Monday, March 22, 2010

"93 million miles away from came one" (I C you)

Jim (@syncwinnipeg) came over and was going on about 93 and pancakes which didn't ring a bell..
My contribution was noting that Steve Carrell as dan is seen resting on pancakes in Dan in Real Life dan=pan...
Then William @satoriallme tweets the 93 Thelema and United 93 thang..

@Syncwinnipeg United Airlines Flight 93 crashed in Pennsylvania September 11 93 is the value of Thelema (Will) and Agape (Love) in Greek.

The number 93 is of great significance in Thelema, a religion founded by English author and occultist Aleister Crowley in 1904 with the writing of The Book of the Law (also known as Liber AL vel Legis).[1] The central philosophy of Thelema is in two phrases from Liber AL: "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law" and "Love is the law, love under will." The two primary terms in these statements are "Will" and "Love", respectively. In the Greek language, they are Thelema (Will) and Agape (Love). Using the Greek technique of isopsephy, which applies a numerical value to letters, the letters of both of these words when added together equal 93
93 Thelema Wiki

(I think I just saw every sync known to man in that. Hang on, I don't believe it had any strawberries..)

Making me attend more, then remembering the lyrics from Wu Tangs classic Triumph "ninety-three million miles away from came one" with a video including some infrequently mentioned WTC syncs.. (images pending)
A swarm of killer bees flies past the screen and forms a W trident on the Moon (which affects the floW on Earth) above the WTC.

Specifically me and Jim were discussing the film Die Hard, this is also heard in Triumph.
"Chicks hit the floor, diehard fans demand more"
Googeling "93 million miles" I learn this is also a track from 30 Seconds to Mars with front man Jared Leto (seen in 999/27) and the average distance between the Earth and the Sun...
93 Million miles is on there 2002 self titled album, above is the newest one "This is War"

I thought I would just jump on this as it's clearly a hot potato.

Peace In

Syncwinnipeg profile
Syncwinnipeg 93 is also 9x3 = 27.

Jim: How the 93 thing came up and why I was ranting about with Jake is because of this little moment I had Sunday morning on March 21,2010.

Myself and my family headed for breakfast at the Original PANcake House.

I was exhausted because I had just finished a huge rush edit job on StarMummy 2: FloWman.

As I sit in my booth I look up to the picture on the wall beside us.

I notice the little number 93 on it.

I think to myself why is 93 important?

I then lower my head and notice a few seats in front of me a man with the number 93 on the back of his T-shirt.

It actually says UNBREAKABLE above the number 93.

The word Unbreakable excites me as it resonates Diamond as well as the Bindu point, or the non-dual unbreakable state of being. The Centre.

It is not until I tweet this stuff that Will points out the syncnificance of 93 in Thelema and with Crowley. Considering I just finished editing a Crowley related video, having this moment is some serious feedback and once again a gift of joy and awe in the mundane happenings of daily life.

Anyways, got to go, but I have a feeling more 93 will flow in the near future.

93 = Love + Will = United Flight of 93

9 = I
3 = C


The All Seeing Eye/I

Peace In


Oh yeah, that's how we got onto Die Hard (Diamond Hard?) I mentioned Unbreakable by Bruce Willis, which lead to Jim mentioning he had seen Die Hard last night or something.
I was also looking into Die Hard last night owing to Alan Rickman being the 'terrorist' in that, the Blue Caterpillar from Alice In Wonderland and Sirius Black from Harry Potter.
The Aztec Blue Worm shape a constellation of disputed identity and scepter of Quetzalcoatl. I'm starting to think it contains Sirius...

I mentioned to Jim that this is cool as The Blue Worm symbol is possibly connected to Sirius, adding some new strong sync weight to that question.
Alan Rickman as Sirius Black ( just realized this is Gary Oldman?)

Alan Rickman, the Blue Worm and Sirius, couldn't get better sync confirmation then that. (Whoops, something else happening here as Gary Oldman is actually Sirius Black...)

OMG just noticed the 39/93 (and trident)!

Feels like that whole mistake was to get me to notice the 39. Alan Rickman is Severus Snape in Harry Potter. Hhmmm.


  1. synk.

    my father just quoted WuTang's "Triumph" on his most recent facebook status update. i thought it was a bit odd at first... not anymore

    and boy do i love pancakes...

  2. the nation of gods and earths or the 5% of islam (of which i am a member) is the main belief of much of the rap family (wu tang, brand nubian, jay electronica, busta, boot camp click, mf doom, and so many more, but the sun is the equalivent to the man, and it is highly noted that the sun is 93 million miles away..

    do the knowledge yall..

  3. you've have my wheels spinning


    (A method of testing...people to see what they will accept…this is fact…truth)

    In the 1940’s the aviation industry inadvertently provided a breakthrough in human engineering (control of the cattle). A “shockwave” would be fired into an airframe of an aircraft. The recoil and vibrations were then recorded.

    It was discovered that by “shocking” one part of the airframe you could determine the overall condition of the rest of the aircraft by measuring the recoil or “tremors” it gave off.

    The importance of this discovery was paramount to the illuminati because they could never DEFINITIVELY MEASURE the DOCILNESS of their stock of cattle, sheep, jelly-fish and celery.

    By “shocking” something in society the illuminati (elite) was now able to accurately calculate:

    A) the docilness of the public
    B) the point of critical mass

    The method of shocking the public was devilishly clever:

    Find something the public instinctively believes is “WRONG” and instantly make it “RIGHT”.

    A simple example would to tell people poison is good for them, then measure their reaction to this revelation that is the exact opposite of what they know is “right”.

    To measure the ‘shocking’ revelation (poison is good for you) you need to study the possible reactions:

    1) disbelief
    2) apathy
    3) belief

    This data is then input into complex Gamma Knife Computers that can then determine – with optimum precision – the collective unconsciousness of the masses of cattle and celery.

    A deductive algorithm is then created that will suggest future ‘shocks’ that will expedite a permanent slave mentality among the celery.

    Simply put: this super computer is working to transform the celery into a gaggle of mindless slaves.

    Shock testing is conducted around the sheeple without. Only the brightest of Goy intellects have figured it out…

    Ask yourself:

    - Why do you pay a cable company to watch advertisements?
    - Why do you pay a movie theater to watch advertisements before the film begins?
    - Why do you accept the upside down stars on the Republican Party’s logo?
    - Why do you accept the backwards U.S Flags on the uniforms of the army soldiers?
    - Why do you pay income tax and get nothing in return?

    These things may seem petty and insignificant, but if you think back to the first time you paid for cable and watched a commercial – or the first time you sat through a commercial before a movie came on – or the feeling you got when you first saw a backwards flag on a U.S soldier……or the feeling you get when you pay income tax – or the feeling you get when you see the Republican logo…That feeling is exactly what the illuminati are measuring when they ‘shock’ you. what is your reaction?

    4) disbelief
    5) apathy
    6) belief

    The only way to measure docilness is to create a shocking scenario and see if the people believe it or are apathetic to it.

    …invisible god anyone???

    - if backwards flags don’t shock you
    - if commercials before movies don’t shock you
    - if upside down stars on Party logos doesn’t shock you
    - if a tax that pays for nothing doesn’t shock you
    - If paying a monthly bill to watch commercials doesn’t shock you….

    Then you have PROVEN that you are mindless and DOCILE.

    Anyone who does not respond with outrage to shocking things is DOCILE BOVINE and therefore no longer a human being!

  5. FLIGHT 93 – Why It Crashed In PENNSYLVANIA

    The World Trade Center attack was carried out using 2 airlines, American Airlines & UNITED AIRLINES (UNION AIRLINES). Flight 93, was a Boeing 757-222, that crashed in Shanksville Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001. This airplane was an UNITED AIRLINES plane, relating to the UNION, or MARRIAGE, & the symbolism associated with Lincoln & saving the UNION of the North and South.

    Lincoln – the 16th president corresponds to Obama the 44th president.

    Pennsylvania is 280 miles wide by 160 high = 440 miles.

    There were 44 people killed on Flight 93, and the name PENNsylvania suggests the PENT, or 5 for sacrifice.

    The number 93 coincides with 9 on the 8th clockface. The number of the FALL. Shanksville Pennsylvania is in Somerset County, or symbolically, in the End of Summer Seaspn, which is the FALL.

    California is destined to receive some form of cataclysm from the north, and in particular, from the direction of Washington State.

    Now consider that Flight 93 originated in Newark International Airport, destined for San Francisco (Lincoln). As it crossed Pennsylvania (sacrifice state-KEYSTONE state-QUAKER (EARTHQUAKE) state-OIL state (LIO/LEO state), it was supposedly hijacked, & made a U-TURN & headed southeast. It crossed right over the northeast border of CALIFORNIA WASHINGTON PENNSYLVANIA at 40 degrees N / 80 degrees W, before crashing at Shanksville Pennsylvania, also at 40 degrees N.

    Eye witnesses to the crash also spoke of a white plane that had followed Flight 93, & then shot it down. This white plane would have fired on Flight 93 a few minutes before it crashed in Shanksville. Flight 93 would have been travelling a few hundred miles per hour, so within a matter of minutes of being fired upon, it would have eventually exploded and then dropped debris over the last few miles. Flight 93 would have been fired upon somewhere over California in Washington County Pennsylvania. Shanksville is approximately 50 miles from California in Washington County. The travelling time after being fired upon would have been only about 6 minutes before it crashed in Shanksville, if the plane were flying around 500 mph. Eye witnesses again stated, that people were picking up pieces of the plane, & even body parts, for at least 8 miles before the crash.

    What can be gained from this, is that Flight 93 was indeed a fabricated slaughter, but even more absurd, is that its part of the subliminal suggestion being used to create the cataclysm involving the states of Washington and California. Pennsylvania is known as the KEYSTONE STATE. The Keystone is the final stone that was put into position to hold, or lock, all other stones in place, when building a domed roof, etc., where such a locking stone was necessary to cause the structure to stand strong.

  6. continued...

    PENNSYLVANIA = PENN or 5 sacrifice – SYL=LYS or LIES – VA or WA as in WAVE or value of 6 in Hebrew.

    Pennsylvania is known as the QUAKER STATE = Earth QUAKE.

    Pennsylvania is known as the OIL STATE = LIO or LEO, the LION State, which corresponds to LINCOLN the LION KING, the SEA LION, which in turn corresponds to San Francisco and the waters off the west coast of North America that will flow down from the Al Aqsa Mosque / Alaska, & inundate the state of California. California used to be the whole region of all, or part of, the states of Nevada, Utah, Arizona & Wyoming, & the Baja Peninsula in Mexico.

    Pennsylvania was the 2nd state to join the UNION on December 12, 1787, 11 years after 1776.

    When Flight 93 passed California Washington Pennsylvania, it flew over Fayette County & close to the city of UNIONTOWN, which symbolizes the UNION associated with Lincoln, which actually corresponds to the MARRIAGE UNION or MARY’S UNION in the Day of Judgment. The MARRIAGE UNION was symbolized by the MARRIOTT HOTEL which was located in the, and was the shape of California before its destruction.

    California was the 31st state to join the UNION on SEPTEMBER 9, 1850. September 9, 1950 = 09/09/50. This is exactly 160 years from 2010, the year of the 2010 Olympics, the birthday of Lincoln, the birthday of Washington, beginning 2 days before Valentine’s Day, the day that Oregon and Arizona entered the UNION, and from Washington’s birthday on February 22, 2010, there are 888 days until the 2012 Olympics begin in London.

    The question that needs to be asked is… ‘how did the Islamic terrorists bring about the state of Pennsylvania to join the Union on such a symbolic date, with dimensions of 440 miles, that when doubled, equal 880, that relate to Lincoln and Obama, & how did they have a plane destined for San Francisco turn around & fly over California Washington Pennsylvania, &, to do this on a day that symbolically relates to the 9-9 date of California’s entry into the Union, & 160 years before the 2010 Olympics begin in Vancouver, with the number 16 in 160 symbolizing the presidency of Lincoln, & in turn Obama, and how did they make the plane crash at 40N after flying over California Washington also at 40N and 80W?' etc.

    The Islamic extremist terrorists would’ve had to study American history, & understand the significance of the symbols, & the coincidental timing of all these events, to be able to coordinate the whole game plan accordingly, an incredible feat, all from a cave in Afghanistan...or just maybe, it was the plan all along, of the Freemasonic folks, & like minded religious & intellectual Thought Worshippers, who have no qualms about entering into intellectual endeavors that promise the reward of riches & stature in society, who measured the cities, the acres, the borders, & even manufactured such things as Standard Time, & so on, that makes the whole agenda run like a clock quite literally.

    Where Flight 93 was fired upon and where it crashed, are both at 40 degrees N, and the flight path was coming from the northwest and heading southeast. 40N is exactly the same degree as EUREKA California, where the Pacific Plate enters into California. As well, this is symbolically where the Lincoln Tunnel in Manhattan crosses under the Hudson River only to emerge at 40th Street.

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  8. Hi DarkStar

    Who are you addressing these to?

    The readers, the contributors or is it kinda blanket.

    Be well

  9. Its quite cool that Alan Rickman plays the Sherrif of Nottingham, the guy that Kevin Costner is aiming his arrow towards as seen in the banner at the top of the page.

  10. Jake...addressing the comments to whom-ever wants to read them. :)

  11. My friends and I through a massive party at a boy scout lodge in the Santa Cruz mountains a while back, and at a certain point in the night in reference to a friend asking if his beer was 1/2 empty or 1/2 full I found my'self' saying: "However you slice the pizza, it's still gonna be pizza". Then I started thinking about Pans Labyrinth, and how originally it was called the Fauns Labyrinth. When it was released in the U.S. the new title was justified because of the scene where the girl asks the faun who he is and he says he is the soil, tree, wind, etc. This makes sense because Pan from Greek literally means 'the ALL'. This is why we have PANdemic, PANdemonium, PANorama etc. What 1st made me notice this plane sight observation was the DJs Mixer with it's PAN option. This meant the full scale. Then I couldn't stop laughing when I thought PAN Pizza! "However you slice the pizza it's still gonna be pizza!" In my blog I noticed that in the Labyrinth scene in the Shining, Jack, who is looking for dANny calls out to him by 'dANny Boy!' In the lyrics to the song Danny Boy it says: The Pipes, the Pipes are calling. PAN pipes, the full scale! By the way The Shining is a sync like Darkside of the Rainbow, I give the clues in my blog. As far as I can tell this was done by Kubrick Intentionally on account of it being flawlessly executed. Visualize Whirled Peas.