Monday, March 8, 2010

The Key of the Heart Locker (tinkerboxed)

The 2010 Oscars acknowledged the Goddess.
Katherine Bigelow wins the first ever Oscar awarded to a female directer. Hurt LOCKer (the Lock of RE/Ray) also takes best picture.

Goddess has the LOCK, which opens when WE/ME realize the Key.

Katherine holds her heart, the location of the door we are NOW unLOCKing.
Our pain, suffering & hurt is a locker to be opened via acceptance, forgiveness and humility. Inside The Hurt Locker aka Pandora's box is the Joy of Being.
Sandra BulLOCK knows the key and points the way with her Jupiter finger.

All the facets of the doorway God Janus/Jupiter (currently the lock) are now unfolding before our eyes.

(My heart almost exploded with her glowing acceptance speech)
The lock is again highlighted this weekend with the release of The Bounty Hunter.
Let the unlocking begin!
TV's Locke, Terry O'Quinn from Lost, also has the key...

Jim recently discovered that the pointing Jupiter or Index finger means G in sign language. Gerard Butler's hand merges with G above.
KWON/KNOW 42 and unlock!

Lost sees the Ankh feature quite often.
An object associated to the key and somewhat resembling of a keyhole.
Ankh, the LockER, lock of RE.
Major unlocking suggested by the films released on 2 April or 4/2. The lock as cuff/ring above sees the diamond heart.
Oscar weekend sees Alice entrain by peering through the key hole and unlocking the doorway into wonderland.
Alice or Al-ICE, all becomes like diamonds.
BulLOCK giving the Diamond heart inside Pandora's box.


more goddess acknowledgment...

as i watched last night's award ceremonies, more than a few things stuck out sync-wise (Chris Knowles, vigilant as ever, has already put a post together), but given the crazy heart flow here, the commercials for the new Diet Coke special edition can struck me;

the cans are promoting a heart disease awareness campaign called The Heart Truth...

...with Heidi Klum as their spokesperson. Heidi took it upon herself to design a ruby- and diamond-encrusted pendant for the cause...

...which is meant to be a symbolic hourglass and a woman's red dress, with a diamond heart. the shape also made me think of a wormhole...

...which, when combined with the patterns of the Lock and Key mentioned above, got me thinking about something i stumbled upon waaay back in a little post called Sacred Sex, connecting Peter Pan's Tinkerbell to the idea of crossing into new dimensions, sync'ing soundly with the Alice in Wonderland poster above...

...and the idea of the diamond heart inside Pandora's Box mentioned with BulLock's The Proposal. here, tinkerbell flashes the crowd while trying to escape from a locked box. Fitting, since "box" is also a common american slang term for the vagina. wasn't until i posted this update that i realized that the wormhole/hourglass shape corresponds nicely to the female form, further sync'ed by the use of the american slang term "cokebottle" to describe a woman's curves...

eye digress...

if those repetitive "giant heart" diet coke commercials weren't enough, i couldn't stop seeing the giant implied heart shape within the "82" of the 82nd Academy Awards logo;

...or maybe that's just crazy...
Sandy and the 28/82 getting drunk on Spirit.
Lock in the waters of flow holding on to the safety of Red Buoy 27 in The Proposal.
27 and 28 are friends. The line that divides 27 from 28 is imaginary.


  1. The Oscars also included these references:

    MOLE People by Sher-Lock/IRON MAN (FERRIS MAN)and TIN-A FEY
    Christ ~O~ fer (IRON MAN)
    Molly Ring-Wald (de Molay)
    LEON and LUIS
    Jeffrey Bridges, STAR-MAN (Je FERRIS)
    MB / FERRIS Bueller (BULLER)
    SANDRA BULLOCK (Bull Lock/Lock-ki)
    (to name just a few - you'll find much more if you free your mind)

    Loved that Jeferris BRIDGES (BAD-Crazy Heart) thanked both MOM and DAD ! With the spinning octagons (dia-mondes) behind him.

    Loved that Steve MARTIN and Alec BALDWIN descended on the planetary spheres guided by Angels.

    King Baldwin II of Jeruslaem and the founding of the Knights Templar.

    The MARTINISTS are said to hold the tradition of the TEMPLARS.
    SAR ICONNU and the Hidden Masters.



  2. Look into (SAG-ittarian) Jeff Bridges interesting themes flowing throughout his filmography

    J.B. (Jacobus Burgundus / Jachin Boaz ) in his role in STARMAN was the final entry in my Feb 2010 article "Alchemy of the Grammys" on Strange Eye

    Finally winning an Academy Award ...
    Jeff also told us during his acceptance speech that his dad once sat him down on the edge of his bed and taught him the basics of acting for a role in SEA HUNT.


  3. awesome post! unlucky = un-lock-key?

  4. Nice addition Doug!

    Remember what that black smith (Will Smith) playing HoRus did to the Moon in HANCOCK ??

    Van Buren Benny:
    "And to add to it; we've got heart!We've got heart!We've got Heart!"

    If we follow the T-Party on that "The heart TRUTH" logo image we see a trinity of "THE".
    and find "THE ART of TRUTH".

    On that diet Coke can Atlas needs a good shrug to heave it high. But alas, he's alone... Is there no help for the widow's son?

    We've seen the Monk-Key, the Tur-key, TIN-KEY (TIN-Ker-Bell) and the Orion-KEY (IRON KEY). We've even seen and heard the Key/Chi of Life (Ankh/EN KEY/Enki/hANKi)

    TUR-KEY also reveals the Tau-UR-KEY (TOWE-R KEY)

    I've also thought it intersting that Heidi Klum is part of the campaign... Like some homage to my old research buddy KANSAN1225


  5. It's a NEW DAWN ... at least according to today's OPRAH.


  6. Not Crazy, well at least that aint proof as me and jim were debating about whether the 82 heart was intentional or accidental. Either way, its there..

  7. Watch for JAKE Gyllenhaal and JIM Carrey in the new Damn Yankees


  8. Jake,

    You know by NOW there's no accidents...


  9. Here's a link to that Damn Yankees remake info on - and its loaded with syncs!


  10. J/J
    CTV News @ 6pm is another synch fest...
    Check out stories of "La Femme Fiscal" walking around the Leg...
    Here's a screen cap image


  11. These (Heart, Locker) remind me of 2001 and 2010 stargate symbols. Heart/Galactic Center...Locker/stargate

    I posted some images on my blog about how crystals and refracted light are seen in Jeff Bridges movie KPAX and behind him during his acceptance speech last night. And... how that reminded me of the movie 2010.

    You think April 4/2 or 4/24 dates are significant stargate events this year?

  12. Crazy yes. but many our crazy with you. we saw that heart in the 82 as well. all golden rings, vesica piscis and diamonds last night.

    great post.

  13. Our Alpha Universe is pregnant & she’s about to deliver us @ the Omega point: no-time, no-space, no-pain, just eternal joy & freedom :)

  14. 27 and 28 are good buddies! Love it! :D

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