Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spin the Black Circle (spin tires?): Don't AXE me, I just work here.

MAX=WAX owing to the W as E,M or 3 spinning thing...
Wax is slang for vinyl.

JC John Cusack is art Dealer and befriender of Hitler in Max and merchant of Wax in High Fidelity.
TraVolta is Charlie WAX in From Paris With Love, while if you want the Be Cool to the MAX you call vinyl WAX...


Pooh Tolo:

Some of my favorite jovian vinyl...

Jupiter Tower

Mark Wahlberg is Max Payne and just like Charlie WAX/TraVolta has adventures in Paris in The Truth About Charlie.
Quark Observer notes in the comments that The Grinch's dog is named MAX.
Groovy then as this dead ringer Jim Carrey, A Christmas Carol, poster sees him holding WAX.

Ratte: madame tussauds wax museum on42nd Street Manhattan


Don't forget Mad Max. Where the Future meets the past at MAXimum force. Below Mad Max is not only ready to fire his jupiter trigger finger but he is presence is also heralded by zeus resonating hawk/eagle.

Here below Max is accompanied by his dog like all good Hermes are.

In Road Warrior we have the ever present theme of trucks and road to the Kingdom/Jupiter Tower which is flanked by Twin guardians.


Jim started this lot when he told me he had been seeing the word MAX everywhere. A day or two later I saw From Paris With Love making the MAX/WAX connect mentioned above.

Yesterday Shaman was still going on about WAX on twitter when I realized that AXE is another variant.

I looked up So I Married An Axe Murdered and left it there until...
Freakin Lost episode Lighthouse not 5 hours later is having Claire as an axe murderer.

Now, I don't know about y'all, but I don't run into references of fine woman axe murdering all day long. Very infrequently, in my experience, in fact. So I can only attribute this to the very phenomena we here are plotting..

Oh yes, earlier that same evening, maybe 2 hours before Lost, I was thinking about AXE when the Hip-Hop song over my Ipod entrained by having the word axe used for ask.



  1. Dont forget the Grinch's dog Max. Oh and Mad Max. Plus Max being short for Maximum.

  2. the modern movements pinnacle of golden ration is contained in the Janitors rooms of the Eiffel Tower, originally accessed from a spiral stair, but later an Elevator was added.

    I haven't seen this room, but almost was assigned to research it. The real blue prints are really to get access to.

    Another nifty thing about the Eiffel Tower is that it is the Statue of Liberty, without skin. The Statue of Liberty is the same structure with an added copper coating.

  3. Last shot above right now is MAX whack. It has reference to Mary Poppins aka Julie (Jupiter) Andrews seen in Phoenix Dawn. The kicker is the Iron Mountain truck which I have been having vivid sync moment with this week even though I have never seen it before and don't even know what it is.

  4. I'm glad you liked the photoshop paste of all those google street views. I really wish we could all go for a walk from the east river to the Hudson on 42nd Street one day.

  5. It used to be Lion King for years and years, but Mary Poppins is up all the time now. Anadae's grandpa used to work in this theater district, I built a stage set for the Duke right across the street. 42nd street is super whacked ... it is the short leg of cross, the inverted cross / manhattan's geomantic axis

  6. Cool little diddy guys. I also saw a AXE wielding woman on the internet somewhere last night. Ive been looking at random image index's the last few days. Seeing some shocking and funny and interesting sync stuff.

    Kinda like a tarot shuffle. I was reading twitters and synching like made with the images I was seeing.

  7. Oh yeah the Axe woman I saw was watching The Wall, Pink Floyd movie. Pretty messy movie.

    saw was -huh huh