Sunday, March 14, 2010

Set[h] Green[man] (Abe'ld)

The Green Man
"He stands for humanity's kinship with trees and woods, irrepressible life, and the cycle of renewal and birth."

brothers divided:

The New King?

-If this dude's composite is a Horus/Hamlet, it would not surprise me . . .


Green Man = Osiris

Also the name of the shoe by ABE L Creations. I hear Hermes loves these shoes.

Reading the first line in Doug's link to Celtic Symbols made me think of the Winnie-the-Pooh scene I had just watched the other day.

This is what the line says:

"THE MAN IN THE TREE or Derg Corra, is always accompanied by a STAG. He is the Celtic Guardian of Knowledge.

Well Winnie lives in a tree and below his Ass is made to look like a stag by the Rabbi-t. The Guardian of Knowledge has got his ass plugging the rabbit hole. His ANTlers, otherwise known as ANTennas, are made of tree branches. I bet if he made a brew out of those branches he might gain some knowledge.

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  1. Sir James George Frazier's 1922 great work, The Golden Bough posted on

    Worth a read for anyone interested in this subject.