Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Quest 4 Joy : "I want a mustache dammit!" said the Bad Tin

I have so much I want share and write about, but everything is floWing so fast these days it seems impossible to capture it.

Twitter seems to let it floW the best these days, at least for me.

April looks like it will be a Diamond of a month.

I thought I would share this little video about Jupiter and Maestro Flores that I did over a year ago.

Peace to All


Burt Reynolds in Gummo.
"I want a mustache dammit, I want to be Bret Reynolds" says Chloe Sevigny's little sister as her two older blond siblings wash a black cat.
Funny enough the band Poison plays live in 1986 after John Cusack time travels via Hot Tub Time Machine in Hotel room 420.

This and his appearance alongside Seth Green while searching for DB's treasure in Without A Padlle had me looking at Mr Reynolds' singular poster lineup.

Singular as in awesome syncs, hilarious testosterone fueled mayhem and probably the biggest collection of films I had never heard of..

Some choice picks:

Come and get him.

Jim put this up on Twitter yesterday..

I don't even want to know....


My most memorable Burt film is smoKEY and the Bandit. Jackie Gleason is seen below using his Jupiter Finger to point to Burt. Jack always brings me back to the Jupiter Jack phone sync.

I like how the word BANDIT can spell BAD TIN. Tin being interchangeable with Jupiter as they share the same alchemical sign. This is also fitting as the logo for the Bandit is a Phoenix/Eagle which connects back to Jupiter as well.

The Jack Key Gleason Jupiter finger reminds me of the commercial I saw tonight on TV for the show Glee which starts up again April 13th. The symbol seems to be a hand making the L shape for Loser, which is also a Jupiter Finger pointing UP.

The Jupiter Finger is also replacing the L and therefore the word can say Gee or G as well.

G for me now symbolizes balance as 7 is a balanced pH.

Makes me think of the film The Losers coming out on 4/23.

The Losers is Theo L'sers. Or Jupiter G people.

The metal Tin shares its Alchemical symbol with that of Jupiter making them resonators.
Tin & Jupiter veils also the 2, 1 & 4 or BAD.

@syncwinnipeg notes that BandiT is BadTin unveiling both sides of the law as working for Jupiter/Tin.

The Men of The Tin Star (Good/God guys) and the BandiT/BadTin (Devil) are masks of Jupiter.
Tin & Bad (214), double your Jupiter Joy.

In Bandits aka BadTins we see Cate Blanchett and Billy Bob Thornton, both also Pushers of Tin!?


  1. Oh Joy, the Mustache has finally entered the Synch stream, Ive got some Stache lovin to share sooner or later hehe, gr8 flows brothas! :)

  2. Looking at all these random movie posters of the "Gaytor" brought one quote straight to my dome: "Who wants a mustache ride?" :D

  3. TinBad: Legend of the Seven Seals

  4. I dig how the "Glee" and "Paternity" Adidas tops sync up with Jupiter Index Finger...

  5. this rulez... w/ a "z"... did this vid a while back, hope you like. smokey, cube, the joker and the thief in the night http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsHt_dfED7g

    it's time for burt reynolds mustache indeed...

  6. and let us not forget little enus... (phantom of the paradise) musical... paul williams

  7. Burt Reynalds lives in JUPITER florida.

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