Tuesday, March 9, 2010

432 (⊙)

A week ago I posted some information that was lost to the infinite. I do believe that this information is of the utmost importance. It may even become a book for all I know. . .

I realize that I can be obtuse and somewhat obscure. One of my flaws (like that of Jack) is that I too was once told that "I didn't have what it takes". Like Neo before he finds himself upon the path, I doubt my every step.

Nonetheless, I'll list my aims prior to beginning in hopes of keeping everyone on board. . .
--I've begun seeing the connection between everything everyone is working on.

It really hit me with the "blood-diamond" shift, and I found it odd that at the same time RA was talking about Atlantis, and the "dark heart of the 'A'", that we should shift to a "heart, blood, diamond theme", all the while Kev's rainbow bridge and left-handed path tarot stuff is going crazy, not to mention Tye and Will talking about Lions. My own work connected these various threads, and my hope now is to connect them here for you in a succinct, and effective way. In doing so, I have to introduce you the work that I've been obsessed with now for quite some time. . .

I've been consumed by a number for a time, and I believe this number, the number of the goddess, spells out the architecture of the universe.


Jim mentioned in a tweet today how this number forms the basis for the tetractys. Naturally, from the number [432], there is an omission, but I don't think the needs to be spoken. What happens before the big bang? -doesn't matter it is irrelevant.

I've been reading Jung lately about the stages of life and he pretty much says the same thing--that before consciousness and after consciousness are irrelevant because we can't know--all we can do is participate in the mystery, in the myth. It is awesome too, because the micro and macro are in tune--a human life expands until about the 33rd year and then reaches it's zenith and contracts toward death. The universe is also expanding, but the likely guess is that at some point it too will begin contracting back into the singularity (⊙).

I'd really like to thank you G8ors for the work you are doing here at the whole. Whether you know it or not, our world is lacking a school of thought, or better, a unified myth that prepares people for death. Our world fears death. Death is natural and necessary, and the religions of old served this purpose of enacting a myth and teaching one how to die. Our modern, enlightenment based religion of science has bled the universe dry of mystery for the common man. The physicists get it. Those guys are fucking mystics. The common man without access to the depth of the language of our new religion, science, are living in a solid, explainable, empirical world. sad.

So here, at the whole, we are participating in the myth and creating a new school for the good people so they can learn & know how to die. That's right, think about how the true priest class for our modern religion are the MD's. Tommy Creo was going to defeat death with science. Everything can be cured! Of course the red eye's greatest fear is death--but I suppose I need to drop into this post proper to get into that explanation:

So 432 is the architecture of the universe?

4 are the elements of material and therefore is creation itself.

3 are the realms or kingdoms. (Heal the King!)

2 are the guardians, the dualities, (mom and pop).

om--(this description is an accident, I pasted, and "om" is what came out. Likely, it is the best description. . . (ground zero?)

so. . .

The four (4) elements of creation are Air, Fire, Water, Earth,

and these correspond to a number of other fours (my job lately is keeping track of the various 4s, 3s, and 2s, and then making sense of them. . .)

The important connection is to the four suits of the Tarot:

Air = Swords = the mind, the intellect, (this is the red eye, HAL)

Fire = Wand = the creative imagination.

Water = Cups = heart, this is the unconscious, the underworld, and the belly of the whale.

Earth = Pentacles = the human body.

-I've attempted to connect these to the "modern" suits: Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades, but it isn't really clear, and I could make arguments different ways on different days for their relative correspondences--I'll deal with that later.

The three (3) Kingdoms are a bit more fun to play with-and they do connect very easily to the four elements of creation. (everything is connected-I hope you see this.)

So the kingdoms are: Mind, Spirit, Body
-and they all want to be healthy and in balance. We can use soul instead of spirit if you like.

These kingdoms are also Heaven, Underworld, Earth
-really there is no difference between the micro and the macro, and now my natural inclination is to tell you about all the threes that I've found, but again I'll have to save that for later so that the flow continues.

-speaking of flow, I had this in my notes and should probably share it at this time:
what sync does:
-gives one an awareness of their moment:
which shows one their path,
which will increase one's flow
which makes one more conscious.
It offers one a new treasure chest of archetypes, free of charge.

Let's connect the 4 and the 3.

The mind is made up of the intellect (sword/air) and the creative imagination (wand/fire).

The soul (unconscious) corresponds quite naturally to heart (water/cups).

The body obviously is a perfect fit with the earth/pentacles.

So where are the connections Doug? Originally when I was sharing these ideas, I was responding to the "blood diamond" post. I immediately caught a connection between the earlier "Liam, Dream Child" post. (It is worth a reread. It is pretty good. . .) Elements: Liam Neeson, (who is a lion), A's, Atlantis, Clash of the Titans, Haley Joel Osment.

My original connection is that "the heart" of Atlantis, in the Disney film, is a crystal (they don't say a diamond, but could be. . .) I was led to an idea about the location of Atlantis. Hearts and Atlantis. It is the unconscious, and our mission is to heal the king. Atlantis is located under the sea in the underworld. It is the kingdom of the spirit that is in peril. It is the Fisher King who has the terrible wound. By putting HAL in charge, and by worshiping the cutting edge of empirical science, we have enthroned Darth Vader as our imperial commander overseeing a an unforgiving social system based upon the mind. We need to bring balance to the force. We won't solve our problems of the mind through logic and the mind. Only through mysticism can our spirit heal our earthly wasteland, rehumanize Vader. Forgive him, and help him remove the mask!

So which Rainbow bridge do you want to know about Kevin? 2001 or Dorothy's?
I "accidentally" found a piece of the puzzle to understand Kubrick's 2001. The movie begins with a famous piece of music entitled, "Also Sprach Zarathustra" by Richard Strauss.

Zarathustra is a character created by Nietzsche in his work entitled Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Basically, the work is the culmination of Nietzsche's philosophy. He thinks the natural progression is from Ape to Man to Superman. Man is the bridge. And that, in a nutshell, is the film 2001. The film begins with the apes. As their consciousness expands, the apes become men. Later, when Dave Bowman defeats his "mind", he becomes a superman--which is something that defies explanation, and thus people have a difficult time with the end of that film. How does one depict the superman? (Superman [Kal-El] being someone else deeply connected to crystals, which according to E. Tolle is an enlighten rock. It is actually a metamorphic rock formed under intense high-pressure high-temperature situations) Dave Bowman's trip of course is beautiful, it's the rainbow bridge. He's integrating the kingdoms. Becoming whole.

But this isn't my point. The main thrust of my deleted post was to connect all of these various threads to our most important modern myth, The Wizard of Oz. For whatever reason, this story is so important, in the same class as King Arthur, and maybe perhaps one day, Jesus too.

So can I connect Dorothy's three companions to my so-called three kingdoms? I found a way through Nietzsche.

In the beginning of Zarathustra, he tells of the three metamorphoses of spirit. This is a story Joseph Campbell loved to retell as well, only he called it the transformations of spirit.

When one is young they are a camel, and they need to be loaded with information. When the camel is fully loaded, it runs into a desert and becomes a Lion. Desert and wasteland are synonymous. Now the strength of the lion depends upon how well the camel was loaded--the more "knowledge" loaded onto the camel, the stronger the lion. The job of the lion is to fight a dragon, and upon every scale of the dragon is written a law--"thou shalt". Some are days old and some are thousands of years old. When the dragon is defeated, the lion becomes a child (a star child? oh yes! Nietzsche associates heart and star just like the blood diamond post). Not only is this a similar journey of that in the tarot, but I think it also connects to The Wizard of Oz, as well as to our own "Jupiter Mission" that we are slowly beginning to know.

So, when I think of camels, I think of straw because of the straw that broke the camel's back. And with straw I think scarecrow. And just what was The Scarecrow in search of? He wanted knowledge. But where does our Tin Man fit in and why is he so damn important?

His need was of the heart, the spirit realm. This is also where the virgin birth occurs, as well as the expression lion heart. As Kevin and I have both arrived upon, Jupiter is born in the fourth, heart chakra. He is the virgin birthed messiah. Jupiter is the lion that must fight dragon. That's where this thing is headed. After Dorothy found the lion, which is the Tin Man's heart, they defeated their dragon, the witch who was the order imposing the "Thou Shalt", and at the end--it was just Dorothy, a child, the holy fool. Her trip was to her unconscious, to the underworld, to transform her spirit, and to make her whole. This is also the important lessons to be drawn from Harry Potter. In each book, Harry succeeds and saves the day only by breaking the rules. Sure we should abide by the rules of civil society, but have we become slaves to the "thou shalt"? Is this what is wrong with modernity?

See, we've all gotten into this watery alchemical bath [we are the New Atlantean Priests!] and we are giving birth in the underworld to Jupiter. It is us. Camels no more, we are lions! and we have a fight coming. I think we are going to redefine the social order of our world. A New World Order--the darkness that we once feared in the form of conspiracy & shadowy secret societies was us--was our unintegrated unconscious. Are you ready for this dragon?

See we need to heal the king. The earth is a wasteland because the fisher king, the ruler of the spirit kingdom is wounded. How can King Arthur, ruler of the earthly realm, be effective if the problems of the spirit are informing the problems of the body? And what if the red eye has taken over? Think on The 9. That world was a wasteland.

The fifth chakra, the Jupiter chakra, is where we transcend mom and pop and take this lion into battle-or maybe that is the battle, and The Titans are mom and pop (the dualities). It is important to note my association of the moon, and the mind. For Dave Bowman to become a superman, he had to transcend his "mind", HAL, his intellect. And where did he land? A present moment. A timeless now.

If we look to Liam Neeson as a sync leader, maybe our dragon fight will be communicated in the some upcoming film. His "dark" child is the integrated whole. It is the lion becoming the [w]holy fool. He is the father to both Batman and Anakin. The sun of Zeus, who may be the way and light could be Apollo or Dionysus. But not to worry about the future. We've found our father. The Jupiter mission was a father quest, and now we're ready for our clash of titanic proportion! Maybe my birthday will yield some flow, Clash of The Titans.
It is too sync-laden for it not to be important.


keep reading the next post. RA is mining the diamond even further. A diamond in the rough. A mind like a diamond. The hardest substance on earth. A diamond bit to drill Gort, the automoton in The Day the Earth Stood Still, a diamond to signify the holy marriage-a transcendence of male and female through the union of man and wife, the product being a star child. Shine on you crazy diamonds!

Jim: 4.23.10 - Better be "dead" by then or the THEO Losers are coming to "kill" you.

The arch and keystone of the cosmic birth/death.


  1. hm. i'm gonna have to marinate on this for a little while.

    i must say, great job of mashing the pop with the mystical with the philosophical with the practical... which is, i suppose, what this is all about...

    well done sir

  2. The awakening to the pattern (MATRIX) is AWESOME is it not ISH??

    Beautiful work.

    the process of becoming "THE ONE" is not metmorphosis as much as it is awakening.

    WE already ARE... WE just don't quite realize it yet.

    When WE focus on anything besides the fact that WE are already ONE and the same with EVERYTHING that IS in ALL of creation... we are consciously fallen and LOST.

    The part that really becomes mind-blowing is that, as the YOU (in the WE) awakens, so is the knowledge and your realization pushed and moved and floWed throughout ALL of creation. ALL is elevated in consciousness and vibration because of the efforts of the not-really-an-individual YOU.


  3. if you, the reader, are confused by any of that...
    it is only because YOU can not yet see that there is in fact
    a EWE in the WE


  4. ISH,

    don't know if you've ever seen this or not... but it is worth checking out

    OMEGA 432


  5. You are making exquisite full contact leaps between one sacre idea to another…

    We can’t fully transcend & join our higher instances @ this very moment but every single attempt is so safe...

    it is impossible to describe the eternal pure conscious beauty using our deeply wounded ideas, words, letters, and numbers…

    We're going to be reborned home once again


  6. beautiful doug. thanks for your meditation on all this. look forward to a book. 42 to be written. jim.

  7. I really appreciate you taking the time to read all my wor[l]ds. Thanx.
    Very interesting SE. I have looked into tuning A to 432 instead of 440 in the past. I loved the link. thanks so much

    After putting things down I'm thinking about picking them up again.
    I don't know if I like attributing the firey wand of the creative imagination to the mind. It speaks to the mind but it might also be translation from the heart. It might actually be the f-ing rainbow bridge itself. Creativity is what is devalued under the red eye. You can't put it into a box and quantify it, but without it, life becomes a wasteland. . .
    love you guys!

  8. ISH,

    a couple of years back I began tuning my guitars to A432... I immediately noticed an awareness and health difference. The more I played the better I felt!

    I also use regular exposure to Solfeggio tones generated with "NCH Tone Generator" software.


  9. The orbit of Jupiter takes about 4332.59 days, or about 12 years.

    More here:

    In the past, there were 10 zodiac signs. Each sign, as today, represents part of the human body, macrocosm to microcosm, with Leo as the heart.

    There were also 10 months, 10 Sumerian kings, 10 pre-dynastic Egyptian kings, 10 biblical patriarchs, and so on. There were also 10 kingdoms of Atlantis with 10 kings. The kingdom of Atlantis, the human body, went to war with a land-based kingdom (ancient Greece) due to the Ego-dominated psyche which Atlantis had become. As a result, it was swallowed up by the primordial waters of chaos in pre(modern)creation. The golden age of the god-man had ended. The sea kingdom fell under the sea/into the subconscious (like Odin's lunar-left eye into the Well of Knowledge) splitting from it's previously peaceful union with the land kingdom, representing the intellect, which took over the running of the macrocosmic world body.

    Earth = Heart, and is the green(& blue) heart chakra(spinning wheel) of the macrocosmic solar system. sun-mercury-venus-EARTH-mars-jupiter-saturn = crown-3rdeye-throat-HEART-solarplexus-dantien-perineum

    The ancients held that the heart was the seat of the consciousness (the Egyptians just threw away the brain during mummification!). It's the center of your body, which lies between/connects the sky & earth, which is the center of the (traditional) solar system. You are the Holy Mountain at the center of creation.

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  11. Go Violator!
    awesome. I had forgot our earlier 432/216 exchange too at your space.

    good stuff! I will likely refer to it in the future. . .
    take care

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  13. 4 is the material cross upon which we hang ;)