Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On the corner of Beckham 432 & Lost

David Beckham wears the number 23 for the LA Galaxy soccer team.

David Beckham also has his own brand logo which features his initials DB/42.

So David Beckhams initials entrain with the number 42 and he wears the number 23 soccer shirt.

If we combine the 42 and 23 we arrive at 432.

Check out Doug Bolles (DB/42) latest Sync Whole post for more on the 432 (⊙)

If we take a brief look at Beckhams mistress, Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice), we find that her logo is also syncnificant.

It features a Panther made from Diamonds.


Lost S6 E7 Dr. Linus
Miles holds up a Diamond in this weeks Lost perfectly entraining, yet again, with The Whole.
Last week in S6 E6 Sundown we saw the baseball which connects because we play it on a Diamond.

See Keep Your I on the Ball

Both the gentlemen holding the sync objects (syncjects? nah...) are of Asian ethnicity...

Back in Dr. Linus.
Linus writes the name of the island Napoleon was exiled to on a blackboard, ELBA. This is also somewhat Bella aka Kristen Stewart who hangs out with the Diamond skinned Vamps in Twilight.
She holds the Apple.

There is a cluster of words that are truly amazing when we play and/or spin Abe.L (as in Abe Lincoln aka Zeus). Bela or Bella is one of them as is Linus' Elba. Apple is also one if we are not biased about the spinning and doubling of p and b's.

I also like that the apple, baseball and diamond also have heart syncnificance.
Above Linus has moved from the blackboard and we see what Jim called in a Tweet, the Temple of Zeus. Works for me.

Michael Emerson: What's happening to me, Star?
Star: Oh, Michael. Michael, I can't tell you. I don't know how to help you.
Michael Emerson: What's happening?
Star: [whispers] I can't.

Michael Emerson & The Lost Boys

Did you find neverland Corey?

The key to the chariot on the finger of Jupiter. Janus the Doorway God helps us find the Lock and and turn the Key.
Alice with Keyhole OPENS 5 March, LOCKer wins Oscars 7 March, Corey Haim seen with KEY on Jupiter finger reverse births 10 March.


  1. you walk on sync water Richard.
    I'm always amazed.

    -I forgot to mention that in Superman III he crushes a piece of coal at the end and it becomes a fist sized Diamond.

    Also I keep meaning to put Tiger Temple into something, but it hasn't happened yet. . .

  2. After uploading this post I went downstairs, flicked over the TV channel and found that AC Milan were playing Manchester United. Guess who made an appearance in the game? Mr. Beckham of course, wearing the number 32 on his shirt. I had no idea (prior to writing this post) that Beckham was going to be on TV tonight. I couldn't have timed this better if I tried!

    Doug, that coal sync is interesting. I had a load of coal stuff happening a month or two ago but I had no idea how it fit into the picture. I'll have to revisit it and see what emerges. Thanks.

    Jake, nice updates!

  3. I don't know if you see that Lost Boys sync I just fell into.
    In the film, The Lost Boys--Michael Emerson is the character's name that Jason Patrick plays (Corey Haim's older brother in the film).
    Michael Emerson is also an actor that plays Ben Linus on Lost.
    fucking incredible.
    my mind is blown.

  4. Here's one example of the Cole I just remembered about:
    Cheryl Cole the Cat-woman

    Here's another involving the Coleman/Colman. This one really bakes my noodle!

  5. RA RA RA !!
    Truly awesome Richard!
    I'm totally with ISH on the Sync Water comment!

    "The Black Rock" (from which come Dia-Mondes)

    FYI: You can artificially produce diamonds with some peanut butter, a BBQ and microwave oven... but that's a subject for another Al-Khemical post some other time...

    3/17 for Ausar/Wasir/Oscar/Osiris and St Patrick and the Green Emerald Isle of Ireland...

    Somehow this LOST BOYS / vampire connection has got to include those Po'boys the Frog brothers (Corey Feldman's character and half of the Feldman Haim friendship) ... which leads me to think of the movie "The Princess and the Frog (2009)" (the one with the G8or).


  6. How do you kill a Vampire again???


  7. Victoria Beckham has her Jeans manufactured in Winnipeg. (see CBC 1921 Jeans


  8. I must admit I still find it personally fascinating that on the very eve that his name appears in the TV show LOST (via the book THE CHOSEN by CHAIM Potok) Canadian born actor C.Haim (who was living in L.A., [LA CHaim]) and was most famous for his role as Michael Emerson's little brother in The Lost Boys ...

    Sam Emerson,


    It really is worth the time to take a look-see at the synchromystic intrigue of his roles and the associated movie synopses on IMDB

    and also on his page in Wikipedia


  9. add on...

    On March 9, 2010 Corey Haim's mother said he was complaining of FLU-like symptoms (around 11:30-11:45 pm)

    On March 10, 2010 Corey Haim was taken to Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center where he was pronounced dead at 2:15 a.m. (10:15 UTC)


  10. Barry Wolfman has served as the chief executive for Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center since 2008.


  11. Speaking of HEART signifcance...

    David Letterman on 3/10/2010 (Late Show with David Letterman) was all about the HEART...

    David Letterman was wearing his Tiger Tie

    Dave was a recent victim of BlackMail for his sexual affairs...

    Dave had Jessica SIMPSON (dressed as the Scarlet Woman) and Dr. Mehmet OZ (The Wizard) as guests for the night.

    As we find on the Wikipedia page,
    Jessica's name is actually Jessica Ann Simpson

    Initials: "JAS"

    and then we have...

    Doctor Mehmet OZ (dr. OZ)

    If we take the Z of OZ and spin to N and add JAS (who appeared as a guest before Dr. OZ) we get


    Dr OZ's and JAS's birth dates are 1 month apart (with his on 6/11 and her's on 7/10)

    Dave's musical guest for the night was Alkaline Trio

    Who use the Skull in a HEART logo...
    and have a new CD titled This Addiction

    [resonator of the cause death of the screen brother of "JASON PATRICK", Corey HAIM]

    A.T. are from McHenry, Illinois which is
    Located at: 42°20′21″N 88°16′54″W

    (42 and 88 )

    The McHenry, Illi-NOIS Wikipedia page lists the actor JASON PATRICK Faunt as a famous resident.

    The actor Jason Patrick Faunt played "Wes" Collins in "Power Rangers: TIME FORCE"

    TIME FORCE, Mr. Anderson!

    If we look at this screen capture of Alkaline Trio from the Late Show with David Letterman on 3/10/10 we find ...

    that behind the lead singer, playing the sea-foam green stratocaster wearing black with the white guitar strap, we see the words "WES" and "WM3" [Hello to the WE3M-Shin Spinner and the TIME FORCE character] spray painted on the front of his guitar amplifiers.

    The Wikipedia page on McHenry also lists this:
    Kevin Smith (b. 1970), in his 1999 film, Dogma, McHenry is named as the location at the beginning; however, the film was mostly shot in and around Pittsburgh, PENN.

    Looking into Kevin Smith on Wikipedia... we find that his middle name is also "PATRICK"

    3/17 is St Patrick's Day (from the Emerald Isle (Emerald tablet of Hermes)), and as Chris Knowles @ Secret Sun emphasizes, it is also a day for the Green man WaSiR/Ausar/Oscar/Osiris....

    (and 3/17 is a day dear to me cuz it's also my MOM's birth date)


  12. DAMN!
    Wild sync alert again!

    That 3:17 time on that last post was NOT at all consciously planned !

    And to me.. it tells me I'm properly connected and on the right path.

    in other words...
    "Right where I'm 'sposed to BE"!


  13. Thought I'd also add that JASON is also IASON (I and J are interchangable)
    as such we can also get...
    SAI-ON from the Word

    and Corey Haim, as reported by Canada's E-Talk attended ZION HEIGHTS Junior High (see 0:33 seconds on the e-talk link)

    The male reporter introducing the story is Ben Mulroney son of the 18th Prime Minister of Canada, Brian Mulroney


  14. Don't forget about A Midsummer Night's Dream, where Bottom, get's turned into an Ass-head, quite literally.