Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Big Wheel in the Sky Keeps on Turning.... (w/ added cogs)

The gear working of the Mayan Calender... The gear working of our calender New Year 2010...The gear working of everything that your consciousness is aware of....Everything you know and the alignment of the Mayan's 2010 New Year...2010 the Year of the Predator Tiger
Strange Words considering that although the do call the Jaguar "El Tigre" there are no Tigers in the Mayans area. Big cat predetors yes... Tigers no.


8-rayed Gears of War symbol, this video game is jam-packed with all sorts of archways, checkerboard floors and pillars (and, of course, alien intelligence, which your goal in the game is to eradicate. Weird, huh?). The main character's name is Marcus Fenix (Phoenix).


  1. Yeah Willy! Judgment in the Courts, the weighing of the Heart, and a Tiger, sounds familiar. Just like clockwork :)

  2. Tick tock goes the crock, I'm late for an important date... What's a Gigawatt?

  3. Did I tell you I make watches in my spare time when I'm not on mars make palaces made of glass. Soaking everyone else powers up.

    They work too... Tell's the time three times a day everyother week.

    I dip it in my tea.