Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Ear, brain and eyes control balance. The part of the Ear that controls balance is past the long canal, drum and three bones. Balance is controlled here in the cochlea, it's fluid filled and looks like a snail or squid, but definitely a spiral. Ozzsicles banging on the drum, three bones ... three levels outer, middle and inner. There's another trinity in the human body between the Brain, Heart and Genitals.

The four fingers have three bones each, the 24 Elders
two thumbs have three bones, the 6 days of Creation
(24/7) ?

something else funny is 1 is a hermaphrodite, 2 is a woman, 3 is a hermaphrodite, 4 is a woman, 5 is the first man but is now a days known as a feminine symbol, go figure, so then 6 is a woman and 7 is the next man, which is the rainbow and subsequently symbolically high-jacked ... 6 is also like one of the rarest types of numbers and not evil, it's actually 9 the Pythagoreans thought ... holly jeez ... I'm all looped around ... eight is also a woman

so the only other man number that exist is 9 and its evil
women are all over the place

yeah, so lots of female come first ... it's probably those two Mothers I hear so much about

As light bears witness of life - which is its source - so the mind bears witness of the spirit, and activity in a still lower plane bears witness of intelligence. Thus the mind bears witness of the heart, while the generative system, in turn, bears witness of the mind. Accordingly, the spiritual nature is most commonly symbolized by a heart; the intellecual power by an opened eye, symbolizing the pineal gland or Cyclopean eye, which is the two-faced Janus of the pagan Mysteries; and the generative system by a flower, a staff, a cup, or a hand.

Math is primary to geometry, music and astrology.

Between greater and lesser the monad is equal; between intention and remission it is middle; in multitude it is mean; and in time it is now, because eternity knows neither past nor future. It is called Jupiter, because he is Father and head of the gods; Vesta, the fire of the home, because it is located in the midst of the universe and remains there inclining to no side as a dot in a circle; form, because it circumscribes, comprehends, and terminates; love, concord, and piety, because it is indivisible. Other symbolic names for the monad are ship, chariot, Proteus (a god capable of changing his form), Mnemosyne (remeberance), and Polyonymous (having many names).
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Jupiter symbol is a Crescent on a Cross.


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