Sunday, February 28, 2010

Who Is Liam Neeson? A Dream Child?


Liam Neeson stands inside the letter A.

Neeson leads The A-Team in the 2010 remake.

In The Phantom Menace Liam Neeson visits the underwater city of Atlantis, symbolized in this poster by the A.

In the Clash of the Titans remake (released April 2/42) Liam Neeson is the one who unleashes the Titan from it's Atlantean prison. I don't think I need to mention that he plays the character Zeus, the Greek equivalent of the Roman Jupiter.

Will showed at the start of the post that Liam Neeson, the Darkman, entrains with the Two-faced Janus/Jupiter.

Ralph Fiennes (who stars alongside Liam Neeson in Clash of the Titans) played the role of Lord Voldemort in the Potter movies. Fiennes is also linked to Janus/Jupiter.

Voldemorts real name is Tom Riddle, which leads us to The Riddler.

And Jim ca(RR)ey.

Neeson has also had the double R in his name.

The 'RR' is linked to the twin faced Janus/Jupiter via this skull symbol from The Watchmen comic.

The RR then leads us to RoRschach.

Notice in this poster that RoRschach has Two Faces. There's one that sits on his shoulders. The other (in the form of a smiley) is held in his hand.

Like Liam Neeson, he's a Darkman.

Actor Jackie Earle Haley (who played RoRschach) has been chosen to star as Freddy Kreuger in the new Elm Street movie. In The Found Tin Jake showed that Freddy Kreuger entrains with the Tiger-striped Jupiter Janus planet of Joy.

The Darkman/RoRschach/Kreuger connects with Jupiter once again if we consider that Sally Jupiter is RoRschachs team mate.

The Watchman of Jupiter seems to be overseeing the delivery of the Dream Child.

The birth of a new dream-like state of consciousness.

I wrote this stuff last night at some ridiculous hour of the morning. For this reason I decided to sleep on it before updating Wills post.

I'm glad I held back because earlier on today my three year old son came up to me holding a Polar Express dvd in his hand. He'd been searching his bedroom for a toy and stumbled across the disk which had gone AWOL a looong time ago. He was delighted to find it again so we decided to watch it together.

For some reason I started paying attention to the annoying nerd in the movie, the one who represents the guy who is always first in line at school for a wedgie. In the movie his name is 'Know-it-all'.

I've watched The Polar Express with my kids a couple of times over the last few years, but it wasn't until today, watching it with my son, that I noticed that Know-it-all has the words 'EXPLORER' and 'JUPITER' on the front of his bright yellow jumper. You can't make out the words in this blurry screenshot, but the word Jupiter is definitely there to the bottom-right of the space rocket.

From this synchronicity I figured that the 'Know-it-all' must an Explorer of Jupiter. He's an Explorer of Joy who drinks from the Found Tin of Wisdom. He's also a bit of a nerd at heart. :D

The Know-it-all is someone who is 'always in the Know', or always living in the (k)NOW.

The Know-it-all CG character was performed by actor Tom Hanks, but he was voiced by a guy called Eddie Deezen. On a hunch I checked out IMDB and learned that Eddie Deezen has also played the role of a character named 'Mandark'.

From this we can deduce that the Jupiter Explorer, the Know-it-all, is a 'Mandark', or 'Darkman', at heart. This ties him in nicely with actor Liam Neeson, and everything already mentioned above.

Mandark is a character from the Dexter's Labratory TV show.

Dexter literally means 'to the Right'. The Darkman/Mandark is therefore connected to someone who walks 'The Right Hand path'. This makes more sense if you consider that Know-it-alls always believe that they have the Right answer. Nerds are sometimes called 'Poin-dexters'. It's because they follow the Right Hand path.

On the Kabbalistic Tree of Life the Right Hand path is governed by the planet Jupiter. It's also been linked to the Blue Hand.

The Blue Handed Dexter is definitely a nerdy Know-it-all whose an Explorer of Jupiter/Joy.

Just like this guy.

In The Polar Express, Know-it-all is taken on a journey to the North Pole so that he can learn the lesson of humility. (notice the RR makes an appearance on his Golden Ticket)

By the end of his journey the Jupiter Explorer has learned that pointing with his Jupiter Finger is rude. That acting like a spoiled two-faced Know-it-all doesn't make you very popular with the other kids. By the end of the film he's realized what it means to be humble, and as a result the other kids find him much easier to tolerate. (I'm sure there's a personal message in here for me somewhere!)

We've seen that the Know-it-all entrains with the Mandark/Darkman, so you'd expect to find some kind of 'dark' aspect to him in The Polar Express movie. And we do.

Near the end of the film the kids arrive at the North Pole and accidentally find themselves trapped inside Santas giant red sack (or womb?). For some reason it brings to mind this image.

The giant red sack soars through the sky (guided by a hot air balloon) towards this illuminated Christmas Tree which marks the end of the childrens journey.

As they travel through the sky the kids have a sudden moment of panic. Something menacing stirs beneath the stacked presents beneath them. The kids back off as the imagined monster climbs its way to the surface. The Darkman rises up and grabs one of the kids feet. They let out an alarmed scream....

...only to discover that the creature from the deep is actually the Jupiter Explorer, the Know-it-all, the BAD one out of the bunch. Considering they thought that Freddy Kreuger was about to emerge, they all breathe a sigh of relief at the sight of him.

When the kids ask Know-it-all what he was doing down there he replies that he was looking for his Present. I like how the Present (of which there are many in Santas sack) points to the Present moment, the NOW.

Symbolically you could say that the Jupiter Explorer was trying to find the NOW. In the movie the Know-it-all was trying to be greedy. He was trying to find his Present, the NOW, before it was due time. He was never going to find it because he hadn't yet learned how to be humble. He hadn't yet come face to face with Santa Claus (Jupiter/Joy). He was trying to rush to the finishing line so that he could receive his gift, without understanding that the journey itself was the gift.

Having risen to the surface (exited the womb?) and allowed himself to align fully with the NOW, the Jupiter Explorer begins to see things from a much higher perspective. He can finally see the Christmas Tree for what it is.

The Christmas Tree (shaped like the letter A) is the place where the Mandark, or Darkman, belongs. To the Joy Explorer, the Know-it-all who lives in the NOW, it represents home.

A = 1 = ONE = NOW

In the image below we see that the hot air balloon (piloted by elves) displays the Black and Red tiger stripes, just like the ones you find on Freddy Kreugers jumper. This suggests that these events, or transitions, are taking place within the Dream Realm. This moment of returning home points to the birth of the Dream Child. Being released from the Matrix. Awakening to the NOW. Realizing that the Present is a gift.

As they approach the Christmas Tree, Santas red sack (carrying the kids as passengers) makes contact with the illuminated Pole Star.

The Pole Star falls from the Xmas tree and through it we see the Red/Black tiger stripes with a Red Dot/Bulls-Eye in the centre of it. The Red Eye/I of Jupiter.

The elves leap down from the hot air balloon and grab the falling star in just the nick of time, and the sharp tip of it comes to rest on the Nose of this elf. This is perhaps a sign that Nosis has now been achieved. Notice The Sacred Brick behind the elfs head. ;^)

We saw the Nose/Nosis being highlighted earlier.

When I started writing the update for this post (having absolutely no idea that The Polar Express movie would ever be involved) I signed my name as Aerosmith. I have no idea why I chose to use Aerosmith instead of Arrowsmith, or Richard, like I usually do. At the time it just felt right.

While I sat watching the very final scene of The Polar Express, trying to figure out how I was going to work these synchronicities into this post, the lead singer of the band Aerosmith, Steve Tyler, popped up on screen. He sings a song called 'Rockin all over the world'. I'd completely forgotten that this Aerosmith scene even existed in the movie.

So having started this update with the name Aerosmith and the letter A, it feels appropriate that I end on it. Keep rockin the joint you nerdy Dream Children!

Jim: The Dark Child of A.


  1. Find out indeed. Get your thinking caps on geeks. This is gonna be quite the ride.

    Hopefully we don't have to wait till summer! ;^)

  2. Need a job done right? Send in RA. Amazing.
    We've been watching Polar Express for a week+ now too. (also Atlantis and Ferngully)--one of these days I'll do torrents instead of going to the library.
    -I noticed the know-it-all too. I thought then about his interaction w/ Matthew Broderick in Biloxi Blues--but that was wrong (He was in Wargames w/ MB though, which is the sync likely) When looking at Eddie Deezen's roles I'm hit with D's, double D's and Duck's, Dodo, Dark(makes me think of Donnie Darko)--I still need to watch Multiplicity and follow the Doug thread.
    So the theme now is Game--Jake is on baseball, I found a site that thinks Lost is a "game"( need to watch Wargames and follow little Lord Hamlet where goes. Is he the dream child? Wait, I've been tickled by Juno lately and her stripes--and no one has quoted this yet:

    "But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed." ~Isaiah 53:5
    -I'm working guys! I swear. hopefully it comes together. (or falls apart, probably the same.)
    Oh yeah, been think about the idea of how we Manage things--like forests or land. Nature feminine has a divine order in the chaos. Civilization tries to control this chaos--we call it management. Of course it yields a Man Age--and those fall apart and return to chaos. The King returns to the womb.

  3. Thanks RA! The fuel for the Know-it-all is humility for sure.

  4. The Dark Child of A (Haley Joel Osment) played the role of Tom Hanks' son in Forrest Gump.

    Gump could be considered a 'king of the nerds', which I suppose would make his Dark Child the prince. Gump was also responsible for accidentally creating the smiley face, connecting all this back to the Darkman RoRschach and his second head.

    Ish, I've been noticing the Game theme getting stronger as well. The Vancouver Olympic Games is another sync-attractor that comes to mind. Jon Kidds new vid included the Super Mario game.
    Have you seen the movie Gamer starring Gerard Butler? The villian in Gamer is the star of the TV show called Dexter. The Gamer seems to be linked to the Right Hand Path. Gamers are often considered to be nerds. Figures!

    Glad you guys enjoyed the update. Peace all.

  5. whaaaaat?! wow! awesome. A = 1, atlantis = Now... dig dig dig. i just watched Waking Life last night, which deals heavily in dream-reality and the illusion of time's passage, the eternal Now, the Present... sought by mr kNow-It-ALL. awesome. it's all happening...

    and of course, the Darkman syncs perfectly with the dark savior as the "black" man, obama-janus-two-face, the mask of ego... Liam Neeson was the dark surrogate father of batman and darth vader!

    aaaand, to top it all off, his name is Liam. Lie Am, Lie I Am, El I Am (!)

  6. I checked the El link toure and noticed that the supreme god is also called Eli (the Book of Eli - Denzel Washington) and El is also attributed to the Titan (Remember the Titans). I like how you've chosen Denzel Washington, El I Am, for your latest Patternist banner. Everything is under control.

    Your name, Tye-himba, reminds me that Darth Vader, the Dark Child of A(nakin), flew about in a Tye Fighter. :)

    I watched Waking Life a few months back. What an experience!