Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Sacred Brick

a little reminder ... 7 is a centered hexagonal number

Hi people. Me and James are gonna share a name. No particular reason. Might make things interesting. Jake and Jim. James and Jon.

Heres my newest cluster . . . .

Because of the trippy spinny effects I recommend watching on a larger monitor in a dark room. GO ahead...I'll wait ;^)

Thank you come again

you noticed that Giza points to Galactic Center
Michelangelo first talks of Cubism when seeing
this statue of Ophiucus being raised from the ground


  1. !!!!!!!
    Who would think that the welder, the big guy, would create the finest, daintiest, most filigreed, incredibly sublime video.
    Amazing work Jon.
    I'm floored.
    at this point, I think I need to reassess my own skills as to whether or not my mettle is of the same caliber as you video magicians. There has been a lot of alchemy as of late.
    the little black hole keeps accumulating gravity, and grows.
    beautiful work number 8. very nice.
    Artislav has an interesting new take on the serpent at his site. You might find it valuable to your research (I'm pretty sure he wrote all of it, and the gimmick is all artifice). It is very good.
    Of course it is difficult for word slingers to compete with you video wizards. So immediate.
    be well.

  2. hm... the box and the shaft, the bush and the serpent... lovely how our slang terminology for our reproductive parts fits with these deeper esoteric themes of masculine and feminine. such complex themes always seem to come back to simplified terms of understanding.

    nice work. seems like the beginning of a longer series of analysis.

    i'm becoming paradoxically both more and less comfortable with all the bible talk flyin around syncland

  3. At this point Toure, the bible has no baggage for me.
    People are like, "Do you believe in Jesus?" And I"m like
    "sure, but not any more or less than Superman, or Harry Potter."
    Either narrative is the key, or the devil, or both.
    God, these video can connect though. Have you played w/ the idea of making one? James has got me working in photshop, I think it is only a matter of time before I throw one together.
    --at my advanced age, I have a reluctance to learning new tricks (skills). I figure that I have all the languages I need to track the beast through the dark forrest. Perhaps not, maybe I do need the Klingon. I guess it's back to school for me.

  4. Oh yeah--
    there is only "one story" too. This narrative I spoke of, what I used to call "the story"--("The Story abides, dude.") is Sex/Death. And this is where we are. Easter is the celebration of Sex & Death. If you get into Parzival you'll find knights thrusting and the blood and the flowers, and the ladies and it all becomes one.
    This is also apropos

  5. Thank you for the comments dudes.

    My path to all this started with forced bible study. This in turn made me rebel and disown religion and religious texts for some time. It wasn't until Will started telling me about the importance of everything we've studied. How not to discredit anything we've learned in the past. I now find it really easy to read scripture and I find it has very strong sync value. So far. We've always been centered.

    Toure your right in saying the this is the start of something for me. I know the bible stuff doesn't appeal to a few people around the scene but Its probably my deepest knowing out of all subjects. So when I go there it flows.

    7ove 7ive and 7augh my friends

  6. everyone and everything merges into one. gr8 step.

  7. (720p) 72 names of God

    the black smith is a diamond cutter ... I hope that people that watch know that 7 is a centered hexagonal number, its not obvious ... your sound editing is amazing, you literally made a new song ... hold, had to watch it all again ... amazing, you could give someone a brain seizure with that video,

    Part II
    You seriously active huge sections of my stored memory. Once I learned way too much about Cubism but usually forget about it. Cubism is time travel, it's a stargate, you find the only possibly route of travel is with this hexametric field through the golden brick ratio.

    Cubism is the juxtaposition of time. Glen Gould juxtaposes sound. Jon you've seriously reminded me of Glen Gould with your sound editing. The Time Travel Cubist escapades of Glen Gould can be seen at a theoretical level on par with Stravinsky as in both artist bring the little known Asian influence of dissonance into Western culture which is only based upon harmony and contrapuntal. my head isn't totally wrapped all of this.

    this video begs an encore about the Jewish Wall syncs and Cerebus as Abbaddon or Black Smoke from Lost, plus Martin Sheen as leader of Cerebus in Mass Effect. Three headed dog is a Hell Hound.

    this video also begs an encore in regards to the fig leaf. The genitals are the base of the pyramid of consciousness, the brain is in the middle and the heart is on top. In stories, or art or Architecture, this is a part, call it a preamble or prelude that tells the story of the whole, it's not the face as much as the genitals, or maybe both. The genitals contain too much esoteric knowledge, so they are covered, hidden / Yes Tye, symbol latent ... the genitals are covered or chopped off ancient art for this reason and because in their presence a culture could not be corrupt. The Medium is the Message ... you must chop off you beard and foreskin because they reveal folding curves, a hidden obsession amongst the Renaissance Artists, that and birds. you must cover your body in costumes and pretend to be citizens, give up your free will. Submit / Obey. The tuxedo metaphor was used a lot in college, if all men wore a tuxedo, I forget the punchline, but I remember the idea. All the men recognize their similarities. My idea is beards, genitals fostered a mutual understanding of the sexes, the respected differences and forged a homogenizing aspect much like the tuxedo to all the races. Our artificial skins are adjustable, unlike our birthday suits, for the most part ... except for tattoos, piercings, skull shaping, limb / neck elongation ... so adjustments have been around too I guess.

    you know the apple is a pentagon and a torus ... the torus easily relates to the golden brick hexa-trix ...

    I really have to get my notes from Nebraska, cause the cubism time travel subject is ready and waiting


    Think you guys find this really interesting,

    Found the same shapes in the pre celtic trias spiral. by fitting them. together its a nice puzzle

  9. Douwe - Nice work. Any circle of the same diameter can be used to make mandalas. I find yours interesting because of the overlapping polarities. Like a yin yang yo yo mixture. I'm sure if you squared everything up and made an animation out of it the overlap would show itself and create a pleasing affect. Might have to piss around with that shape.

  10. WOW! SO beutiful Jon! That was such a pleasant little trip, awsome job with the graphics man it flows so easily, I loved everything about it, cant wait to see what else you conjure up my friend. Thanks and be very well! :)