Saturday, January 30, 2010

Taste the Rainbow

In this picture from top to bottom and left to right

Alpha Omega stained glass with flowering stem
Omega looks like a Horse Shoe
a branching flower pattern

a blue alien from Mass Effect

Shepherd's ID # N7 from Mass Effect
N7 = 27 = 3 x 3 x 3 or 9 + 9 + 9 or 3 to the third
33, 333, 999
N 2 5 S Z spinner

Horse Hoof ... Luck sync 214 / BAD
The vagina shaped Heart is called a Frog
In Fringe episodes the Frog is labeled Omega

Amelia Earhart / Air Heart ...
Manly P. Hall says Air divides Fire & Water trinity
Titan are the clay Humans are made of, Titan AE
Zeus activates the clay and water with Thunderbolts
A as Alpha or Delta ... E as Sigma
Delta is a triangle, sum of river's sediment as landmass
or the change in a variable, the sum of flow in math
Sigma is the sum of all the parts and a WE3 OM spinner
don't you see WE are 3
Alpha Omgea ... the beginning is the end is the beginning
MU is there in between state
Air Heart flies Orange Bird Fish / Boat Plane number 42
and labeled with the word FRIENDSHIP
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
Pythagoras valued Friends over Family

Stone Henge looks like the Horse Hoof in question

Yod is at the top and center
We know Yod to symbolize the three different paths
Horizon, Zenith and Center
We know from Pythagoras that 1 and 2 do not exist
So seeing this line called Yod that looks like a 1 is a sync
and seeing Yod as the L shape is takes is also a 2 sync
but esoteric knowledge reveals this to be a prime trinity
related intrinsically to Golden Spirals and Eternal Flames

Blue Sun is the Sun Manly Hall refers to as a Sun's passive energy
seen receptively in photosynthesis of plant life
the Sun is know to have an illusory reflection or shadow
and to have a hidden color and substance
Angels are said to live in the Sun
The Sun is blue because reflection is only what an object is not
Light shown on blue substance appears orange because
the object absorbs all the blue light, but reflects what it is not
The Orange Sun is know as the Agitator

The Menorah, this lamp of Eternal Flames is with us and everything
it is for this reason that we are never truly Lost
with the eternal fire inherent with all reality
the picture says it best, the lamp is the snaking DNA
anD where's the kitty 7 Cats / CATG

The 7 will be a topic of further discussion
I'm not really on that level yet
but I will start by comparing Planets to Colors

The Number Zero and the Number One
This sync is gonna hurt, triple meanings?
So while playing Mass Effect I saw this symbol
In the Omega Station shaped like a jelly fish
On the back of this blue alien with biotic telekinesis
This is a powerful symbol
So I penetrated the Zero with a One
playing with the fonts I saw different images
This symbol is a Tree or a Branching
there is a lot that can be said, so that's all for now

Below is Phi, which is 1.618 or the Golden Ratio
notice how this One penetrated through both sides

Theta is interesting you should wiki this one
basically a symbol of pregnancy
the one is trapped inside the zero
the one is said to be an X or the Soul or Kosmos
and the zero is a feiry serpent or good spirit foregrounding

This is a picture of Halo from Manly P. Hall's online Teachings book
obviously this Dome and Phallus motif is getting heavy
seeing these Halos penetrated by the heads of people / gods
a vagian / dome ... a penis / obelisk and a twinkle in your eye
the obelisk, dome and star is the Sirius symbol

Ankh seemed an appropriate mix to the symbols
T is a three branching path sort of enveloping the egg

Poseidon's Trident with Serpent coil being an excellent 3 branch path

The rainbow peace sign is a three branching path

I had to make a subtle sex reference with the Torus and Jupiter's Finger
Yod is the prime factorization of a Torus

Masonic Tracing board's Three Pillars of Three Paths

The Mushroom is a sync with the symbol theme
being a torus, dome, cup
with the finger of God or Phallus if you prefer
Being the God of Judgment is like being a Dick anyways
Phallus FLuxers

Rubix cube is the sacred 3 x 3 x 3 cube known as 27
see the rainbow
6 sides, 8 corners, 12 edges
been thinking that Lucky number 777 = 21
Major Arcana is divided into 21 cards and Zero / Fool

Horse Head / Horse Hoof / HH
thanks Tye for Knighting me
L shaped movements of Knights
Yod is L shaped, 7 is L shaped
Helix / spirals are curve of L movements
Getting a Dead Horse Head is BAD luck
Getting a Dead Rabbits Foot is Good Luck

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