Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ronald Reagan is Dead

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  1. LOL!! thanks so much for posting this-one of the things that has really stunned me the last year or more is seeing mainstream media with such suggestions for Obama to 'channel' Reagan for various problems-I think TIME mag even had a cover with Obama asking Reagan for suggestions.
    All of this I find so strange with regard to the view that the media is supposedly liberal blah blah blah-which of course is a lot of BS-but I have seen RR 'resurrected' on more mSm mags, papers, etc than any other prez by far-and have not noticed them doing this with Clinton whose term was as successful if not more than Reagans in economic terms-and of course they both had huge scandals so it can't be that Reagan is perceived as pure as the driven snow -or maybe in this day and age it can -the image and soundbite is so much more 'real' than 'reality' itself. Hopefully we will move beyond that soon!
    Thanks also for your wonderful blog-doing a lot of reading here and enjoying it very much. I have definitely seen an evolution in my life from 'conspiracy theorist' to 'giving up on talking about that most people don't give a fuck' and onward to the 2009 to present era when I am trying to work on my soul in order to be a better person and help other people if I can -and also very recently am starting to have some hope for the future (as far as our spiritual selves go anyway) --due to some recent small events/intuitions in my own life that have had huge implications for me (towards the positive side of things) -like a quiet messenger that is himself not awe-inspiring-but the message he has is wonderful and beautiful and points toward the incredible majesty of this world and our true selves. I still have a very long way to go -and wish I knew how to contact someone to help me with ego-death-but am so much better off than even a short year ago. the 'synch' blogs have also been a huge help with having a more positive, energetic and loving spirit and the resonances people who are good at this stuff are having give me a great deal of hope with transcending the physical world!!
    haha such a long comment when I could have just said thanks for the laughs and knowledge!!
    I hope all of you are doing great!!