Thursday, February 25, 2010

? (It's a Mystery)

In Roman mythology, Janus (or Ianus; "archway") was the god of gates, doors, doorways, beginnings and endings.
The ? is an Arch shape with a dot/spot....
2 is an Arch shape making a sharp corner and then level...
The Hook is just the Arch...

First line from Wikipedia about the History of ?
Lynne Truss attributes an early form of the question mark to Alcuin of York.[2] Truss describes the punctus interrogativus of the late 700s as "a lightning flash, striking from right to left", a mark looking like this.
Wiki ? History
If so the ? is associated to bolt/Zeus/Jupiter. Just like the similarly looking.
The Alchemical symbol for Jupiter is the same Arch shape of the 2 type sharp corner and level which is the then crossed at right angle. Famously around these parts considered a 24 and sometimes also 1.
Where was I trying to go with that?

Question = Answer.

The Letter X is often used in mathematics as an expression of an unknown integer. Examples would be...

"Find a number x such that ax+b=c"

"If you sell x tickets, then your profit will be 3x − 10 dollars, or f(x) = 3x − 10, where f is the function, and x is the number to which the function is applied."

In short X is the mystery that one is trying to figure out. X in this context has a deep relationship with the ?uestion Mark.

X is also used to highlight anything out side of mathematics that is of unknown orgin or perhaps unexplainable such in the movie poster above "planet X".
(Notice the United States Capital above, we'll see it again here soon.) X-Files is a prime example of this seeing that it represents the FBI files that are unexplained or in question. X = Mystery. However it also equals 24 seeing that X is the 24th letter of the Alphabet... Perhaps others realized the significance of X being 24/42 and therefore Jupiter before me, however it wasn't until last night at around 2 am that I shot out of bed in an exclamation of "Holy Shit". Having tried to equate Jupiter to the one who teaches Monkeys to fly I find that the answer was in front of my face the whole time. Project Jupiter. Jupiter quite literally sends us to the next level. The Capital of the Untied States of Consciousness is being berated. I go looking for X 2 because of it's connection to both the X and the 2. Now noticing the intimate relation between them. Once again I find the bringing together of these themes and attention to the word United... The top of the poster reads....

"The time has come for those who are different to stand united."

United is an interesting word seeing that it holds with in it both the root for Juno.... Union... As we as a hint of Jupiter seeing that Tin is in uNITed backwards. It is the joining of the male and female as noted by Kotze in the mysterious Tootsie poster. Also note that the X-Men or Tin Men poster shows Haley Barey and Hugh Jackman sharing face as one United Male-Female Janus. Also each side of the poster figures a succession of Male then Female and vice versa... Janus is sometimes seen with four faces.
However the X is a cross and that too has connotations of two intersecting opposites.
Appropriate seeing that the topic of race has been coming up lately...
The United States of Consciousness Flag found with in the opposite bridging effect of Jupiter. It's like Denzel has got a huge 24 over his face.The flag again used as an X and pointed again to the mystery. The swastika was substituted as an X and placed below the eagle a symbol of Jupiter on Edward Norton's tattoo.
However the Swastika is also a symbol of a Black Star as well, and fits snug with in this connotation.... Tin Man with hand on his heart. Much Joy.


  1. Awesome, thank you! Now that Black Eyed Peas question "Where is the love?" and that question from the wholy twit "Where is the creator?" is answered. Listening to the heavy rolling thunder this post is leaving behind ;-)

  2. Saw 2010 again yesterday. One wonders if one of the gas giants will light up this year.

  3. I find this so funny. The first torrent movie I ever downloaded a few weeks ago was Project X. Virgil is the moonkey that flies the airplane.
    Virgil takes us somewhere in the sync realm for sure.

    as a for jupiter igniting. i feel it already has. there is a new sun rising within us and it is the jupiter sun.

    love you all


  4. I like how yesterday was the 24th when this all seemed to be mulling in the sync-overmind.

  5. Tootsie?

    Love your additions Will I Am.

  6. The Jupiter alchemical symbol is also a cross/X with a crescent.

  7. Perhaps you were suggesting this, but in genetics "X" is a mark of gender, as in XX for the female chromosomal pair, and "XY" for the male chromosomal pair. I was watching the first "X-Men" movie today thinking about the subtext of of the letter "X" as a sign of Femininity. Both females and males have the X chromosome, thus this Feminine sign unites the 2 "genders". The genders ARE NOT opposites; yin and yang are not opposed but always already unified & never separate; contrary to common thought, yang comes from yin or yin precedes yang.

    The chromosomal pairs XX and XY show clearly that biological gender is not an opposing formation, but a relational formation. HUMANS ARE UNITED BY THE "X" chromosome, and indeed the Y "male" chromosome is a modified X.

    People who subvert the standard ideological gender binary, a binary not supported by genetics, are very much like the "X-men". X-men are outcasts, feared, and demonized, often having to "come-out". They are powerful but emasculated/ feminized beings as "freaks".

    Notice that X is in the word "sex" and "six", or 2+4=6. 2x4=8, therefore X may be an interesting mark of feminine infinity as a "uniter" in genetic symbolism. Notice that females have often been called the "weaker sex".

    X is also a Cross, as in "cross-dresser" or "crucifix". See the recent play "Jesus, Queen of Heaven" by Scottish playwrite Jo Clifford, in which Jesus, like all Angels, defies the gender binary.

    A serious and thorough analysis of gender as it relates to "Malcolm X" and "American History X" (the role of punking in prison in both texts, Malcolm X's early role as a gender-transgressive hustler of rich "queers") as well as "Pat" and "Tootsie" should reveal the FLUIDITY of X as a genetic symbol, a sign of the fact that genders are never opposite but fluid, in the flow, transgressing all sorts of boundaries, always and forever. That ALL Humans bear the Feminine sign of "X" suggests the fundamental Femininity of humanity, like all life, despite the provisional and evolutionarily temporary physical dominance of masculinity, a quite recent development in the herstory of Life. In short, masculinity is younger than and derivative of Femininity in evolutionary terms. Usually milkless nipples on men are just one sign of this genetically dominant Femininity despite the seemingly phenotypic dominance of masculinity. The Last (Eve) is First (Everything).

  8. I agree and have actually touched on points of that nature before now. Not nearly as in depth of with as much articulation as you, however. I used to see the X as Malkuth and still do. Malkuth is Matter in the Tree of life. Matter is Mother so literally X is MoM. The new thought of it being Jupiter is cool because the Jupiter side of the tree is male, with feminine aspects. The female side has attributes like war and judgment. So they intentional criss cross. It's simple, one begot the other... But this was just a short post, it's too textured to put everything in at once... Your absolutely right though.

  9. Cool. Goddess Ashera, spouse of YHVH, is represented by Trees and Wood (like the Goddess of the Navi in "Avatar"). She is also Goddess of Heaven, SEA, fertility and War. She is a Lion Lady who likes bulls.

    The word Matter is etymologically related to wood as well as the greek Goddess Demeter. (Meter/ Matter/ Metric/ Matrix: all from Mater).

    Perhaps this got lost, but because masculinity is Matter of the mamma-lian order, masculinity could be thought as a form of Femininity, an expression of the Eternal Feminine. There is a "Ma" in every man or male.

    Thus, in my humble opinion, there is no "male side" that is not always already infused with Femininity, even if this takes the form of a repression of the Feminine.

    Notice, to become a "man", males must eliminate or excise an always already present internal Feminine. They subsequently delude themselves into believing that this Femininity has been discarded, when it continues to function as a perpetual internal object of repression. "Men" must constantly fight to repress the internal Feminine by NOT being pussy, pansy, punk, bitch, faggot, sissy, etc., etc. Thus the feminine perpetually survives in "men" as an object of repression, producing individual psychosis in men and societal dysfunction.

    if Angels exist, they have no such problem, because they neither repress the Feminine nor that form of Femininity called masculinity.

    Ashera is a Goddess and a symbol of the erect penis simultaneously. She is the Erect Wood of the Tree, revealing that She has become YHVH. Wood Posts called Asheras were placed in YHVH's temples as a sign of Her fertility and his pleasure. She says "AIE ASHR AIE" or I AM that I AM from the flaming raspberry tree. She is the wood of Joseph's carpentry and Jesus' cross. She is the Tribe of Asher that rules the month of December with Christmas Trees. She is Ash Wednesday, 'from dust to dust, ashes to ashes'. Hebrew kings and judges tried to discard Her, but She's back with a vengeance! She is mother of All Palestinians-- muslim, jew or christian.

    As the Sea, She is Mary of Marine Life. As War, She is Mary of Mar (Sea) and Mars (god of War). In Yoruba, She is Iemanja-Olokun.

    Ashera is the Flowering Ash Tree bearing Manna or tree sap as primary food for the Hebrews during their 40 years in the desert.

    Ashera is the Norse Ash Tree at the center of the Universe, or the Ashoka Tree beneath which Buddha is born. As all fruit trees, including the ones in Eden, Ashera is also the Fig Tree or Bodhi Tree giving Buddha Nirvana, the Apple Tree teaching Isaac Newton Gravity, even the fig tree allegedly "cursed" by Jesus. (Jesus curses wood and dies on wood, forsaken then redeemed)

    Sorry for my Ashera rant, but i enjoy Her.

    also, i hope i'm not absolutely "right". Our Awareness is overdetermined by rightness, righteousness, being right with the Right brain or right wing politics. i hope i am also Left as well, in accordance with far Left politics of the Left brain.