Thursday, February 4, 2010

MK Ultra

-toure's inspirational post is prompting me to take a hold on my plan for the day, and let my syncs bubble up, and let nature say what it wants.

let's start with me. The important work that has beaten me over my head now for years is Eschenbach's Parzival. Here is the work's opening line:

"If vacillation dwell with the heart the soul will rue it."

The work also opens with a description of the Magpie--an illustration of the union of opposites:
One of my favorites heroes right now is equal parts conviction and vacillation, and it's this contradiction or duality that causes him to be Lost.

So why Parzival? This work has deeply at its heart the idea of the union of opposites. Parzival is the ultimate fool, young, naive. . . but he heals the king. And the lesson is to open one's heart to the adventure and thus go w/ the flow. . .


As I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of my daughter, I worked The Night Shift.

Later, after the birth of my daughter, my Zoe, the new life, I walked off my job in an anger, feeling like I was loosing my humanity on an assembly line--the matrix trying to remake me in its own image. I then became Mr. Mom

It didn't take long for me to really begin to consider my shadow. The darkness that we hate is our unconscious that we need to integrate. Speaking of which, I'm into the most incredible book right now. How about this quote from it? It's right up my alley too:
An Image I find very helpful is to liken the ego to a fishing boat. Such a boat can take on only a certain amount of fish, no more than it can hold. The load must be commensurate with its size. What if you're fishing in a small row boat and catch a whale? If you pull it in, you'll go under. This is an apt image because the problem of the opposites is indeed a whale: grapping with the opposites leads directly to an encounter with the Self.

There's a beautiful account of this image in Melville's Moby Dick. The whole book is an expression of it, but at one point in the book Melville discusses the fact that the whale has eyes on opposite sides of its head and thus get two completely different images of the nature of reality simultaneously, two opposite images. Melville comments on what a grand mysterious entity it must be that is able to unite the opposites, illustrating specifically how the whale, Moby Dick, is indeed a symbol of Self.

Now I grant you, only a few people are meant to go whale hunting. But, if you are one of those so destined, it is more dangerous to evade your task than it is to face it--because the whale will get you from behind.

All right, how does one go about whale hunting? Where are the opposites to be found?~The Mystery of The Coniunctio E. Edinger

Mr. Mom faces The Patriarchy

Let's return to a consideration of our inner shadow, shall we? You know that you are part devil, yeah? So earth was eden, but then came the syncpocalypse. Hades grabbed Persephone and dragged her to hell. A union of opposites. Innocence/wickedness

Yes. We made it to my magpie. Winona Ryder. She is going to take the middle path for us. She is going to help us find our Self.

If you recall, there was a time when one formed a rock band in hopes of winning the heart of miss Winona Ryder. Should we consider the men in her life?

interfacing w/ death again?

December 31

Love Connections

Affleck's girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow introduces Damon to Winona Ryder at a New Year's Eve party, and they date until April 2000. But girlfriend of seven months,Good Will Hunting costar Minnie Driver, claims to have found out of her breakup from Damon's January 12 appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show, where he said, "I care about her a lot. We kind of decided it wasn't meant to be." Driver calls the breakup "fantastically inappropriate." ~People Magazine

The important place I'm trying to get to though is here:


Spock are you out of your Vulcan Mind?

Vulcans are a humanoid species in the fictional Star Trek universe who evolved on the planetVulcan, and are noted for their attempt to live by reason and logic with no interference from emotion. They were the first extraterrestrial species officially to make first contact with Humans, and later became one of the founding members of the United Federation of Planets. Vulcans are featured in all five Star Trek series, three of which featured either a Vulcan or a half-Vulcan as a main character.~Wikipedia
I think at this point we need to change gears a bit.

Have you noticed the new little nod to the sync wholies-The Nine Immortals (Kev's handiwork?)-actually, now that Tommy's back among the underworld there are actually 10 of us, but because Jim and Jake have fused, I suppose this still works. The 9, to save us. I think so. . .

Me and my kids recently watched 9 for about four days straight, and it communicated to me an insight to the meaning of the red eye. Perhaps this is old news for most, but to me it was a revelation.

So the first creation of the philosopher in 9 was his machine w/ the red eye--the eyes are part of the brain after all. And to it he gave all of his intellect. It became a monster. Just as the red eyed machines in The Matrix, and just as H.A.L. did. Naturally the machine's name was B.R.A.I.N. (the Fabrication Machine).

And with this we arrive at the state of our world. One that worships logic and pure reason. One that lacks that which the Tinman sought. Wall-E fought the red eye too. One that was based on H.A.L. and one based on Maximillian:

Next the philosopher created his 9 little golems fashioned out his his heart. Their job was to undo the work of the brain and to usher in a new age.

So here, we have The 9 working at heart station trying not necessarily to overcome the mind, but to transcend it. We will not solve the problems that logic and reason created with logic. It must be solved with mysticism. I'm sure of this. One can't unite dualities with logic, I've tried. You'll end up crazy! But the dualities are there.

So what's so special about Spock? Is it his mind or his heart? He's between two worlds. Between the two heads of Janus--exactly where we need to be.


  1. I would love to see you watch this and hear what you have to say or sync to it.

    The Dream Team (Michael Keaton, Christopher Lloyd & Peter Boyle):

    'The Dream Team' trailer

    I have been two 3 coo coo's nest so far. All because I see the world "different". Most people including my family think I am nuts when I tell them what is "going on". Anyways I had an anxiety attack years ago and was mis diagnosed and wound up in the loony bin for a day. This same thing happened to Winona Ryder a few years back.

    Peace Mercuries Messenger

  2. hm.

    it really is fascinating to see the different flavors of flow here. i'm glad you wrote this the way you did; there is a feeling of freedom to it.

    funny; i've had a thing for Winona for a while now. once i saw her stealing from that department store i was hooked. her subtle androgyny reinforces the Middle Way concept... but man, she canNot act. she did okay in Scanner Darkly tho.

    i like the whale-hunting metaphor; the quote is amazing... but when i put myself in the picture, i was scared shitless of the whale. not sure what that means...

    i'll have to check out Star Trek. Have you seen The Nines with ryan reynolds?

    Flowriffic synchage

  3. all this post is missing is your Ahab picture ... timely post, I hope we catch a whale ... I always remember how whales evolved from Egyptian dogs and it makes me think of the Dogons and Sirius

  4. Yes! Beutiful, really tapped in, love it! bless - Kevin

  5. Awesome post, man. The dualities which must blend are that of Logic and that of Intuition, the left brain and the right brain respectively, with the pineal gland in the center position. Logic cannot be taken out of the equation, but it also cannot be the whole of the equation. :)

    Oh yeah, here's something interesting - My new house is on Centerview Dr.!

  6. No *Nines* no *district 9*.
    Was in the bath tonight, maybe an Alchemical bath--
    had a thought,
    "So is the point of synchromysticism telling the future?"

    "No, the intention is to save the world."

    "How do you do that?'

    "I don't know. But if we listen, the story will tell us."

    --my posts always feel scattered after they are done. I'm in such a meditative state creating them that I just assume all the nuances I'm feeling flow out. . .
    Then when I see it later "the feeling" is often gone, I "get" it, but I wonder if others do without the usual sync explanation.

    I do appreciate the love--& Quark my own journey in sync w/ MK and his trip to a looney bin is not good news for me.

    Interesting comment about whale tye. I suppose I'm ready to face my share of the darkness, my fear lies in dissolution. Moby Dick is so fascinating--The conventional wisdom is that Ahab is the villain. He faced the whale and united with self though. Ishmael is the only thing that didn't go into the black hole, into the galactic center. . .

    It is so funny-- I don't know how much I think about acting anymore--esp when I resonate w/ an actor like Keanu or Winona so much!

    take care all.

    I'll check in for your perspective often Tommy, from Centerview.
    real glad to have you back. you missed something really special, but I have a feeling we'll do it again.

  7. Ok so it starts off good.. Your thinking that it's decent... And then your intrigued, your thinking "if he keeps going he might lose himself" Then suddenly he fucked you up so bad you love him... Your thinking the first part wasn't good maybe... But great assuredly. And then you realize the wave has passed you and he's still on it. He isn't tring to impress you, he's forgotten that you exist... Maybe he'll never be sure if you were there to begin with.

    Your hoping he won't... He can't... Stop.

    Jesus I'm all tingly.


  8. Colbert Report tonight featured mentions of Beavers(castor twins jupiter) then a new Segment introd by a double sided Colbert, wherein he interviews himself the whole time. The next Segment featured references to 9-11 and a terrorist had a Rainbow shirt on. This is a big concept, this is the Bridge too, the Twins/Jupiter/Beavers came up in November too, Really great post, im feeling these waves. thanks, peace in

  9. Whale - Whal-E - Wall-E

    Seems to resonate with all your Hal/9/Tinman stuff.

    In the Belly of the Whal-E you find the boot containing Plant Consciousness. The key to returning Home.

    Thanks doug.

  10. awesome stuff. good to see you writing doug.

  11. Thanks all.
    And thank you very kindly Will.

    The Whol-E grail is in the belly of the Whal-E.
    Thanks Arrowsmith--and what's in Wall-E is a plant, ya think Jim is on to something?

  12. It's funny, I forgot about a stream I was considering--
    and that was your work of late, Will, number 5--Abe Lincoln (on the five), Johnny number 5, and then the next step was:
    "John C. Reilly as 5, who is a caring, nurturing, one-eyed engineer. He is loyal, trusting and big-hearted, but also timid and meek. He is also the apprentice of 2, with whom he shares a special bond. He lost his left eye during a machine attack some time ago. He carries a pack on his shoulder filled with weapons and tools that the group uses (it also sports a button sewn unto the back). "
    It might be nothing, but it was part of the inspiration for this.