Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Send in the Tankh

In the Defiance poster we find Daniel Craig highlighted by the words 'Blood Diamond'.

Daniel Craig is the latest actor to fill the shoes of James Bond.

In the movie Flushed Away actor Hugh Jackman, in the role of Roddy the Rat, likes to pretend that he's James Bond. He dresses like Bond, watches Bond movies etc etc.

When Roddy gets flushed into the Underworld he stumbles across this Red Ruby, or Blood Diamond.

Roddy's encounter with the heart-shaped Diamond leads him straight to Rita, voiced by actress Kate Winslet.

Rita/Winslet will do anything to get her hands on the Heart.

KATe Winslet and LEOnardo DiCaprio (star of the movie Blood Diamond) played opposite one another in Titanic. In Titanic Kate Winslet possesses a priceless Diamond called the Heart of the Ocean.

In Flushed Away, Kate Winslet cruises the Underworld in a boat called the Jammy Dodger.

The Jammie Dodger, like the Blood Diamond, points to the Heart.

In Flushed Away the Jammy Dodger has a large mechanical arm built into it. Rita/Winslet uses this metal arm to lift Roddy (James Bond) into the air.

A metal arm raises James Bond into the air in this poster.

Roddy and Rita find themselves captured by some BAD guys who have been sent to retrieve the Blood Diamond. Onboard the Jammy Dodger the pair find themselves restrained by an albino mouse who wears a ring shaped in the letter W.

Rita/Winslet interacts with the W...

...invoking the Blood Diamond, the Heart of the Ocean, once again.

This brings us back to the movie Defiance and the actor Daniel Craig whose due to begin work on 'Bond 23', or 'Bond W', later this year.

Defiance is based on a true story which involves three Jewish brothers who built a village in the Belarussian forest to escape Nazi occupation in Eastern Europe. In the movie the Bielski brothers are played by actors Liev Schreiber, Daniel Craig and Jamie Bell.

Jamie BELL, the youngest of the three Bielski brothers, helps rebuild the Jewish community deep in the BELA-russian forest.

The surname BELL entrains with A BEL, or ABE L.

Jamie Bell's surname also links him to the Ape. This syncs up nicely considering he's come face to face with a giant Ape in the movie King Kong.

Jamie Bell finds his way to Skull Island on a boat marked with the number of Jupiter/Joy.

We've seen that Daniel Craig connects with the Blood Diamond/Heart of the Ocean. And we've seen that his Jewish brother, Jamie Bell, connects with ABE Lincoln/Jupiter/Zeus. This brings us to the third and final Bielski brother who was played by actor Liev Schreiber. So what can he bring to the equation?

In the movie Defiance, Liev Schreiber plays a character named Zus, pronounced exactly like the name of the Greek God 'Zeus'.

Zus, the brother of James Bond, wears a Red Star on the front of his Russian hat.

We've seen that Hugh Jackman entrains with James Bond and the Blood Diamond/Red Star.

Hugh Jackman (Wolverine/Roddy) and Liev Schreiber (Sabretooth/Zus) were blood brothers in a movie called Wolverine Origins.

Here we see Schreiber/Sabretooth being highlighted by the W of his brothers claws/trident.

Zus/Zeus entrains with the 'Sabretooth' Tiger.

BC = 23 = W

In the movie Defiance actor Liev Schreiber, resonating Jupiter, the Tiger-striped planet of Zeus, comes to his brothers aid as the Germans begin to attack the secret Jewish camp in the BELArussian forest. A German Tank enters the scene and begins to shoot down the fleeing people. Zus/Sabretooth leaps to the rescue and eliminates the threat.

The Tiger stands on the Tank triumphant.

The Tank makes me think of the Ankh.

The T-ankh helps unlock the Tiger Heart.

The Fish T-ankh releases the floW.

All this talk of Tanks and Ankhs made me think of the actor Tom Hankhs.

Tom Hanks played the Cowboy 'Woody' in the Toy Story movies, and he also had a 'big island adventure' in the movie Cast Away. We could say that Tom Hanks is a bit of a 'Cast Away Cowboy'.

Actor James Garner starred in the 1974 movie 'Castaway Cowboy'. He played the character Lincoln Costain.

James Garner (a Castaway Cowboy, just like Tom Hankhs) starred in the movie Tankh.

So Tom Hanks seems to entrain with the Tankh - the key which unlocks the Tiger Heart.

In the movie Saving Private Ryan, Tom Hanks destroys a Tankh with a single lucky bullet.

According to Wiki the Tank which T.Hanks in Saving Private Ryan was a TIGER TANK!

We've seen that Zus/Zeus, the 'Sabretooth' Tiger, also defeated the Tiger Tank single-handedly.

In German the name PANZER translates as TANK.

The PANZER points to the PANTHER.

The Tiger Tank, or 'Tiger Panzer', is really a 'Tiger Panther'.

From this we can deduce that the Tiger and Panther share a close Bond with one another.

From this sync-perspective we could say that 2010: Year of the Tiger is also interchangeable with 2010: Year of the Panther. It's also a year associated with the Tankh.

In Forrest Gump actor Tom Hankhs (resonating the Tiger Tank/Panzer/Panther) makes a speech outside the Lincoln Memorial and soon comes face to face with these members of The Black Panther Party.

Actor Marcus Chong played the character TANK in The Matrix movie.

Marcus Chong/Tank was a member of The Black Panther Party in a 1995 movie called Panther.

The Tiger Tankh definitely seems to have a lot in common with the Panther.

This Panther connection leads us straight back to the Diamond via the movie 'The Pink Panther'.

In this instance the Panther represents a priceless Diamond.

Beyonce holds the Blood Diamond, the Pink Panther, over her Heart.

This suggests to me that 2010, the Year of the Tiger, or Year of the Panther, is also a Year of the Blood Diamond - The Heart of the Ocean.

So how do you unlock the Heart this year?

I think the energy of the Goddess Kali, the Tankh Girl, could be the Ki.

T.Hanks for reading.

Ran into this pamphlet after reading Ri¢hie Ri¢h's post... The giraffe is a buddy if these cats


  1. KAboom! So it makes sense to me that T.Hanks is the Governor of the Academy (Oscars). He came on at the end of the recent awards show and gave the best picture award away super fast so that they could end the show on time.

    i cherish your posts dearly. they are steps on the stairway to heaven.

  2. yeah Rich, you dropped a bomb at the end there. smooth synching.

    i've been feeling that the dark cat and the tiger were really close, if not one, but i didnt have the sync to back up my suspicions... panthers are really leopards, you know. their fur is just too dark to see the spots. makes me think of the whole "leopards never change their spots" proverb...

    also, your writing got me picturing that famous photo of the child staring down the tank in Tiananmen Square... the tank represents the illusion of the impenetrable, unstoppable force, i think. one of the symbols of the mindset of this current war-crazy age. heartless.

    that being said, and given the context of your patterns, i begin to wonder again about the character Tank from The Matrix... the operator, the facilitator and teacher [and savior] of The One...

    tanks for sharing ;]

  3. Inspiration for this post came from my 3 year old son Zion. I bought him a plastic model Panzer tank kit just before xmas and finally got round to completing it last week. I'm terrible at making models (or anything DIY for that matter) so it didn't quite turn out as planned. I accidentally glued the tracks/wheels on upside down. Zion instantly noticed the flaw (I tried to explain that it was meant to be like that...but he's a smart kid) so he waited patiently, biding his time. When the tank was complete he sneaked upstairs, hid under my bed and set about smashing it to smithereens.

    When I discovered the tank fragments I was quite literally heart broken, but at the same time it felt like the universe had delivered this BAD experience in order to help teach me something. Having finished writing this post the message has become a little clearer. The tank is not impenetrable/unbreakable. The armour I've built around my heart can (and will) open as I continue to align with Jupiter/Joy. The experience has also taught me that children have the natural ability to locate the 'chink in the armour'. They instinctively know how to break open the heart/box/chest. It's like they have the key hardwired into them. I get the feeling that children can help teach us 'grown-ups' a thing or two about matters of the heart. Even the BAD kids. Especially the BAD kids!

    Toure, I read that Panthera is a genus of the family Felidae (the cats), which contains four well-known living species: the Tiger, the Lion, the Jaguar, and the Leopard.

    So I suppose you could say that all BIG cats are linked to the Panther/Panthera in one way or another. This reminds me that Tom Hanks (the Tom Cat) starred in the movie BIG. He was a child trapped inside an adults body.

    Cheers all for your kind words. Much love.

  4. if y'all don't start turning all of your posts into video then I will, beware the chop and shop

  5. The Panther or Jaguar in Spanish is El Tigre... This helped me with what I was working on... T.Hanks.

    Can't post it yet it's not finished...

  6. incredible work RA--your comment is very moving too.
    I'll wanted to quickly let you know how moving all this is.
    I will likely comment much more today.
    always incredible.
    love your flow.

  7. Wow, your mention of the Tank Girl / Kali really made me flip for a bit. Here's why. A new album out by the Gorillaz, titled Plastic Beach, which is definitely something to listen to, was released earlier this month of march. Guess who helped co-produce it? None other than the creator of Tank Girl, Jamie Hewlett.