Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Setting Precedence pt 2

Setting Precedence pt 1 and pt2

Tye continues his talk with Will discussing sync patterns such as the Messiah Warrior, Lions, the Left Eye, and Alien Racism. In fact they dive deep into the topic of racism and the "New Racism", as well as the Internets effects on both their personal bias. The collapse of Capitalism and other disasters that face Obama are touched on. Tye is then asked about his plans with sync and his thoughts on destiny leading to the similarities to himself and the lion sync pattern of his investigation involving Hali Salasi. Debates on symbols vs self made reality, negative interpretation vs positive interpretation, the truth of Hip-Hop, the "Black Voice", and the Christ with in all man.


  1. Why no comments?
    I listened to this today, and wanted to give you both a spoken word Grammy. Such intelligent talk. I'm w/ ya on the empire Tye, and the way you are able to articulate possibilities and the means of our endeavors brings me peace. You make real bro. I love hear both of you talk. Nice work Will. You are definitely the right man for this job. I'm so glad that I didn't give it try. What you do becomes art, which is the important component in all the synchromystic endeavors.
    So glad to know you two.
    do be well.
    --yours is "black voice" I respond to, Tye. (love your laugh will).

  2. not "means" but "meanings of our endeavors. . . "

  3. Almost done with this, You guys are awsome, i love this stuff! Well spoken my friends, thanks for putting this out there. Cant wait to finish, much love :) <3 <3 <#