Wednesday, March 3, 2010

@ The Heart of Jupiter- Evolve!

Reading a lovely new book by Alejandro Jodorowsky the director of El Topo and Holy Mountain, as well as popular Tarologist of Mexico. This new book "The Way of the Tarot" is the most significant book on the Tarot Ive read along with Aleister Crowleys Book of Thoth in my experience. Alejandro goes very deep into the earliest known Tarot deck, the Spanish Tarot of Marseilles, which he helped discover and restore along with doing intenstive studies of the makeup of symbols and colors used in the original Tarot, this goes into the OG symbolism thats right, original gangsta. The beuty of this deck is that Jodorowsky puts aside the Kabbalistic and other Western influences upon the tarot and just studies the primal an bare gestures, numbers, and minute details, limited although intricate and codified use of Colors allows consciousness to tap into the language of this deck without having to study the Kabbalistic or Gnostic theology that the cards are often used in reference to. I think any Jupiter jacks out there will enjoy what Alejandro has to say about Jupiters Tarot card the Wheel of Fortune. Jupiters Trump card the 10th of the Major Arcana has been denoted by the roman Numeral X since this very first(known) deck, X bein recently realized as the 24th letter of the alphabet, synchs perfectly with Jupiters Planetary symbol that looks like a 2 and a 4 combined. Please read and enjoy these scans, Click to enlarge , read left to right as if in a book, the text is readable :)

I really love how Jodorowsky mentions the Heart as the mediator between the Spiritual and the Animal nature of man, its the Center, the Bridge between heaven(Higher Consciousness) and Earth(Earthly Consciousness and Personality identification). The Heart/Wheel of Fortune and Jupiter are intimately connected to the themes of the merging of the Spiritual and Physical planes.

Also wanted to throw in the Nines scans from Jodorowskys book, as this year we are in alignment with The Nine of Cups Tarot Card, according to the Astrological Tarot of Aleister Crowley and others. The Nine of Cups is attributed the Astrological location of Jupiter in the Sign of Pisces. Interesting to note that in Jakes latest video about Ressurection and Rae Dawn Chong, included Dawns reaction where she mentions her beleif that Hardship is the purest means for motivation and also that much of this years Olympics have had participants who have overcome hardship. Below we will read about how the Nine cards and specifically the 9 of Cups represent Crisis and regeneration, or surrendered past love toward a more universal love. Jodorowksy mentioned above the symbolism of Inertia that appears at the bottom of the card, the Wheel stands on Flowing-moving Grounds, showing that there is Inertia or hardship-friction in a sense between the Wheel and the ever changing ground it rests upon. Resistance, hardship or friction thus happening, reminds us of Karma, the Wheel of Karma, the Wheel of Samsara. So to me even Rae Dawns answer even resonates with Jupiters resonation with the Wheel of Karma, Life cycles, Regeneration, the spin of the wheel, divine providence, heavenly providence, good luck, good karma, the ebb and flow. See Wikipedias Inertia for resonation with Hardship as Motivation.

When reading below remember that the Nine of Cups symbolises 2010s stay for Jupiter in the House of Pisces. This is labeled by this astrologer as "life as a waking dream". Tell me about it hehe

The Nines seen below here, that is the 4 suits of 1-10 minor cards, ie ace of wands, two of wands, etc all the way to ten, for Air(intellect) Fire(Creative Will) Water(emotion) Earth(Body, health, wordly duties). So what were seeing is the Suit of Cups (Water), representing emotional cycles, and we are resonating with the Nine of Cups, so water under the influence of 9, the winding down of the energy of water, as we approach the completion of the emotional cycle at the 10 of cups, the 9 is the letting go of what has been established through 1-8 and preparing to accept the completed love. Thus there is a surrender of what has accumulated in the 1-8 of cups, and an acceptance of the Universal love that lies ahead at the end of the emotional cycle. Read below about the energy of the 9 as well as the reference to the 9 of cups.

I also wanted to point out that when we have developed our state of 9 Cups, we will be evolving toward the Completion of the Cycle of Cup Cards, the 10 of Cups is the most completely formed and physical completion of an Emotional Cycle. Read Jodorowskys take on the 9 and 10 of Cups here below.

So Jodorowsky points out that in the tarot there is a Decimal Sequence that travels from 1-10, so the first half of the Major 22 cards each have their own Decimal Pair ie. 1 the Magus resonates with, 11 Strenth, 10 Fortune resonates with 20 The Last Judgement(The Aeon) etc. So Since Jupiters X=10 Wheel of fortune card also resonates with all the 10 cards(ie the 10 of cups). So once we have moved through the Crisis and Regeneration of Emotions in the 9 of cups, we move toward the completion and fulfillment of the Emotional cycle, the 10 of Cups or the X(24) Of Cups, now obviously resonating the 10th or X Trump card for Jupiter The Wheel of Fortune. So note that X resonates Jupiter/Wheel of fortune, the 24th letter of the Alphabet, the Jupiter Symbol 24/42 and now also the 10 of Cups, which features a beutiful beutiful Rainbow as a symbol of the Completion of the Emotional cycle. Resonating with Gods words to Noah in the Bible" And I set my Bow in the clouds as a covenant" between God, Man and the Earth, the Rainbow is a promise that God will never flood the earth again and that peace will be upon Earth, this could be partially the influence of the Rainbow upon the card. Nonetheless another Jupiter/X/42/Rainbow nugget can be added to the mix here.

the 10 of Cups, symbolic of the fulfillment and completion of an Emotional Cycle. Symbolized by the Family and two new Children dancing beneath the Rainbow, we can see a love completed as well as future love cycles in their beginnings

A Mystery slit appeared on the page of my Nine of Cups in February when I opened a recently purchased brand new book "Understanding the Thoth Tarot" by Lon Milo Duquette, while researching I looked up the nine of cups, and strangely the page for the 9 of Cups was the only page in my whole book to have a strange slit taken out of it. Crowley titled the 9 of Cups, Happiness, in other words JOY! 9 of Cups is Jupiter Joy in Pisces.

Just wanted to throw in an image about the Antahkarana, the Rainbow Bridge between heaven and Earth, or Soul and Body, as seen here the Rainbow Bridge is at the Center or Heart of the Formula, being the Bridge between Higher Consciousness, and Physical Nature. This can be likened to Jupiter ruling the Astrological house of Saggitarius the Centaur, the Sign that represents the Strive in man to Aim(like an Archer/Bowman) toward Divinity, and Evolution beyond the Animal Nature of Earthly existence.

Here on the Saggitarius(ruled by Jupiter) Tarot card, previously named Temperence, also named ART by Aleister Crowley, we can see the Lunar Goddess Diana mixing in her Cauldron(root Chakra) the Spiritual Opposites of Fire and Water, Sulpher and Salt, Male and Female, Divine and Earthly. This uniting of Opposites reflected in the Saggitarius Card is also reflected in this Tarot Cards location on the Tree of Life, Saggitarius or Temperence/Art is the Card/Path of the hebrew letter Samech(meaning serpent) between the Speres of the Moon and the Sun. When viewing the Tree of Life from the Bottom Up(animal to divine man), we can see that this Card helps us travel from the Moon(The Unconsious, the Moons tarot card is the sign of Pisces, toward the Sphere of the Sun, literally this is Turning the Dark to the Light, Lead to Gold, Unconsciousness to Consciousness. Saggitarius and Jupiter are intimately related to Evolution, which is why Kubricks Monolith perfectly synchs into Jupiter/Evolution flow.

The Uniting of the Spiritual Self with the Animal Self is also known as the Spiritualization of Matter, which is the Goal of Alchemy, as this is one of the two most important Alchemical Cards in the Tarot. This Card Symbolizes the Alchemical Spiritual Process of VITRIOL which it reads across the Rainbow behind Diana the Lunar Huntress(Archer). VITRIOL or the Philosophers Stone, Elixer of Life etc. "Visita Interiore Tierre Invienes Occultim Lapidem" Is an anagram for Visit the Center of the Earth(Animal Self), and there you will find the Hidden Stone".

I interperet this as getting to know Ones Lower Self, realizing ones Unconscious and or Negative patterns of behavior, only through looking at our animal desires and behaviors or "Lead" or "Black Gold" we can through becoming aware of them, then call upon our Higher Understanding to help us Transmute what behaviors WERE us into behaviors that ARE us. This is being an Archer, Aiming our actions toward Divinity, or Higher Understanding, or toward universal love. So lets all visit the Center of our Lower selves, there is nothing wrong with it, and even if you dont think theres anything to look for, observe, and seperate the good from the bad, and become what is good(to you), realizing this power of looking at our Animal self as a mirror of our Higher potentials IS the Philosophers stone to me, I have not done enough reading into the Stone and its history myself, Im only offering my intuitive interperetation of what the meanings of these symbolic narratives are. I can honestly say myself that Wisdom only comes from Folly, all of our Follies are the Black Lead which is Equally Valuable Black Gold or Wisdom, all obstacles along the path to self realization are actually the fuel through which we become self aware. Heres a quote from Jesus, it sounds intense, but it rings very true.

"If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you." - Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas

Fear nothing, and Transmute! PS with Good Luck Jupiter in the house of Pisces which is symbolic of our Unconscious and our Dreams, we should have much Luck transmuting our Animalistic Unconsciousness into Gold this year. 2010 is the Great Tea Party in the Rabbit hole, and this year well be serving VITRIOL! Much love you all, bless :) <3


  1. Feeling it. Thanks Kev. Love learning this stuff.

  2. I have cherished for many years the value of my fuckups and humblings. they are gifts and the only way i learn. best to forgive yourself and learn from the falls.

    i like to see it as jumping off a cliff and crashing hard on the ground,
    but managing to get up and keep jumping off the cliff countless times until one day when you jump you actually begin to fly.

    juan flores says the same thing. that the sun and the moon use to be side by side, but then they went there own ways, but once and awhile they come back, that would be now...

    much love bro

  3. The Stygian Portal has the penultimate review of Holy Mountain. I think many synchro mystics are on the holy mountain seeking gnosis. Hopefully we will not be left downe below. Our collective journey is humanities best chance for evolving. Shineforth brave souls1 dENNIS

  4. Thanks alot Jim :) your metaphors are perfect, and your words are always heart food. I also love Juans flow as well "The lower you go the higher you go" really synchs in with my appreciation for VITRIOL and Saggitarius. Folly and Wisdom are shown very well in 2001 Odyssey, the first apes to encounter the monolith find they can manipulate nature (Folly), and then the next time we see the Monolith those same apes hav evolved into an advanced human species with incredible technologies(Wisdom). THe Monolith is the philosophers stone fo sho. Dennis I love Styians work, I need to sit down and finish that post of his, Holy Mountain is a gem for sure. Im very happy to be climbing the moun-tin with all you lovely souls :) Much love <3 - Joy is the Law, Joy Under Flow

  5. It is so interesting Kevin our work is so similar--of course as I keep stating, we are on totally different paths.

    I'm pretty sure that the symbols and archetypes are fairly loose, and that depending upon how they are treated and used, they could mean completely different things.

    I actually equate The Emperor w/ Jupiter (or I did--I may have to rethink that as I go forward)
    The X card-Fortune, the wheel--That's "the call"--the hero's decent into the underworld, or the belly of the whale.
    But our aims are the same--the holy marriage! uniting the underworld, heaven, and earth (or naturally, soul, mind and body). We both are seeing this our respective symbols--unity of self (and perhaps non-self).
    Here is my Wheel post from the past.
    I don't doubt that we are going to arrive together at the same place and same time. I'm intrigued by the books you read--but they are so different from the more western stuff I've looked at. . .
    I hope we can unite these two systems in our own deck in the future. I think that could be pretty rad!
    I'm going try and get to my rainbow bridge stuff tomorrow!
    I look forward to what you think.
    be well

  6. I would love to work on a deck together Doug! I can definatly feel our work approachin the center from different angles, im glad were here sharing together bro, keep those fluids flowin! i promise not to end up deleting it somehow! ;)

    much luv yall