Wednesday, February 3, 2010

the end of the world as we know it

toure breaks his sync whole silence...

i wish i was faster with the posts; you guys are really amazing with the flow. anyways...

atlantis with goddess and crab

last night, i got really bored trying to watch a Discovery Channel documentary on the lost city of atlantis. i've been revisiting atlantis [...] both as a historical reality as well as a metaphor for higher consciousness... falling into the c... the sink hole n stuff...

acropolis on a hill, A for Up, touched by zeus

at The Secret Sun, Chris Knowles discussed the idea that Avatar's Pandora mimicked an underwater planet: besides the people being blue [as some atlanteans are shown] the plant life seemed very aquatic, and humans had to wear oxygen masks. 

Avatar's Pandora and blue star jupiter

[masked] atlanteans from marvel comics

"This was not like reality. We were blue. We were having a good time riding in vehicles and even riding backwards in wheelchairs for fun. I and my daughter and our vehicles were blue, including our skin. We were laughing joyously while we were doing this."
-Dee Finney, recounted dream 

the blue atlanteans reminded me of a theory i mentioned in a comment from Jake's blue star post; a few different fringe historians have posed the idea that dark-skinned afrikans [of which we are all descendants] descended from a race of blue-skinned people... which could explain the blue god legends scattered around the world. on a deeper level, something about the blue people resonates with our collective akashic memory.

"The look of the Na'vi—the humanoids indigenous to Pandora—was inspired by a dream that Cameron's mother had, long before he started work on Avatar. In her dream, she saw a twelve-foot-tall blue-skinned woman, which he thought was 'kind of a cool image'."

like the egyptian goddess Nut, Neytiri is covered in stars

analyze this

Also, i've been watching the amazing Magical Egypt series on youtube, and the awesomeness of that civilization clearly points to a strong pre-egyptian influence. i'm thinking atlantis may be it [in some form]. in any case, the conceptual apocalypse i feel here at the Whole resonated with atlantis, seeing as the city "sunk" into the sea [see] in a single day. then james had to go and complicate things with his Acropolis mumbo jumbo...

The Acropolis at Athens

i was unfamiliar with the word Acropolis; had to look it up... both acropolis and apocalypse describe a different Janus face of the sync explosions. acropolis literally means "city on the edge"...

edge of the sync whole, as i see it, falling in. in addition to having the look of the sunken city from the atlantis image at the start of this post, it also reminded me of Lincoln's Memorial cage...

acropolis, apocalypse, atlantis, abe...

Abe Sapien the blue atlantean... man, i wasn't even tryin to go there...

Apocalypse means "revelation"; i was using it in terms of the revelation at the Whole, but it can also represent the other side of the sink hole. i asked a while back in a comment what was on the other side of the [w]hole... here at the edge, we're getting a glimpse. it always feels like a glimpse...

sometimes, it's more than a glimpse. 42 posts in the month of January... that's a pretty clear picture as far as synchs go 'round here. it seems, things happen as they should: we may never have reached 42 posts without the end-of-january explosion of synchronicity revolving around big bad Abe Lincoln, which was most likely fueled by the 1st ever synch whole skype conference call, orchestrated by J. Ratte, and sparked weeks earlier with a weird synch wink pointed out by Will Morgan the Shaman, the same g8tor who initiated the first skype interviews with the famed Merry Men.

In my interview with Will, he asked if i purposely avoided documenting "real-life" synchs or if i just wasnt seeing them... i had to think on that after we hung up. i had been avoiding personal synchs in favor of those in pop, but why? it took some time, but i realized that i still have an "outsider" view of my place here at the whole, and i felt my own personal synchs were less relevant. i'm still dealing with this. personal synchs, to me, are like dreams... the explanation is so much less effective than the experience of it. the meaning feels lost in translation.

"This was not like reality. We were blue. We were having a good time..."

this [imagined] separation speaks to the duality i'm struggling with over at The Patternist and, conversely, the coming together of synch here. makes sense then, that some personal synch should pop up.

after writing most of the above, i took a break from this post to get back to my work... i was in the middle of grading papers for an African American Studies course. the title of the first paper i pick up from the stack starts with "Analysis of the Self".

i almost miss the connection; i'm so not in Love with grading papers, and -for any college students reading this- it's not a great idea to start a term paper title with "Analysis of..."; it's redundant. but i guess i needed to get smacked upside the head with some redundancy. some self-analysis... i graded the last few papers in the stack and got back to the computer. on my way back to blogger, i got distracted by one of my favorite sites for design inspiration, The Webby Awards.

I was greeted by a whole army of blue people [smack]...

...and when i scrolled down, i saw none other than Obama in red and blue right next to a blue cat
[smack, smack, smack]

this post was supposed to be the top 10 sync moments of the Whole. got distracted.

the janus/jupiter/two-face synch patterns here at the Whole are by far the most resonant synchs for me. never before have the musings of the merry men followed so closely with the studies of The Patternist. i think i'm responsible for this synch-up taking so long to happen. i took comfort in having my own little synch world, apart from all this, an alter-ego to call my own...

then came the syncpocalypse.



  1. This is gonna be a good read I'm gonna have to read it off the cell at work.

  2. Very nice work! My preschooler calls the "Avatar" movie characters "Momma Cat." So your observation of the blue cat resonates well.

  3. wicked toure. love your honest writing. blue people all the way. strongest vision I have ever had included a blue person. be easy on those students. hehehe

  4. I think the last episode of Bones had a blue person die. I get so overwhelmed, I just have to laugh, other times I get frantic trying to capture the magic. Thanks for bottling some magic for us ... it's so weird that you're a teacher, I still feel like a kid

  5. I'm blown away... What a fantastic post.

  6. I did not do that banner. but perfect. fuck you guys help me
    procrastinate from my "real" work. so hard not too sync when swimming can be really boring.

  7. One last thing. When I asked Franl Albo about the Lincoln Memorial he told me it is a NECROPOLIS. That would be a City of the Dead.

    Welcome to the New Atlantis my fellow priests.

  8. I mean't so say Frank not Franl.

  9. Damn- I missed the Atlantis doc. Very timely. This all syncs up perfectly with my post on Pink today which is awash in blue, so triple the syncpower for your money.

    2010, Europa the watermoon, The Abyss- water, water everywhere.

  10. Toure! Beutiful post, visions of Blue folks have been common for me as well. Abe Sapien?! haha! Im really glad you included Nuit, shes really big in my experience right now, and im working on a dumpload post with much about her. "The Azure lidded lady" of space, oh how I love her. Last night at my job an artist hung some new liquid acrylic paintings up on the walls. One was the most beutiful Computer Graphics lookin blue lady, Nuit immmediatly came into my mind. He told me he named his painting AVATAR 3 years ago! And was inspired to share it this season. Ill post a pic somewhere soon. Thanks for this lovely post Toure, the silence has been broken yeah and verily! its cool that your a teacher as well, props to that, Im looking forward to more! Much love - Kevin

  11. PS the Linconl memorial and reflecting pool + obelisk are super susynct. The Obelisk is the Osirian Phallus of Light, also the Antahkarana-Spine Tower from Earth to Heaven. The Reflecting pool points toward the "Other Side", the waters of the Underworld where the Phallus Obelisk is Ressurected from, and where many preist-kings have been appointed as well. Blessings

  12. We are probably not supposed to have favorites, but you are my favorite toure.
    beautiful, honest, open, incredible. your flow is just so real.

  13. Did you guys notice how purple *Lost* was last night?

    So I'm having a thought,
    We are totally taking a ride. We sat aRound table and said, let's find the [w]holy grail. And then we all went off in different directions, but unlike arthurian knights--we tell stories of our adventures to each other. Our back trails are all clearly visible.

    My thought has to do the nature of our "purpose". We can't help but take our ride. This is the Hero's call--but then can someone looking in "feel" this.
    Should we worry so much about explaining? I guess, my question is, who are we trying to reach? You've all reached me with you syncs. Many times.
    --stop intellectualizing Lug, just flow. . .

  14. haha I totally feel you Doug, sometimes I feel as nature is doing enough work for itself in these fast paced times. At the same time, we are seriously in the NOW at an ever increasing rate, and this now, which to us is super novel( in comparison to conscensus reality), but itself (sync) is in a way becoming the new Mundane for some of us, I think it seem redundant to follow every feather where it falls but upon reflection were doing alot of great archiving for everyone else who is realising the now in their own wasy, just as artists and art itself is unconsiously revealing the now to us, were a function of it for anyone who may stumble down the rabbit hole. We are the 9 Immortals at the top of the Holy Mountain, and so is everyone else! Keep flowing, hail the goers!

  15. A few years back I used to draw these floating mountains all the time, complete with little tribal characters running around in the trees. Hit me like a train when I saw it in Avatar this past month.

  16. this is the & beautiful friends of our elaborate plans, The end of any monkey thing that $+ends'.

    Man still thinks he plays snooker but n0w we are inside a game of marocco

    ¿Can you moving picture what will be so sl1mitless and fr33?

    Hold 1t, let’s g0 str82#1!

    So_n in a plac3 that’s n_t a pl©ce I shall red33m my Ωmmmega® t1meless gr4ce

  17. I listen to Hip Hop and hear alot of inspiration from the Nation of Gods and Earths.

    I saw that you posted this @ 1:20 am and thought that the following would resonate with you. See "120" lessons and it's connection to your last paragraph.

    Also, I belong to no relgion in particular, just an info head.

    "Whenever Gods and Earths meet, they speak about the Supreme Mathematics and 120 Lessons. This dialogue is referred to by the Five-Percent as building, which is the eighth degree of the Supreme Mathematics, and it means to add on to the cipher, a completion of a circle of 360 degrees. Gods and Earths can build their minds, which means to elevate or add on to the knowledge one has."

    Link :

  18. i knew i should've checked in on this one earlier... you guys are awesome. y'know, i almost deleted this post twice...

    jenny: momma cat... that is too cute! i'm still so amazed at the lessons the little ones teach us. momma cat makes me think of Bast... i need to revisit the feline divinity in ancient egypt. thanks for the love.

    Worms:muchas gracias! i've yet to see a blue god... closest i've come was a dream where everyone was wearing blue, except for this one girl... forgot about that dream... as for the students, i try to remember what being a student was like before i write the grade in, but i now see how some of my teachers could have been so unmerciful ;]

    james: with so many of these syncs, all i can do is throw my hands up and laugh. sometimes, with the really crazy ones, i start flailing my limbs around and making funny noises like a crazy person. seriously. not sure why.

    jake: thank you for this. i'm like Meatloaf in Fight Club tryin to hug you and not drop my box of dozen krispy kremes...

    will: thanks! what a compliment. i know i got somethin if i get to you; we share a similar type of cynicism, i think.

    chris: you didnt miss much with the atlantis documentary. more rehashing of known theories and lots of debunking. your post: amazing! i was racking my brain tryin to figure out what was up with that performance. water water everyhere... keep up the great work.

    indras: thankyou thankyou. i also have a strange love for the egyptian sky goddess. still figuring that one out. cant wait to see that image... oh, and i've taught before but i'm not a full time professor, more like a glorified teacher's assistant or a sub. someday soon, tho.

  19. ishmael: ever since my second chapter at the patternist, when i stumbled upon your first site, i knew our wavelengths were close. we seem to have similar ways of analyzing i think. thank you so much for your love and encouragement. i like your analogy; backtrails... i thought i knew who i was trying to reach, but now i'm not so sure.

    sandcanvas: it's strange; i've spoken to a few artists now who have channeled the imagery of Avatar in their work. makes me believe more and more that james cameron was interpreting the voice of all of us somehow. dig your blog, man!

    scriptador: can we picture the post-syncpocalyptic? i'd like to think so, but all of this tells me that whats next is always going to be the unexpected, unpredicted... yet still a "duh" moment. in a place thats not a place... indeed. i've been talking with a friend about inventing an online-only language inspired by texting shorthand that net guerrillas and web pirates can use as code...

    toothy: what a quote! wow. i am somewhat familiar with the 120 lessons, but thats a road i never actually went down. building minds... dig. u gave me something to think about here...

    stefan: i need so much more than hints, man. i need to be yelled at sometimes before i get it.

  20. HTM-EL effed up, Toure. It was meant to be a video link in response to Ishmael's ponderings in the comments here.

    Here it is.


    While the crowd is waiting for the final kiss
    the one which allows them to sleep well
    We'll walk along our own path
    the one which will lead us to our own bliss

    But we need hints
    before we get tired
    But we need hints
    before we get tired
    We need hints
    before we lose pace
    Now we need a hint
    to know we're on the right track

    But we need hints
    before we get tired
    But we need hints
    before we get tired
    We need speed
    before we lose pace
    Now we need a hint
    to know we're on the right track

    Peace to all

  21. Toure, this was a really enjoyable read. It's funny how you often miss the obvious (Atlantis/Avatar) until someone points it out to you. Then you can't help but see it!

    Also, the Na'vi are striped Tiger-folk, right? I like how the only feline which is perfectly at home in water is the Tiger. All other cats seem to shy away from it.

    Looking forward to more.