Sunday, March 28, 2010

we who stare at goats and gods... and stuff


dan looks so very bored with life... and pancakes

i find mySelf moving past my fascination with a pansynchronous universe/reality/perception at times... mostly when someone familiar with my work/beliefs/point-of-view points out a synk they've 'discovered', and gives me that approval-seeking look. i get this pompous feeling of "yeah, yeah, yeah" or "duh", as if to say "welcome to the club"... i felt it when i began reading the comments left by DarkStar [how apt] on the previous post. as i read further, though, my dark roaring lion of an ego settled, and the whirlwind of pattern recognition transformed into something beautiful and powerful and true, and as Will mentioned, i remembered being there. But that douchebag-ish feeling of entitlement/boredom/resignation still bugged me.

Admittedly, i did not read those exhaustively comprehensive comments... sorry DarkStar. We're being honest here, right? the way, few things irk me more than those self-righteous types who use being honest as an excuse to be a jerk to people... (get it? in the biz, we call that self-deprecating humor)

[self-deprecating; get it? oh, i can do this all day. moving right along...]

as my/our/this journey of self-analysis continues deeper and higher, i find i have to check these moments of "i'm cool cuz i get it"... well, i don't have to check anything... i see it/all in real-life, and the all-and-all not only reminds me how small i am in it, but how big i am in it; not only how i shape it, but how it shapes me. how it checks me, and doesn't let me become complacent, all the while forcing me -to use my favorite quote from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon- to "hold it in stillness". smell the roses...

exhibit a:

while i was researching philosophical examples of manufactured duality for my ongoing analysis of the Lion and the Lamb, i was led time and time again to patterns involving snakes. having recently settled on the comfortable trinity of the Lion, Lamb and Wolf as a framework for my analysis of pop character archetypes [those three are everywhere], i pretty much ignored the snake patterns. soon, as these things go, i was on a phone call with a friend talking that crazy synk-talk when she pointed out Al Pacino's role in Devil's Advocate as the dark surrogate father to keanu -"the one"- reeves mentioned briefly in my last post during my glossed-over study of keanu's pattern of wearing black and white suits in movies. she compared Pacino's "snake in the grass" character to that of the serpent of eden, saying that i couldn't separate the snake from the dark father, just as i couldnt separate god from the devil.


not bad meaning bad but bad meaning go(o)d

[dont] tread on our dragon

then, as per usual, i got smacked in the head -synkwise- when Doug weighed in via email.

"...I think his 'view' is 100% the view of an ego threatened by its submission to something larger than its finite self.
Of course from that point of view everything is evil, thus 'God', the one, becomes the devil..."

philosophical note: it is, i believe, the nature of the ego to be threatened by submission to the larger whole. that submission contradicts the existence and purpose of the ego as we understand it. here at the Whole, there's been a lot of talk about noting spiritual/pop/real-life signals toward ego dissolution via synk -hence the snazzy blog title- and throughout my time here, most of my posts have dealt with my own struggles with leggo-ing my ego. i can't help but connect this devil-god/lion-serpent flip-floppery to the pseudo-duality of the ego-one vs the all-one [that sounds silly just saying it].

[flapjack flip-floppery, that is... since we're doin the pun thing, i must admit to being a waffle-r]

a waffle is just a pancake with a neatly ordered grid

i'm still amazed at how synk tends to push normal-speaking people towards the overuse of simple puns.


dan [when flip-flopped] is dna which is the serpent who is the devil who is the horned-God pan which is everything, while still somehow being the dark-trickster-snake-in-the-grass side of a duality that doesn't exist. to make paterns worse, the pan, as the devil, is also a winged serpent also called a dragon or flying/rising(resurrectd?) serpent, the kundalini, or the caduceus, etc...

aaaah! scary!

wear the horns of pan, set your pinecone on [hell]fire

when i hear "the dissolution of the ego", now i think of "the expulsion of lucifer", or the "slaying of the dragon", the condemnation/destruction of the snake. this connection revealed to me the problem with my own analysis; synk is not the sword with which we slay the dragon, or sacrifice the goat, it's more like the technique we use to ride the tiger/serpent/lion, to train our dragon, to stare at goats [and if we're lucky, look right into their{our} hearts].

how to train your [tiger-striped] dragon? listen to her

chasing my tail

wait... what?

as much as i enjoy my ego-struggle, more and more i'm realizing my frustration/boredom/yeah-yeah-yeah attitude with synk comes from the idea that there is no battle to fight, no choice to make... trying to dissolve my ego is like trying to drown my dragon in the night sky (and he sees better in the dark). i must learn to fly my dragon through the abyss, i think. to train it to be one with the darkness... man, what it would be like to fly eyes closed through the void...

being in synk...

being in synk means having your waffle and eating it too

"Waffles have the same power as Eden and want people to eat them so they can manipulate people's minds."


The inside of an O makes Theo (Theos/God) as seen in the poster titles for The Hangover and The Losers.

Was caught in an intense sync storm about telephones and contact with the God Self on Jupiter via Beyonce and Lady GaGa earlier today...

Also saw the Walkie on The Losers, a telephone variant. It shares The Losers poster with the THEO (O with The inside of it) and a staggering amount of Jupiter Trigger finger action.

The striped necktie or noose of a Dead Man is pulled towards the Tiger. He is on his Walkie Phoning Home: "Jupiter, do we have Contact?".

The TELIphone is the coiled DNA we use to make Contact. Self realizes self via the Scarlet Dragon of PAN/DAN/DNA/BLOOD and DANce...

In Jewish astronomy this is also identified with the North Pole, the star Thuban which, around 4,500 years ago, was the star in the Draco constellation's "tail".[9] However this can also have been either the celestial pole or the ecliptic pole. The ancient observers noted that Draco was at the top of the celestial pole, giving the appearance that stars were "hanging" from it, and in Hebrew it is referred to as Teli, from talah (תלה) - to hang.[11] Hebrew writers from Arabic-speaking locations identified the Teli as Al Jaz'har, which is a Persian word for a "knot" or a "node" because of the intersection of the inclination of the orbit of a planet from the elliptic that forms two such nodes. In modern astronomy these are called the ascending node and the descending node, but in medieval astronomy they were referred to as "dragon's head" and "dragon's tail".[12]
Wiki about Teli at there Dragon page

The Dragon is the poles/axis/pillars or teli and thus resonates telephone.

I was imagining making a video featuring GaGa's Telephone, Beyonces Video Phone and cutting that with stuff like Neo on the Phone in Matrix and E.T...
Posted the above image to Twitter with the following comments:

Q: What does Jupiter say when WE/ME call via our spiral cords/DNA/Aya? A: Just DANce.

GaGa embodies the GG or the Twin Sun aka Jupiter, made overt via Jupiter index finger and lightning bolt.

Pan plays the musical flute which activates our dna making our hearts dance. dna=pan=dance

I was quite high after seeing all the syncs in those telephone videos with Jupiter fingers and what not. It felt like a ritual to open the StarGate and communication with the Self.

I had to go for a walk to come down..
When return I notice via comment left on a Facebook at a Toure link that today is GaGa's 24th birthday!

This is what I saw 20 seconds after posting the above with references to DNA as PAN and the Scarlet Dragon...

A coffin in Cirque du Freak The Vampire's Assistant from which emits a DNA coil eventually realized as part of a web.
Oh boy..


  1. glorious. I'm think about pulling this to the top of the pile. What you doing burying this treasure?

  2. You can do that? pull an article up? i didnt know that. thanks for the kind words, really. i wasnt sure where this was going or if it even landed...

  3. This is the lesson, grasshopper. to know that you are bigger than time. Let's put this waffle on top.

  4. why are so many of you guys such assholes on some elitist shit? you make it seem that sync is universal, yet you guys pick and choose whom to share it with, if you dont want certain people to get into it, i suggest dont do it on the internets. i am not saying all of you are assholes, but elitists for sure.

  5. Hi Rocky, I am sorry you feel that way.

    Remember the Sync Whole here is just one website within all of the internet. It is one voice among many. We do not pretend to be a seat of democracy or representative of the whole of society. We are just one opinion among many. I feel quite sure all members of the Sync Whole would never want anyone not to get involved in Sync, because like you said, we see it as universal. Anyone can read this site, take from it what they can and do sync in whatever way they want. That does not mean everyone should have the right to become one with the voice of our site here. You can start your own site up and say whatever you want and I am not going to require that I get to write and be a part of your site. I don't see how this elitist. It seems pretty democratic to me. I do know there is a whole world of sync out there that I myself choose not to engage in, not that it is not valid. I just have different tastes. I mean I want a Sync Whole that my daughters could visit or even the youth I work with in schools could visit, so therefore I do not want to spread ideas that are hateful, judgemental, too grotesque and negative. This is a choice we should all have in life, right?

    I don't think I am being elitist or an asshole for feeling this way, do you? I like to see it as the opposite that I am being overly sensitive to ALL people, rather than concerned about what the Sync internet subculture thinks. Remember Sync on the Net is just that at this point, an isolated subculture. My ideal is to cautiously and responsibly spread the idea of sync as we do here to as many people as possible. We want a Sync revolution don't we? We want a world of peace and divine revelation, don't we? I know I do.

    The group of fellows that write here are some of the kindest, nicest and least elitist guys I have met. I would not share such an intimate space with them if they where not. As an Anarchist I have struggled against authority and elitism for almost the last 20 years. The work of the Sync Whole to me is the truest embodiment of the Anarchist ideal I have ever been a part of.

    I hope you can see that one day. I do understand how you can see us as "elitist" and as "assholes." So no hard feelings, I just wanted to share with you my two cents.

    Take care and much love


  6. Rocky; where are you coming from with that? Jim Wermes said most of what i wouldve said in our defense, but i had to disagree with one point he made; i don't understand how you can see us as "elitist assholes". as far as i can tell, no one has directed any asshole-ish comments at you, or restricted your access to some part of all this. just like anyone else, you are able to read and comment to your hearts content. surely you dont think any blog that wont automatically make you an Admin is elitist.

    in the first part of this blog post, i tried to address that very sentiment in an ironic whimsical way, which is out of character for me -whimsy, that is...

    and to that point; i do personally consider myself an elitist in some ways -i wish more people would consider themselves "elite"- but the last thing you'll find on this blog is up-turned noses or snobbish condescension. i hope you take these comments as evidence to that point.

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