Friday, February 12, 2010


This is a follow up to Jim's The King of Love is a Deadman

I took my portions off the original because I didn't want to distract from the simplistic beauty that his post yielded.


-a serious question:

How far are you willing to go following the kid with the drum and the bear?

-sorry, I have more. I've been thinking much about The Jupiter Mission and the idea of a New Mythology. I will probably lay something out in the next few days, but after experiencing Jim's incredible video I want to share with you the components of a complete mythology. The reason this is important is because it is believed by some, namely Joseph Campbell, that the lack of a compete mythological structure is the root of modernity's problems. Without the proper guidance, how is one to know, how one should live? For the longest time I've been using the tools of modernity to find an answer. Reason. Logic. Of course these tools have removed much of the awe from life. I stumbled upon the answer though. How should one live? Synchromysticism. The answer is not active, it's passive. Not doing, but being. It's mysticism. Watch Jim's video a second time and consider it in light of the components of a complete myth. So moving. Complete.

The following is a twitter construction on the function of myth as prescribed by Joseph Campbell. The twittergument occurred @theghostlight primarily on the 30th of June.

You are here.
do watch this incredible video again.


  1. thanks doug. your journey is a beautiful. i agree. weaving myth. living myth.

  2. Follow the pink rabbit beating the drum. That kid beating the drum got me remember the Duracell commercial with the pink rabbit beating the drum, you follow him longer with Duracell batteries inside.