Monday, March 1, 2010

today's trip

Celtic Rebels has often commented on the Twinkies from Zombieland and we talked of them last night. These twin keys were what I was twittering about while coming out of the subway this morning. When I raised my head I saw Jesse Eisenberg starring at me like "WTF". Does he follow my Tweets or something? What gives. It was a cryptic moment, we just looked at each other, but I didn't take the opportunity to ask a star a question. I'm so lame.

check out Celtic's Article

took my lunch break to replace my broken C string. Chelsea Guitars actually moved next door now to 224, but still has the same sign. Zeus is still holding a guitar. Yes it's on 23rd street. A guy named Dan owns the place, I think. Dan means Door etymologically.

knowing I was entering another dimension I took note of my surroundings. There was a sculpture identical to this tattoo and the entire place was covered in Guitars and framed Holographic artwork.

Donnie Darko

the only strings I have at home are .042 gauge
Classical Guitar
Chelsea Guitars
Center Galaxy

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  1. Twinkies in the ZOmbieland underworld totally communicated the idea of the Milk/Nectar of the gods, the Nectar of Immortalitiy, elixir of life, VITRIOL etc. The Astral Milk/Honey or mariri that myself and others have experienced in altered states of consciousness,. Its the life force, gr8 post, much love!