Saturday, March 13, 2010

Honest Sabe

This next little sync diddy is for me the most powerful sync that I have bear witnessed too. For me it is once again another download of faith and awe.

First of all I want to thank Will for digging so deep into Abe Lincoln. I think something neato is coming out of all that work.

What triggered this sync was a tweet from Will once again hitting me over the head with the connection between Abe and Bigfoot.

Here in Canada and Manitoba, the Anishenabe people call Bigfoot - SABE. ( Said S-ah-bay ). Manitoba is Sabe/Sasquatch/Bigfoot country.

The late Cree Elder Don Cardinal once pointed out a rock quarry where he said there are underground entrances into a cave system used by Sabe. I have definitely felt the presence of Sabe during many Ayahuasca ceremonies. I have never seen a Sabe, but I have seen on my "periphery" during ceremony a big tall hairy presence.

Anyways, why I am saying all this is that for the Anishenabe, Sabe is connected to one of the 7 sacred teachings of their people.

The teaching that Sabe carries is honesty.

Sabe is said to walk beside humanity at times of difficulty. Sabe is a spiritual guide for humanity. He is a man of the forest (the forest is a state of mind/being not just trees.)

We can all be Sabe ourselves.

Honest SABE.

Honest ABE

That is some sirius resonance.

Increasingly I feel we are being revealed the architecture of the pyramid of being. We are closing in onto the tip/peak/point.

It's beautiful up here isn't it?

I started singing last night a new icaro (magical song) about Sabe and Honesty. It is coded with Abe/Jupiter references.

Peace In = Peace Out.


Image from The Dark Knight starring ChristIAM BALE/ABE L


  1. Wow soo beutiful, fits like a cozy sweater, thanks yall :) much love

  2. SABES en espanol = ?You Understand? / You KNOW

    Check out TMZ SinBAD and HaRvey 11


  3. masterful ... you should record and share you're songs

  4. Sound advice from Sabe. Thanks!

  5. the simple truthiness of synk... feels like a cool silence... profound, still, full... hmm

  6. Interesting how its moved from "maggots field of dreams" to "sabes field of dreams" both "maggot" and "sabe" seem poignant to me ,can't go into detail on the first but "sabe" for me resonates, resonates sabre ,sabres of paradise (swords of Damocles ) lord sabre (the pooka

    check it out: