Sunday, January 31, 2010

Two heads better than ONE but not Four (where's my wheels?)

Earlier on today I stumbled across this Avatar poster (top left) and it immediately reminded me of the Blue/White war paint on Mel Gibsons face in the movie Braveheart. I turned it into a new banner and put it up on the Sync Whole.

James recently pointed out that 'William Wallace' (seen above) was also the name of one of Abe Lincolns sons. I figured the banner tied in with recent themes explored on this blog and thought that was the end of it.

Earlier on tonight it started snowing heavily here in the Highlands of Scotland so I went outside with the kids to make a Snowman in garden. Here's how he turned out:

After finishing the front of the Snowman my daughter suggested we turn the back of him into a Snowgirl. We added some breasts and the lump of snow gradually evolved into a Hermaphrodite: half-female half-male. Once we completed the body I couldn't resist a quick squeeze.

Before calling it a night I took this profile shot of my two-faced Snow-Hermaphrodite:

Before hitting the sack I thought I'd check to see if there was anything new in the Whole and found that James had made some nice modifications to the Avatar/Braveheart banner I'd put on the site earlier. In the centre I was surprised to find these two heads facing in opposite directions, similar to the one in the photo ^ I'd taken only a few hours earlier.

I'm not sure what it means, but I suppose it all points to the (s)NOW.


"Lord Marshal 'Oberon' LM-124"
"The multiple faces on the Lord Marshal's mask-helm represent his all-seeing astral eyes. The spine motif on the back of all Necromonger armor relates to the notion of "Purification" through the spine."
the armor is called Mockodile

from wiki
Janus (or Ianus; "archway") was the god of gates, doors, doorways, beginnings and endings ... you might see I deal with the subject here

Richard: I really dig the Janus/Ianus connection that James just mentioned because I keep coming across symbolism involving the number 27 and the Doorway. It seems to have something to do with overcoming duality and bridging the gap between Inner and Outer Space. Further musings on this can be found in a recent post called Blue Star 27.

Actor Sam Worthington played the character 'Jake Sully' in Avatar. The name Sully entrains with the Blue MONstar (Avatar) called 'Sully' from the movie Monsters Inc.

Sully (on the right) is a guardian of the Doorway, just like Janus:

Here's another thing. Mel Gibson was bound to a wheelchair in the movie Conspiracy Theory, just like Jake Sully in the movie Avatar.

In Conspiracy Theory actor Mel Gibson was drugged up to his eye-balls and tortured inside his wheelchair. If you want, you can watch the whole disturbing scene right here:

Mr. Kotze recently pointed out the connection between Mel Gibson, Jared Leto, Catcher in the Rye author J.D. Salinger, and the number 27 in his post Gibson 27.

Coincidentally, while Jared Leto was making the movie Chapter 27 he wound up in a wheelchair.

In this article I read that:

Jared Leto's latest movie role landed him in a wheelchair.

Jared, who plays John Lennon's killer Mark Chapman in 'Chapter 27', revealed gaining 60lbs to play Chapman left him unable to walk.

He said: "My body was in shock from the amount of weight I gained. I don't know if it was gout - but I had a definite problem with my feet. I couldn't walk for long distances. I had a wheelchair because it was so painful."

The wheelchair points to the Chariot which helps guide us towards/through the Doorway of Duality, overseen by the Two-faced Janus. To me it's about moving beyond previous limitations. Getting back on your feet. Moving forward again after a period of immobility.

I wonder if JANUs has anything to do with the Doorway of JANUary, which has just come to a close.


I posted in the next post too

here's the heads


  1. Also your snowman is so much better than the sad, grassy one me and my daughter made. He eventually fell into the gutter. (started raining)
    -It's funny cuz one of the reasons I didn't love Avatar was because the main guy reminded me of Mel Gibson.
    Obviously Mel is talking, I wonder what he is saying?

  2. I was relating to Jon earlier tonight after I put that picture what my impression on Janus are. I work for an artist. My current assignment is look through the treasure trove of gargabe and stuff that Karl collected over 80 years and make furniture. I'm making stands for his collage books. He told me to think of Brancusi which is like the tower of Babel.

    I found while searching a sculpture of Jesus with thorns, but the base is broke. I found a similar size sculpture of Jesus Mercedes, a Mexican dude I think. I wanted to cut them in half and make Janus. Then I accidentally dropped the Jewish Jewish Jesus and it broke almost perfectly the way I wanted to cut it. SO i cut the Mexican Jesus, stuck nails in him since he was solid and the Jewish Jesus was hollow. Then I filled the Jewish Jesus with plaster and stuck them to-get-her.

    A little later on I was reading about the Sun and dual imagery. I recall hearing about Janus, but I will have to go back to remember more.

    Really wild to see that sync together

  3. juggling the red and blue pill
    the source and the reflection
    shadow and substance
    geocentri and heliocentric
    360 calender and 365 calender
    orange sun and the blue sun
    kinda playing with these ideas

  4. it's all bullshit


    ahm on fire today

    nah, seriously, i dig. its the duality between duality and... um... non-duality, right?


  5. Rich: what a moment! and the shot of your lil daughter is ridiculously cute. i agree; it all points to the here and now. the nowhere now here...

    syncpocalypse now

  6. silly dualism ... signs of mirrors ... stuck in the maze of the mind somewhere in the 12 undulations

  7. And if Tommy would have just gone walking with is wife in the sNOW he wouldn't have had to fly his bubble to Orion!

  8. OMG you guys have no idea.... This is straight up unbelievable.

  9. Jake will like that this post was done at 7:24.

    24/7 sync is the way.

  10. Beautiful RA!

    James, interesting addition.

    Mercy and Severity.

    Great catch with the "Monsters Inc."
    Syncs well with the Grammys,
    Lady GaGa's performance being the most obvious expression of the theme which carried throughout the show.

    Love the additional story of the pipe Jim.

    IA-SUN (IAO)

    Keep your EYE-ON that one!

    I'm sure will see it stir up some more interesting syncs soon.


  11. The alchemical REBUS would fit in with this as well.


  12. I dunno what message Mel is delivering Ishmael, but he definitely likes focusing on themes of sacrifice in the movies he directs:
    Human sacrifices in Apocalypto
    Sacrificing himself in Braveheart
    Sacrificing JC in Passion of the Christ

    I think it points to the sacrifice of the ego. We can accept the dissolution of identity, or fight it. I tend to keep fluctuating between the two.

    Also, I like your reference to the Tommy post. In it you mentioned Tom Riddle which brought to mind this image. Stick that in yer Janus pipe and smoke it! :)

    Toure, the syncpocalypse has begun...without a doubt.

    Jim, love it!

    StrangEye, thanks man. Glad to see you're still hanging at the Whole.

  13. you boys BLOW my mind. I'm so proud to be associated with you.
    RA here is an old post that might tease out a little more meaning regarding Sully and his door.

  14. You wrote: "To me it's about moving beyond previous limitations. Getting back on your feet. Moving forward again after a period of immobility."

    BRILLIANT, DUDE! Thanks, that's inspirational to me. I see the FLOW NOW.

  15. So has anyone though about this sync?--A big topic of discussion at the inner whole has been racism/anit-semitism. This post has Mel Gibson at its heart. Mel Gibson cannot be talked about now w/ out a discussion of his racist rantings and what that means. Then, Mel recently came out in support of Tigers sins. so interesting.