Friday, March 5, 2010

Tiger Heart: WhY?


Apollo 13
Dudes at Houston are more interested in Baseball then there own Moon mission. All ball games are ritualistic alignment dramas and thus theater of the gods.
Jim Lovell aka Tom Hanks' son hides under blanket and shines his torch light on Jupiter. Jupiter is our illuminating torch and light at the end of the tunnel.
(I was thinking the same thing while looking at a full moon the other day, the Moon is also our Torch light in darkness.)
Image cuts from Jupiter to a Tiger mask. The striped Tiger and the planet are sync buddies extraordinaire. Especially relevant this year aka 2010: The Year We Make Contact. Basicly the year God Almighty - aka Being beyond form aka NOthing aka Jesus aka what ever label You need to be comfortable with Your True Self - steps up to the plate and sorts this shit out.
Jupiter and Moon are buddies also. Two stepping stones to the infinite, Jupiter & Moon.
Hanks aka Ankh has the anchor at his third eye.
There is some kinda play here between the common cross with arms down making an arrow/anchor shape and arms up making a fork/trident shape. The Ankh is also some kinda cross variant, the dynamics of which seems to be arising, though I cant put my finger on it just jet...
Hindu deities playing with varieties of Third Eye/Stargate markers...
T.Hanks aka Thanks is also in Toy Story 3 with this lovely new poster.
The 3 is again our Trident/Fork in this Tom Hanks (a Moon Man) starring film.
Cowgirl Jessie's boot reads ANDY poking through the big 3. ANDY is DNA with the Trident Y (aka Why?).
ANDY is thus strange attracted to moon as we see JC Jim Carrey as ANDY, climbing the DNA ladder to the moon. The DNA is highlighted by being under one arm all together, amazing. Jessie the Cowgirl is voiced by Joan Cusack, another JC. JC is Jesus Christ and the DNA is our Stairway to Heaven.
Themes of Moon/Jupiter and DNA/Blood as Stairway to heaven come up heavily in Scarlet Dragon 3.
Tim Allen, also sharing the Toy Story image as astronaut (mirroring Tom Hanks in Apollo 13) has the Trident/Fork on the poster for For Richer or Poorer.
The 'Crazy/Fool Theme' (release of Crazy Heart, Shutter Island, The Crazies and Mad Hatter featuring Alice in Wonderland in short order) strange attracts the Trident/Fork...
Moon is Luna thus ruler of US, sacred Fools and Lunatics.

Peace of Mind is Peace on Earth.
Moon Crescent/Trident

For the life of me I couldn't even begin to understand what this sign was saying in a 'conventional' sense all I could make out was "I AM, I AM".

(God talks to Steve MartTIN ViA electronic signboard in L.A Story.)


  1. The anchor tickles me because that is the emblem that distinguishes the father of Parzival, Gahmuret. He has green anchors on all his shields and stuff. So. . . we need to look to the sun (of Tom Hanks), which was pointed out a few posts back as Haley Joel Osmet--He was called "the dark one of the 'A'" or something to that effect.

    The last posts are all linked--totally linked. I tried to bring together the atlantis stuff from the day before (where the Haley Joel Osmet stuff was) and connect it to the new crystal, superman heart stuff. I still haven't read a lot of it, but I wanted to add to it Tye's Lions as well Kevin's rainbow bridge, bringing together Nietzsche, Wizard of Oz, and 2001. It accidentally got deleted. Kevin and I are totally in sync-and we doing the exact same thing at the same time (on slightly different paths). I'll try and reassess the syncs and add it soon, if we continue on this way. Also, It might not be L.A. story. The story might be the A.

  2. Speaking of kevin and rainbow... that reminds me. in the movie UP the name of the large rainbow colored bird is named kevin, weird.
    and as you might of noticed he has the eyes of the peacock on his head.
    When the house is carried by the storm its reminiscent of the wizard of oz.