Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's Complicated


This above image was a little effort by both faces of Wermes (Jake & Jim). It all started when we noticed that the Eastern language on the It's Complicated poster (don't know what language that is) looks like there is a nice replication of the Jupiter/Tin alchemical symbol aka 42.

This is further revealed by the the pairing of Alec Baldwin and Steve MarTIN with the Oscars and their golden tinman statue. The alignment is basically the same on both posters. Jupiter in between them both. The Oscar poster even has a double resonance with not only the statue but also the word TIN in Steve Martin's last name (TIN sharing the same symbol as Jupiter and therefore interchangeable).

We also noticed the word THE in the O of Oscar which is the same as the O in the word Olympian from the Lightning Thief to be released this Friday the 12th.

THE + O = THEO or THEOS which is GOD in Greek.

Also notice how THE OSCARS can become THEOS CARS, or God's Chariots.

Something else of note from today:

The other Greek God movie coming out soon that has Zeus/Jupiter in it is Clash of the Titans. There newest poster claims an April 2nd release date. That would be 4/2. (notice how underneath the date it mentions it can be viewed in 2D which is 24 or a mirror of the 42 above it.)

2 movies coming out within a couple of months in 2010 that have Zeus/Jupiter as a character. That's just getting way to literal.

Richard: actor Sam Worthington recently played the Tinman in Terminator Salvation. He rides the Pegazeus in Clash of the Titans.

Notice the similarity between these two posters. Same thing, just a slightly different slant.


  1. titan is the animalistic base man known as clay ... which gets fused with water and Zeus' thunder

  2. @RA,
    Nice catch of the SHIN man (S/W) RA!

    4/2/10 and 2D (24)!! ... I think someone might have visited the "S"ync "W"hole.

    'S'ync 'W'hole
    The House of SHIN / House of the Holy Fire !
    (Looks like 'W', sounds like 'S')


  3. Bravo to The Band ( cicle / ring = O ) of MERRY-MEN (Mer-i-Men / Mer-men )

    who called themselves the "S"ync "W"hole...

    W = PoSeIdON's trident / shin ( ש) which sounds like 'S' and is the spinner 'W'

    ~SE~ (make sense?)

  4. the AL-Khem-IA of the Whole...

    Air, Earth, Fire, Water
    United into the STONE
    and become the Quintessence,


  5. FYI: That's Korean text. Two characters up against each other. First the L/R then the A. So, it could also be seen as a RA resonator.


  6. That's Korean. The part that looks like tin/Jupiter reads "la."