Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Keep Your Golden Eye/I On the Ball and the Apple

Drew Barrymore does this amazing Baseball entrainment thingy, check it out...

The biggest event in modern Baseball history (If I know about it.. it must be big) is the Red Sox winning the World Series in 2004. They hadn't won in 86 years, this even being considered supernaturally as the Curse of the Bambino. That is, not winning The World Series ever (until 2004), after trading Babe Ruth (The Bambino) to the New York Yankees..

Drew and crew start making this film, Fever Pitch, involving her romance with a fanatical Red Sox supporter, during the 2004 World Series. The use the actual games as background for this love story in the script assuming the Red Sox will loose as they have for almost a century. Low and behold the dudes start winning and the film makers adapt the story to include this amazing turn of events.

This is pretty cool entrainment, making a major motion picture involving the same team that historically starts winning against all odds at the same time, no?

I thought so and watched it for that reason, then a few months later on 'unrelated' beeswax I hit play on 50 First Dates.
Drew's car, a lovely Yellow K2 Chariot

In 50 First Dates (coming out in 2004 the very 'Drew film' before 2005's release of Fever Pitch) Drew has a brain condition that makes her start every new day with no memory up to the point where this trauma started after a car accident.

Adam Sandler, her love interest, makes her a video tape that she can watch every day to get her up to speed which highlights world and personal events that she keeps forgetting.
The tape tells her "The Red Sox Win The World Series"...
But this is just a joke as this film was made before the unthinkable happened the very next season while Drew was filming Fever Pitch!


I wanted to keep that for a Drew video but recent events have made me believe Baseball is a hot sync that must be explored NOW.
The Crazies which opened this past week on March 26 saw the whole thing start at a Baseball Diamond with the town mascot the powerful 2010 Tiger!
I managed to see both opening major motion pictures this weekend, something I like to do more and more as the entrainment between them is getting crazy. The other was Cop Out.
Immediately I notice the whole thing has this Baseball theme. Here is a still from the Cop Out web site that explains.
I wanted to post or tweet about the Baseball entrainment between The Crazies and Cop Out but left it as I don't have much of a clue about what its trying to say. After the next direct sync hit dropped yesterday I am reminded that meaning is secondary when it comes to sync. When you don't have insight into the mystery the mystery itself is the insight.
"The medium (synchronicity) is the message".
Anyway, I fully expect this to open up into meaning any second NOW.

Last night, 2 March, this stuff went down while watching Lost S6 E6 Sundown and tweeting:

Seallion (Me): Baseball themes in both Cop Out and Crazies NOW also in Lost!
Syncwinnipeg (Jim Sanders): Yes Jake. I saw the baseball just like we talked about yesterday. Remember we also walked by the Goldeye's baseball stadium yesterday.

Love you.


As soon as I saw that guy in Lost with the baseball in his hand my consciousness was flooded with our "random" walk yesterday which included us walking by The Winnipeg Goldeyes Baseball Stadium nears the Forks Market.

Now just as I am writing this it dawns on me that many things are coming together once again. Last week I had a dream with a huge Golden Pinata shaped as a Vesica Piscis. This morning I was pondering the eye as a vesica piscis. Eye as portal. The Golden Eye.

Keep your Golden Eye of the Ball.

Thanks Jake.

Thinking of the Winnipeg Goldeyes a bit more got me thinking of the movie Goldeneye starring Pierce Brosnan. Interestingly enough, 007 was possibly inspired by a real life famous war agent from Winnipeg known as Intrepid.

Anyways, what is interesting about Goldeneye is that the main villain is played by the actor Sean Bean. Bean's criminal organization in the movie is known as the Janus Crime Syndicate.

We also now know Bean as Zeus in the recently released Percy Jackson and the Olympians. This helps us make a clear connection between the two-faced Janus and Jupiter. To lend even more strength to this sync is the fact that 007 reveals himself as Chiron in the same film that Bean is Zeus.

To C/See/Sea with the Golden Eye/I
I of course had to go back and check out the Kevin Costner Field of Dreams poster to see if it sync'd up in new ways. Of course behind Kevin is a big Golden ring that is made to seem if it makes things look more golden, or brighter. It is really a big Golden Eye. I new perspective that is sweet like honey. I can't help but see this Golden Eye as the related to the Moon. The cover for the DVD seems to suggest this. Behind Kevin the Golden ring is now more moon like.

Reminds me what you might get if you looked at the orange like Jupiter through the lense of the Moon.


Kevin Costner also starred in the baseball movie 'For Love of the Game'. He played the role of the Detroit Tigers veteran pitcher (BC/23) Billy Chapel.

This BC/23 sync is connected to the Winnipeg Goldeyes logo because of the letter W (the 23rd letter) which is a focal point in the design.

Kevin Costner connects with the Winnipeg Goldeyes logo because he starred in the movie 'Field of Dreams'. But Costner also entrains with the fish mascot (inside the W) because he played the role of a fishy Merman in the movie Waterworld. Mermen, like the god Poseidon, are often depicted wielding the Trident, a weapon which terminates in a W. Just a thought.

Moving on...

Bruce Willis (whom Jake mentioned earlier) starred in a movie called Alpha Dog. He played the role of Emile Hirsch's father.

In an early scene of the movie Emile Hirsch goes to pay his dad a visit at the local baseball field. I think Willis is a baseball coach. As Hirsch walks up to the chain link fence Willis greets him by saying "Hey Tarzan".

This Hirsch/Tarzan connect brings to mind his role in this 2007 movie.

Hirsch, in the role of Christopher McCandless, sets off on his journey and crosses paths with Tracy Tatro, played by actress Kirsten Stewart.

If we follow the trail of Kirsten Stewart we find that she has played the vampire-loving Bella in the popular Twilight series.

The Twilight movie tagline refers to Bella as 'the forbidden fruit that tastes the sweetest'. Bella is a modern-day take on the biblical Eve, only in this instance her temptation arrives in the form of an immortal vampire, and not an apple.

Before getting to Eves apple it's worth mentioning that a game of vampire baseball proves to be a critical turning point in the original Twilight movie. It's during the game of baseball that the vampire family encounter a rival group of bloodsuckers. This is a tense scene because Bella (Eves Apple) is at risk of being bitten.

This scene invokes Jupiter/Zeus because the players must only strike the baseball when a lightning bolt is unleashed. They can only play baseball when there's a storm, otherwise they'd attract unnecessary attention.

As if to emphasize the importance of the baseball game we get a nice 'GC' sync-wink on the front of these baseball caps.

The apple and the baseball both seem to point to the Galactic Centre, the Heart of the Mater/Mother/Eve.

In this fan made wallpaper we find that the Twilight baseball game is also linked to the Red Ribon/Robin. Inside the baseball glove we find Eves red apple.

In the kids baseball movie 'Everyone's Hero' we find this same Red Ribon/Robin running down the centre of the poster. The Ribbon seems to represent the path the young baseball player must travel before he can become a Hero.

Also notice that the girl (Eve?) on the right is about to throw an apple instead of a baseball. She's pitching her forbidden fruit and it even has a bite taken from it!

In the Fever Pitch poster the letters EVE are highlighted by the baseball above Drew Barrymores head. Again this suggests that the apple and baseball point to the same thing. The Heart.

Drew Barrymore also happens to wear the Red Ribon/Robin around her head in the movie Grey Gardens. The Ribbon also appears in the American flag and even creates a halo around Jessica Langes head.

On the 27th Feb 2010, Entertainment Weekly broke the story that Drew Barrymore is a likely candidate for directing 'Eclipse', the latest movie in the Twilight series.

Which links her once again with the Red Ribon/Robin, vampire baseball, and the story of Eves apple.

Maybe the path of the Red Ribon/Robin ultimately leads to the Eclipse. The coming together of Solar (male) and Lunar (female) energies. The Black Sun created during an eclipse seems to symbolize balance.

The Black Sun marks the path of the Joy seeker. The Hero.

Here's one last thought. Batman might have something to do with this developing pattern considering he's a Baseball Bat who has a strong bond with the Ribon/Robin.

That reminds me that the baseball loving Kevin Costner has played Ribon Hood. Hmmm....

Steve MarTIN (TIN is the metal of Jupiter) with bolts/Zeus/Jupiter on The Man With Two Brains. Two Brains resonates Janus, another Jupiter wink.
Steve Martin starts a romantic affair with this female brain. They while away the hours talking about baseball, specifically Babe Ruth. I saw this scene tonight, after writing about The Bambino this morning. Note that the NY is OZ if you skip one letter ahead in the alphabet from N and Z.
Just a few moments later MarTIN places wax lips on the brains jar so that he has something to kiss. "How do I look?". This movie rules..

See the very recent WAX/MAX syncs.

The scarf around Martin's second brain has Blue Flowers/Stars/Suns decorating.


  1. every time I threaten to quit sync--I always say, I should just get into baseball or something. . .
    very nice Jake, I see myself spending sometime w/ Drew in the near future. I need to rewatch Donnie Darko--like right now! and then I'll let it take me. . . Fever Pitch, 50 first dates, ET, ?

  2. Oh yeah--I awoke this morning thinking about bad tv--*Three's Company*

    The lead's name is Jack Tripper.

    I think I must have been thinking about Jack's Trip from the night before--Is Lost a Game? like baseball?

  3. One more--
    remember when Ben Linus showed Jack the Red Sox win in season three?
    Jack was instantly awed. Like something big had just changed.

  4. Hey Ishmael you remember the Red Sox discussion in the Dark Tower?

    JJ Abraham maker of Lost actually thought about doing the Dark Tower... That would be nutz.

  5. Nope--
    I know that like the Lost guys, SK is a huge baseball fan.
    Why is Jack a Sox fan? He is from LA, in "Lighthouse" he set up a tv in his son's room to watch the sox. . .
    Actually Will, I believe the Lost team: Abrhams [haven't thought of that before] Cuse, Lindelof optioned The Dark Tower from King for 19 cents or however much they bought the vacant lot in the book for. 19 were huge if you remember. I'm not sure if it is TV or movies of what, but the Dark Tower is going to be made, and I have a feeling it is going to be special. Send out your vibes, I think the synchromystics should be part of it as "the breakers" in blue heaven.
    You need to start watching Lost Will. It is a good one to do with the wife after the kids have gone to bed.

  6. The vampires in Twilight just happen to enjoy playing Baseball. I found it to be oddly out of place at first, but now it makes almost too much sense.

  7. Drew also starred in "Never Been Kissed" and during the finale she is kissed on the pitcher's mound. The baseball team mascot is the rams -- which reminds me of her other movie "50 First Dates" where she has memory (RAM) problems.

  8. Thanks Jenny, that's a great addition.

  9. Nice comment Tommy. I just added that very Twilight scene into the update. Looks like we were thinking along the same kind of lines.

  10. I find it interesting that the Vampires live in the town of Forks which is also the name of the area where The Winnipeg Goldeyes baseball stadium is situated.

    Forks like Trident. Forks that lead to paths chosen and taken.

    Nice additions RA.

  11. I've watched the Twilight movie twice now and both times I wondered why the author chose the name Forks. It always felt like there was some kind of hidden meaning behind it, I just never made the Trident connect. I think you just hit the nail on the head!

    Also, when Bella first appears in the movie she's still living in Phoenix, Arizona, with her mom. In the background of her very first scene you find a Trident (in the form of a 3-pronged cactus) over her right shoulder.

    If the Fork is linked to the Goldeye then it sounds like they make for a painful combination. A Fork in the Eye/I. In Dirty Rotten Scoundrels actor Steve Martin wears an Eye patch (Odin?) because he keeps stabbing a Fork in it. The one-eyed dude in Pirates of the Caribbean also had a Fork fired into his Eyeball. Hmmm...

  12. What is up with the g8tors recently? you guys are on fire.

  13. Back to the trident again on the monkeys paw... It's weird I no sooner think it than you mofo put it up.

  14. man you guys never cease to amaze me/we.

  15. Also the trident is resonated in wolverine. Logan's claWs.
    George W Bush. and on your keyboard the 2 and 3 are right below the w. 23?

    The concept of RAM as memory reminded me of a website I had seen a long time ago that exposed some of the early ages of computerization. A lot of projects named in a similar fashion to how NASA use ancient names and syncs to identify their missions etc. And how they use it with significance.

    And off the top of my head I can point out that Nvidia has an eye for a logo. And intel with the Ouroboros.

  16. Dr. Harry's the best. 2 Brains. Leaping lizards!

  17. Arrowsmith - I absolutely love the GC on the hats in the Twilight baseball scene. Amazing catch!