie and John sitting in a tree, they were one of 7 Presidents to stay at Virginia Beach's Grandest Hotel. I worked as a Lifeguard here and a Valley. No ones lives needed saving at this job. I tried to park the Mayor's Jaguar but made it jump can't drive stick. A valley got a Peg leg when another driver broke his leg by hitting him with a car. That night was my first time in a bar. I got drunk at Blue Moon. Even had OZtralian Outback catering.

I worked where the water met 42nd Street. It is very important to notice all the surrounding streets. Myrtle is also a street I live near in Brooklyn. I just read about Myrtle's occult significance yesterday in Manly P. Hall, this syncing happens very often. So here's a bit on Myrtle, I really should look more. I can't remember what Manly says, but look at this. The Holly street is around multiple times. I would further like to point out how 42 nd street travels between the ocean, turns into Cavalier where the old Rail Road tracks where and into the cup shape of Holly Crescent. There is also a Hexagonal Egg Shape on the roof. This is also where Atlantic Avenue meets Pacific Avenue.

1st street to 41st is guarded by the City's Lifeguards. The Cavalier has their own lifeguards for 42nd Street. This is where I dared Poseidon to challenge me. He retaliated on me at the pier.

The Cavalier has the split path shape of trident.

Linkholn and Sea Pine are near the Princess Anne Country Club, Cystal is around, as are Terrapins, Mermaids and Black Beard

The Blue Moon is called Terrapins now since they changed the name. It's a restaurant and not just a bar now too.

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  1. Moaning Myrtle is a ghost from the Harry Potter books. She helped the young mage to solve a mermaid riddle. Mertyle also reminds me of the Turtle, and Terrapin.
    Glad you passed Poseidons challenge. :)