Thursday, March 11, 2010

Do Not Pass Go

one man's liberation

is another man's prison

Split upon this mirrored chest between polar forces siezed diress. No space left lost for shaken blues being imparted between the two of yous. Incapable to leave, reprieve denied alas. I will burden these pillars till yee shall pass.

hold the pass for the others to flee

bide thy time upon this point

between the wails of extremities

keeping the sea at bay
upon the sight of this dead ass

thinking reeds waving adrift

in the sea of consciousness

discover absense of rationalism

Humanity is the grey goo which the Illuminati has kept a lid on for eternity. It is not time for the Virus to spread. Be thankful Agent Smith gives you this much liberty.


  1. Army of Darkness is still my favorite
    Bruce Campbell movie.


  2. @ your bottom photo: On reflection, I'm perfection: Swan gazes at himself in mirrored lake

    Read more:


  3. What's actually really cool about your example dual Cuor3 is that the Swan is really not looking at itself at all!!

    The Swan's polarized lenses on his eyes means that it is impossible for him to see his reflection in the water at all. The swan feeds on fish and in order to fish his eyes have developed the adaptation of not seeing reflection on the surface of the water. His eyes actually are looking well beyond the surface and into the murky depths as he does nothing more than look for his next meal.

    What the example says, is that we often project the idea and concept of an action, in this case the vanity of admiring one's own reflection, (the thing that we would do or experience in similar circumstance) onto a creature that is by design wholly incapable of it all.


  4. that's amazing you two