Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hot Buts Kick Ass Backwards (Peace of Ass)

Abe/Jupiter/Hero: "I Want You to Kick Ass & Become a Superhero Today"

The Ass Theme is arising strong in Consciousness as shown via upcoming film releases. Above is the overt Kick Ass.
Below the subtle Hot Tub with Tub backwards being But.
Note the website address for Hot Tub resonating Kick Ass as

The universe is so elegant.. In mimicry, almost as if existence is a perfect orchestration (which it is), another soon to be released title reads Bass Ackwards.
During one of the first conversations I had with Frank Albo, while on a walking trail to Tie Creek (see Something Blue my Mind), about 2 years ago, I told him about Crowley climbing K2 and how weird I think it is that author Ralph Ellis says the Great Pyramid is map pointing towards this second tallest of Himalayan peaks. He laughed that off as preposterous, so I changed gears opting for something allot more rational like Eddie Murphy Being symbolic of the Black Star in the Mason built Winnipeg Legislature (see Galactic Center Temple), which Frank himself had decoded and written a book about. Now thoroughly convinced I had burned that bridge Frank walked off ahead leaving me to deal with being a kook.
The Ass and the Scarlet Dragon of Shrek, blowing smoke up there Hot Buts.

About half an hour later Frank walks up to me conspiratorially and says: "Shrek". "Shrek?", I says. "Murphy, he's a Mason and plays the talking donkey in Shrek." Further he explained that this connects very well with a talking donkey from the bible.

The Ass/Donkey is also the animal that carries Mary into Bethlehem where she births Jesus, while Jesus rides the donkey himself towards Jerusalem and eventually the cross. Thus the Ass is present during the Birth and Death of Christ.
Christ Consciousness'/Spirit's animal vehicle of choice is the Ass.

There are sexual connotations with the Ass. Sexual ecstasy can silence the mind, allowing spirit to shine though the noise. Some occult/magick practices us this as a ritualized vehicle for enlightenment.

I'm confused about that lot. Can't really figure out where I am as an individual, sexually. I feel we are a whole planet of confused sexual beings. Maybe I'm projecting.. I deal with it as I deal with all. Invite awareness and acceptance in and see what happens.
This is a recent Hot But that I investigated as it belongs to Laurie Jupiter. Jupiter/Janus the doorway God.
Below are some more random Ass posters from the last 2 years.
Vehicles of spirit..

Peace In


The Many Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh reveals more on the Ass trail, beyond the obvious poo reference.

At one point Winnie is visiting Rabbi-T because Winnie is looking for some Hunny to eat.
( Remember Winnie is short for Winnipeg.)

So he goes to the Bunny for Hunny. (note: Buns is also a term for Ass, which not only connects us with Bunny but also Bread and therefore Christ which is weird.)

Notice Rabbi-T has a Top hat hung up on his hook. He is not just what comes out of the top hat portal but he is the magician as well.

After eating the Bunny's Hunny, Winnie the Po tries to leave and can't as he gets stuck in the Rabbit Whole. He has gained weight and size since he feasted on Bunny's Hunny, therefore preventing him from getting back out.

Rabbi-T and the others work night and day to get Pooh out.

Pooh is forced to fast so as to become skinny enough to get pushed out.

Rabbi-T goes crazy trying to deal with Pooh's Ass in howse all the time.

He begins to try to disguise Pooh's Ass. After seeing it in the mirror he tries to frame it and turn it into a picture.

I also just realized today while teaching filmmaking to youth that the way one uses hands to frame a shot is with one's two Jupiter Fingers (plus brahma thumbs - that comes later.)


Rabbi-T really starts to go crazy when he paints a face on Pooh's but, gives him tree antlers and a shelf/altar complete with trident candle, yellow flowered tea and a tobacco pipe.

Looks like an altar of a Magician.

Eventually Pooh gets thin enough to be pushed out. Later on he triumphantly rides in a parade with his friends. Like Jesus he rides on the back of an Ass. This particular donkey is Eeyore.


C'ing Tridents everywhere. Nice Gold one on Blue below.


  1. Jake,

    Knowing what I know, I always like to assess all the asses I see appearing in the various media against this particular ASS (SAS) to see if there's any correspondence.

    Special Air Service


  2. Eddie Murphy - James Brown's Celebrity Hot Tub

  3. Arnie Christnegger bears his ass in the Terminator movies after he travels back in time.
    His famous quote being:
    'Ass talavista baby'

  4. "Get your ass to Mars!" - Schwarzenegger in Total Recall

    Get used to the feeling of people thinking you're a KooK. I have to deal with it a lot.

  5. RA,

    'Ass talavista baby' = ASS TELE-VISTA BABY!


  6. I was wondering the same thing about sexual energy. I'm currently trying to read Tantra:The Path of Ecstassy by Georg Feaurstein. I'm not sure that's how you spell his last name, but maybe you should check out his book.

  7. Wermes' gets his brown eye ... this boys and girls is called synchro-anal.

  8. hahaaa! nice. inspired additions.

    being something of an "ass-man", i have always been fascinated by what it is about a woman's shapely round ass that turns an intellectual egghead like me into a gawking idiot. there has got to be something spiritual in that...

    i've begun to officially call my semi-regular internet booty searches "worship"

  9. Careful, when you go digging up the past, all you get is dirty...

    The Christian Holy Day of Palm Sunday represents Jesus riding into Jerusalem on Ass and Colt shortly before the Passion. The sign of Cancer is represented by two stars for the two donkeys which Jesus rode (an ass and a colt). There are Egyptian depictions of a rider on 2 donkeys as well, and there is the masonic neophyte who "rides the donkey," and at the third degree is symbolically killed and resurrected.

    (Robert Anton Wilson says the Donkey represents the Mysteries/Enlightenment, because you go out on a long journey riding the donkey and ignore the fact that it (enlightenment) has been with you all along.)

    Keeping with the Egyptian belief system, the human body was seen as a microcosm of the universe, each part being related to a god. [...] In (Utterance 215, 148-149) it says: "Thy head is that of Heru (Horus)," yet in another (Papyrus of Ani (pl.32, item 42)) it says: "my buttocks are the Eye of Heru (Horus)." [...] (quoting someone else here) "The all seeing eye also represents the anus and sodomy which empowers the attacker, especially if the attack happens within a circle." Once, I was flipping through a book on magick in the bookstore and happened upon a page which claimed that anal sex would facilitate the possession of a body by a demon. And popular belief has it that some sort of essence or life force can be stolen via this method of sex, possibly slowing the aging process for the giver.

    The Celtic Rebel also noted a Egyptian connection back in May of '08: I seem to recall a movie scene where a stargate/wormhole experiment resulted in some being turned into a literal pile of poo. So, it came of little surprise to me to subsequently learn that the etymology of our exit hole may lead back to the Egyptian Anu, “the seat of the cult of the Sun-god.”

    Later he ties the Stargate into it: Here you go: [in no particular order] a wormhole, a stargate, a manhole, the “Seat of the Cult of the Sun God” (i.e., an anus), and an infamous bar on Halstead

    For some "in-depth analysis" Alex's "Hammer and Anvil" series really get's into it (especially this part).

    Arnold is a well known "ass man," by the way, there's even a video where he talks about how in Brazil there's so much emphasis on the booty!

    I wouldn't be surprised if your next post was titled "Jupiter's (J)Anus" :D

  10. @V,

    so what you're really saying is that an I (completely interchangable with J) is not really an individual "I" at all. It's AN US.

    That the g8way to and process of "transformation" (BEcoming) is not individual but collective.


  11. It would be "I An Us," individual, but part of a group. Collectives have no room for competitive growth as all is the same. Having all positive and no negative would be stagnant. So both are necessary.

  12. "The universe is so elegant.." That it is, but this is certainly not the feeling I am getting when I see this anal fixation of Hollywood. It is the realm of sick pederasts and they put out disturbing indoctrination. Violator brings up many valid points. If anyone would like to read an in-depth analysis of this phenomenon that actually details the why instead of just the what, please read The Celtic Rebel. Or even my own take:

    I do not mean to be confrontational, but it seems you guys are missing the point here.

  13. How can one miss the point when they are making a point? That's the whole point isn't it? The point of it ALL.

  14. Well I missed this whole exchange, and then continued onward writing about asses today.
    We are in the underworld. These are the underworld chakras. And these are themes of the Easter season that is coming. It is integration. fascinating. Jesus and his shadow, Faust and the Devil, Neo and Smith. . .

    I bumped into some great quotes tonight in my alchemical bath though--maybe I should share?

    "It is only when creation (Brahma) and destruction (Shiva) are both present that wholeness is possible."

    "There is no alternative in life to torture except fine art."[or sync!]

    "You must go forward from the Garden of Eden, through the painful time of transformation, to the heavenly Jerusalem, which is a symbol for the wholeness of man restored."

    I will probably write about the book tomorrow-it adds levels of consciousness [simple, complex, enlightened] to the three kingdoms that I've been working on. It illustrates this through three symbolic characters: Don Quixote, Hamlet, & Faust. It is wonderful.
    *Transformation* by Robert A. Johnson
    sleep well,

    Here is how Hamlet ends: (unlike Neo, he fails because he is caught. He can't walk his path despite finding it, and thus "is the prototype of so many modern men who see a noble world in their imaginations but don't have the means to accomplish it."

    "Now cracks a noble heart. Good night,
    sweet prince.
    And flights of angels sing thee to thy


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