Friday, March 12, 2010

The Mighty SyncBAD

I have no idea why I thought of looking into SinBAD. Beyond it made me think this:

SinBAD = Sin214 = Sync214 = SyncJupiter.

So Then I notice the Disney SinBAD films.

Mr. Brad Death Pitt/Abyss is SyncJupiter.

Next Lou Ferrigno, the Hulk or Green Man is SinBAD as well.

So I am looking up the film career of SinBAD and I find out he plays a guy named Malik (King of Kings) in the Robert Townsend movie Meteor Man. I notice on the Meteor Man poster there is a Jupiter to the left.

SinBAD and Jupiter on poster says to me download the movie and watch. So I do.

Starts with TINseltown Productions plus Red and Blue stars.

SinBAD. Sin214. Sync214. SyncBAD.

I don't have time right now to spill the beans on my SinBAD work but I must post something because
it led me to The Mighty Quinn. And that speaks volumes. Beautiful song. I look forward to seeing the full movie.


  1. Nicely synched. Meteor Man is full of syncs as i remember... and i haven't even watched it recently. might have to download that one. james earl jones is in that one, too...

    There's something about that Mighty Quinn clip that tugs at my soul, man... not sure what. gonna have to find that one too. Denzel is just great.

    also, in the First Kid poster, it looks like SinBad plays the surrogate [dark] father (and in turn the black president, as the surrogate PoP to the first son), something i happen to be writing about as we speak. just took a break to check the Whole... i guess that's a sign to get back to my studies.

  2. i liked that one a lot, it took me days to finally dredge the memory of abc out of my head recently, quite timely with the deep purple for me, hope y'all caught my sweet find in Manly's book saying 42 is the sign of Evil Power ... it's show time at the Apollo, loving the Smiley Face Sun Shine ... praise Satan

  3. Sinbad is in Coneheads as well... Dan Akroyd dresses as Abe Lincoln to hide his big head...

  4. nice post. Notice that Brad Pitt starred alongside Edward Norton in Fight Club, and Edward Norton played Bruce Banner in the latest Hulk Movie.