Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Eris the Goddess of Discord was made popular in the Robert Anton Wilson book The Illuminitus Trilogy. She shows up above in the Cartoon Network series called The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy or something like that. Robert Anton Wilson also is attributed to stoking the mass paranoia surrounding the number 23 started original(or at least recorded as such) by William S Burroughs.... Bob(Wilson) and Bill(Buroughs) in other words Inspired this cartoon. Sycromystics I think follow the 23 as somewhat of a maker... A little blip on our radar to help figure out a mystery. Mimicked in Billy and Mandy as the name Eris is always hidden masking the real corporate of Chaos. While my original intent in checking into Billy and Mandy was to find Abe Lincoln.... I quickly became obsessed with the fact that these two little kids had won a contest with Death AKA the Grim reaper and was his buddy.At one point the Kids having lost the friendship of Grim with another school child go running to Abe to compete who is cooler a friend. I find Grim the Reaper with a Top Hat made of smiley faces and sunglasses on him as well... The whole cartoon has a very Star Wars feel and I'm reminded of a another occurrence of the Abe Star Wars Theme.George W Bush writes W Wuz Hear on the Temple of Abe/Zeus in Robot Chicken S2 E9... W is the 23rd letter in the Alphabet and we hit another 23 Abe nod.... Hear is also a pun of Here bringing in the thought that Abe is something to behold through the ear. Lincoln is slayed by W in the manner that Obi Wah is slayed by Vader.... He disappears in his robes which is important in the Star Wars franchise.... For the nerds out there Yoda tells Obi Wan in Episode 3 that he has learned to talk to dead Jedi starting with his old student and Old Ben's dead teacher Qui-Gon Jinn who is played by Liam Neisson.... Qui-Gon is reminiscent of the Mid Eastern concept of Genie or Genius the little Lamp dude that one hears in their head. Liam plays Zues in Titans and Abe L in 2011... Go figure.
Most everybody has seen this video but it starts with the Titanic and ends with the exploration that 2012 equals 20+12 or 32 or 23 in reverse and/or 20+1+2 or 23... On the Mayan Calender the Earth, Sol, and Galactic Center line up at what is given to us as Dec 21 2012 at 11:11 Universal Time.JC wakes up to the time 11:11 in the movie The Number 23 but it is in relationship to the fact that the minute after that is 11:12 or 23... 23 seems to be hand in hand with 2012 11:11. So the minute after alignment is 23. Time is a gear system it would seem that ticks and tocks regardless of our fears.... So is 23 something to fear? I found no... I found weather I chose to persuade you to believe him or Jim Carrey talking about his unexplainable experiences with The Number 23.... It a advertised Video on Youtube so I may not embed it on this page but if you are interested see here.

Jim says he realized that 23 had to do with Psalms 23... Which is the most popular of Psalms seeing that it is read through every funeral in the English speaking world...

Though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death I shall fear no evil.....

It's about according to he, living without fear.... I can't help but agree.
Walking with Death....
Billy and Mandy and Bill and Ted.... I see a trend.
But The Grim Reaper is Death or Father Time and his Damn Gears that never stop spinning. Or it could be Saturn.... Abe Flys through time with Saturn looking on... Phone Home.Bogus Journey sees the creation of Robot Tin Men... Their girlfriends have their 521st birthday... 5 2 1 or E B A which is Abe spelled backwards... I go to the store this weekend to buy clothes, the current style is Peace Signs(which we call Peace Tridents around here) and Smiley faces... So the clothing being sold right now is drenched in Smilies and Tridents.Bill and Ted beat death... All smiles.The Smiley.... Dies? The Blue guy makes Watches(gears again) and is not effected by time... He beats death.1924-1985.... 24 or 42... 1985(1+9+8+5=23).... 42 23?W=23 S=19 or 23 + 19 which equals 42... Sync Whole = SW.... X=24 and 69? Walking With the Shadow of Death.... Time Abe sunglasses and beating time.

Walking with Death....W or W Bush(23) quotes Psalms 23 on 911.... Plus this video is 4 minutes 24 seconds... Pslams 23 is at 3:27 which equals 42... 42 is the symbols of Jupiter... Jupiter which is not eatin by Time/Saturn/Death/The Grim Reaper.These Googled Gods can talk through people...Through the ears so that they can be heard so to speak.... I know that's alot of puns. But the connection to ears again is plain.The Circuts of time are shown with the Winged Feet of Hermes at the Circle K...Or K K or 11:11.... Which has a neat correlation to the Twin Towers as well...Mario Mario is dropped off at the base of the Twin towers in Super Mario Brother... Right at door 23.Parallel Dimensions are same same as time travel... Here the towers have already been attached to the numbers 11:11 and Death. We saw the number 23 as the W in a recent post here on the Whole... 93 million miles away...
Splash sees many many great Twin Pillar syncs. This one has Tom Hank's profile merge with the WTC as we dissolve from one scene to the next.
Lincoln/Zeus/Jupiter comes up as Madison the Mermaid discovers TV. LEG GEl is 7+5+12 or 24... Or 42 in reverse.... The Colors Red and Yellow are alchemical colors and seen through out... Red and Yellow are for Sulfur and Salt in Alchemy.
Tom Hanks Tank action seen at the post.... Send in the Tankh.
521 equals E B A or Abe in reverse...Tom Hanks is credited with playing Abe as well as being in relations of him.
And played with Tank Girl Lory Petty in the Baseball movie a League of Their Own...
Helps 23 Kit KeLLer into the showers Kit KeLLer(KK) is Geena Davis' sister in 1992s A League of Their Own. 11:11 23.

Abe. L bakes cakes of PAN in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure by Tim Burton.
HeyZeus/Pan is friends with the Dinosaur.
Peace In.


  1. I was just discussing the new strength of synk with a friend of mine... the force is strong in this post. All these Abe Lincoln synks are hilarious to me; that guy is such a character! he's so unreal to me... like something somebody made up and inserted into history to clean up that whole Civil War/slavery fiasco. Even the historical photographs of him look fake to me. ol' honest abe...

    ...but about the new synk strength; i was discussing recently how the new StarMummy vid showed the spherical nature of these connections -exemplified here- instead of the more linear path our synks have taken. instead of synking a to b to c on a 2d map/web structure, we're synking points on the face of a sphere [if that makes any sense to y'all].

    amazing work here. inspiring.

  2. wacky stuff! Abe is President of the Dead.

  3. Beutiful stuff Will! Abe is most definatly the prez of the dead. Thanks bro, peace in!

  4. tremendous Will.
    will have to let it synch in, so much here. Lots that resonates with my own sync stash

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