Thursday, January 21, 2010

Have Mercy Mercury (with a slight bit of reminiscence)

Due to damaging code that would not let me add to the post 2010 Matirx Codeine I have added my addition here, which will not make a bit of damn sense unless that post is investigated.

On the publishing of this particular part of this post we have the date 1-22-10 as shown in the movie posters above. With a little dissection we have 12-21 both halves for the Jupiter twins 24 and 42... So with the hint of angels and Jupiter we now must investigate what angel has anything to do with Jupiter. And we find Zadkiel.

To those like myself unversed in Angel Mythos we'll just keep this simple.... Or try to. According to Jewish Mysticism via the Kabbalah tree of life we find ten Seperoths or Circles. Each of these "Circles" have magical correspondences under the theory that once something is connected to something else that it shall always be linked to the same through out history(sounds like quantum physics if you ask me). This is "same same" with Sycro, infact it is very simple, Abe Lincoln would not be named Abe if not for the Abe in the Bible. If you go into a pizzeria called The Fall of Rome, then the pizzeria and the true fall of Rome are intimately connected.... If Rome never fell then there would be no pizzeria. Or else it would be called something like Little Caesar's....

So with that in mind we look for the Kabbalah correspondence to Jupiter and we are introduced to Chesed or Mercy. One group of Correspondences is seen in the Table above... We see the 4th Sphere labeled Chesed with the association to the animal dolphin.... Chesed has a planet and Ancient God association with Jupiter as well as Tin and therefore Jupiter's Beautiful symbol(as well as Tin's Symbol) is usually found within that Sphere. I've seen many a Kabbalah help books sight the similarities to the Jupiter Symbol and the number four, only Sync heads see the 4 2.... To my knowledge at least. So the Chesed = Jupiter = Blue Hand(also a name given to Chesed) = Tin = Dolphins.... Get it? If I continue on this Table of Correspondence I find as well that Chesed has a designated Angel and it's name is Zadkiel. Zadkiel is favored to be the Angel of Mercy for it is the one who stopped Abraham from killing his son... Seen above showing the way UP with JUPiter finger.

Genesis 22:1-24 Got yer attention on those numbers didn't I...

The story goes as such. Abraham is told by god to kill his son Isaac... So he travels with his son to said mount that god has given and has his son hike up the firewood for the sacrifice. Isaac is clueless and says...

"Hey, pops, where's the animal we're gonna roast?"

Abe replies honestly...

"God's will provide one."

And as the old man is ready to cut his son's gullet enter the angel of Jupiter/Mercy to give Abe a Ram instead..... Lucky Abe.

JaWeS ; I started to read some Manly Hall again ... I'm posting what caught my attention today.

The Alexandrain Serapis
Serapis often shown standing on the back of the sacred crocidile, carrying in his left hand a rule with which to measure the inundations of the Nile, and balancing with his right hand a curious emblem consisting of an animal with three heads. The first head - that of a lion - signified the present; the second head - that of a wolf- the past; and the third head - that of a dog - the future. The body with its three heads was enveloped by the twisted coils of a serpent. Firures of Serapis are occasionally accompanied by Cerberus, the three-headed dog of Pluto, and - like Jupiter - carry baskets of grain upon their heads.

Abraxas when added together result in the sum of 365, just like Mithras. Serapis was called the Theon Heptagrammaton, or the god with the name of seven letters, like Abraxas and Mithras.

The Egyptian Mystery Schools were divided into the Lesser Mysteries - Isis - and the Greater Mysteries - Serapis and Osiris.

The Thunderbolts of Jupiter are emblematic of his disintregrative power; they reveal the purpose of death, which is to rescue the rational soul from the devouring power of the irrational nature.

Esoterically, the Hanged Man is the human spirit which is suspended from heaven by a single thread. Wisdom, not death, is the reward for this voluntary sacrifice during which the human soul, suspended above the world of illusion, and meditating upon its unreality, is rewarded by the achievement of self-realization.

"Behold the Light of Egypt! This Light which ye behold is the secret luminance of the Mysteries. Whence it comes none knoweth, save the 'Master of the Light'" ... the heart changed into an ibis, and the brain into a shining emerald. In Its hand this mysterious Being bore a winged rod, entwined with serpents. "All hail Thee, Thoth Hermes, Thrice Greatest; all hail Thee, Prince of Men, all hail Thee who standeth upon the head of Typhon!" At the same instant a lurid writhing dragon appeared - a hideous monster, part serpent, part crocidile, and part hog.

Thoth Hermes Trismegistus is known for reforming the calender system from 360 days to 365 days.

This light that is Thoth Hermes is the Green Sun, or is atleast a Green Light. Which is also the speculative color of Black holes.

The Mayans had three calenders, one was a 360 day (lunar?), one a 365 sun calender and another I guess the long count

JaWeS again ... glad you liked the able SE ... check this out

thank you for finding me


I was thinking today about the fact that our friend Doug Jones is in the movie Legion as the Ice Cream Man.... Doug Jones is an individual that was looked at way back in May 2009 by the collective here at the Sync Whole.... He has played the Angel of Death in Hellboy 2 and the Silver Surfer which is easily associated with the Angel of Death as well. He is to star in another movie title the Angel of Death come soon.... He is best known for his blue "Fish-Borne" god(or devil) character in Hellboy.... His name in said franchise is Abe (actually Abe Lincoln is mentioned believe it or not. I didn't and still don't believe it).... That is one Able Angel. And really puts a twist to the topics we find here. Please visit or revisit the first post called "Have Mercy"(that reusing of the title was merely coincidental or a least unconscious) which goes everywhere from spirit palms to 911 and ends with the Eye-Full tower... I can't believe the work we've done here sometimes. I mean honestly.... Really!


I watched Men Who Star at Goats last night. Sorry if I point out syncs that have already been revealed. My memory is mush.

Noticed another George "Galactic Centre" Clooney sync with the number 27.

Which reminds me of the last GClooney sync with the number 27 from the movie Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Jake has been equating the 27 with the Moon which is the stepping stone for the journey to Jupiter and beyond. Just like in the films 2001 and 2010 where the humans follow the Black Monolith down this path.

Later on this cosmic journey reveals itself when GClooney is testing his psychic powers by guessing what the photo is of in box K-9. He is gone past 27 and the Moon and now he is honing in on Jupiter.

He guesses right. It is a man sitting on a chair. Or in this case, it is Abraham Lincoln, our Jupiter resonating person du jour, as we now know that the Lincoln Memorial statue is modeled after the Temple of Zeus.

Now GClooney has gone from Moon to Jupiter with a wink towards Sirius as well, as the box chosen is K-9, or Dog (think Dogstar).

Jupiter is OM. Jupiter is hOMe.

JaWeS: 27 / 72 and 37 / 73 are all intimately related as they all related to nested platonic spheres and specifically the numbers used in Bible studies to describe many different things, mostly about Jesus ... seeing GC poke his head around the 27 rubix cube number is nifty but GC is 73 / 37

AbE L is the first murder victim ... pEAL the ONiON ...

That Fantastic Fox movie is reviewed at my website here.


  1. Damaging code is the best part of the code.

    My head is spinning. Thanks for your perspective Will. I love reading about the Kabbalah and all this stuff.

  2. Man, I have been asking you guys whats up with the Abe Syncs for month... And then you go and blow it wide open... Extravagantly I might add.

  3. I was born at Mercy Hospital in Maryland. Jupiter has always had my respect cause of all the hits (comets) it takes for us [earth]. We wouldn't have ever lasted this far if it wasn't for Jupiter. Kinda makes me think of a father protector.

  4. The son sacrifice has been of interest to me for some time.
    Locke sacrifice Boone--God, Jesus. The island, Charlie.
    The Gunslinger dropped Jake.
    Cronos ate all his fucking kids.
    Abe made a sacrifice too. He traded his life for what he started.

    Abe and Ishmael built the Kabba [around the blacRok] in Mecca.

    I got nothing. I'm just musing.

    How do you grow up without killing the pure child in your heart?

    Is there a way to grow up without becoming a pirate or an ass?
    great work will.

  5. You are central to the unveiling of Abe Will. All our silent toil and efforts in the background of this blog feed into the flowers and fruits called posts.
    Love you

  6. 42.322.364 LEAP, PEAL, AbLE, Abe L.

    the 360 - 365 enigma continues

  7. ha ha 911 ha ha

    360 = full circle
    365 = 101% of 360
    if you round off 1.0138
    101 Hallelujah

  8. you can never give more than 100%, that's just impossible

  9. at the risk of stating the obvious, that exact scene was acted out in the recent jack black movie 'year one' wherein mr. black himself acted as the merciful angel, albeit unknowingly.

  10. Man, this article keeps gettin better! Thanks for your hard work guys!

    @James - ABLE (Abe L) = name of the "space monkey" in Night @ Museum 2.


  11. @James, in Night @ Museum 2 - when Larry almost runs in to ABLE (under the Apollo 11 Moon Lander - "The EAGLE") in the Air and Space Museum, we see the Saturn V and the planet Saturn in the background - essentially saying ABLE (Abe L = Jupiter) is next to Saturn !

    And Thank you Wermes - I'm lovin that movie with every re-watch.

    "Whistle me Dixie! The answer is PI"


  12. Megavideo link to Zoe Bell & Doug Jones in Angel of Death


  13. Just noticed that 'Abe' and the 'Ape' resonate.

    StrangeEyes monkey business above got me thinking about the connection.

    In Planet of the Apes (Planet of the Abes), wasn't one of the very last images in the movie a shot of Abe Lincolns monkey statue?

    Where do you find Winged Abes (Angelic Apes)? Over the rainbow in the Wizard of Oz!

    Good stuff Will.

  14. Yes there was an AbE ApE shot.

    I'll get you my pretties.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Yeah... Thought of the Ape Statue yesterday as well... I'm not as good at twisting words up like you cats, so I didn't catch that one... Perfect because I couldn't figure out the importance. Bravo old chap... Bravo. Jim this gets weirder everytime you make an addition.

  17. Well the Ape/abe shit is another mind blowing thing. half my conversation yesterday with jake was around monkeys and the moon and god etc... because on the creation poster it is a monkey reached out to darwin.

    Jupiter: Planet of the Abes.


  18. Life's a garden, dig it

    - hermit Tom

  19. Wermes,

    I think it is relevant to the syncs (and interesting too) that both ABLE the "Space MONK-ey" and the mischievious DEXTER are "capuchin MONK-eys".

    Neat way to symbolize a catholic order of priests and MONKs...

    I also noticed, pertaining to my code post comment about Papua New Guinea in the CODEINE part of this article that the Wikipedia page on the Capuchian Friars (OFM) states they have a "province" under which they minster in the Pacific, namely in Guam.

    Guam is right there in same region of the Pacific with Papua New Guinea and Micronesia.


  20. So I've had some thoughts rolling around about all these synchs I've had and the ones brought forth by the awsome synch-meisters here in the Hole...

    There's something in common underlying all this and it seems to be "coming forth from the Underworld".

    The Angels in Legion, The Horuses/MoNTs in Night at the Museum Two.

    I put that together with the Guam (PAC-Ring-O-Fire area), PI and ring/circle math and the Big-Feet of Abe L., Jedediah and Octavius chopping up the toes, the "rocket fire" in the space museum, the Capuchin "fire ring" logo, the multiple "V"'s in Vancouver and Valentine's, even 'from the Heart' (...of the Earth) - basically the bits and pieces of all these synchs - and I started thinking...


    Perhaps like a "Krakatau" (Crack a Toe)?

    I also remembered the 2006 Torino/Turin Winter Games (TOE rino) and the odd blacksmith they had there - VULCAN is the god of Blacksmithery and VOLCANOES.

    Am I overthinking it all and not "flowing" by thinking along the lines of Volcano or could this actually be more of a 'Galactic Center as the "Underworld"' type of thing?


  21. Have you noted the house with the pyramid shaped roof/one-eye-window in the background of the current pic highlighting this blog? :-)

  22. Yes Nexus. Kind of stands out. And 43 is a number that haunts me as well. What's after 42?

  23. Great. Also love Jake's nose touching the tiger-logo. Drawing a straight line from his view the 43 becomes 34 (43/34=7/7=77). Also ESSO becomes OSSE, which leads to the works of J.R.R. Tolkien: ... pics are always as deep as the observer likes to go...

  24. 43 is the 14th Prime !! with 2 others in the 40's - 41 and 47

    from 43 - 2 and 14 again, 2.14 !

    And the BrANGELina Divorce is making the NEWS at the same time as all these ANGEL syncs.

    "ANGEL.IN.A PITT" being released.

    And the ANGEL is an ANGLE !

    Sacagawea, the Native American woman in Night at the Museum, the one with the name that Custer can't pronounce (just to make sure we get the mental link between the two of them!)
    Had a child that survived the Attack at BigHorn ("A few months later, fifteen men were killed in an Indian attack on Fort Lisa, located at the mouth of the Bighorn River.[9] John Luttig and Sacagawea's young daughter were among the survivors.")

    Little Bighorn was the site of "Custer's Last Stand" - and the BigHorn is a tributary river of the "YELLOWSTONE".

    The "7th Cavalry" (once commanded by Gen George A CUSTER) was also involved in the Battle of Wounded Knee, a KNEE being a joint in body that is limited to bending only in varying degrees of ANGLE.

    And the YELLOWSTONE River / BigHorn (Big Horns on the ANVIL of the Blacksmith at TORino as well!) then all links back to my previous thoughts on VOLCANO.


  25. Ishmael mentioned the Gunslinger way above ...

    Good ol'Honest Abe's (Jupiter) face stands alone on Mount Rushmore, near Keystone, South Dakota (and Rapid City) off highway 244 in the South Dakota Black Hills / Custer National Park.

    Mt. Rushmore hi-res photo


  26. Abe Lincoln is the founder of the planet of apes. Obama is the caretaker. Now from the labyrinth the son escapes like a seed to return to Earth and discover it was ruled by monkeys/machines.

    Awesome catch Jim in respect to Jupiter/the stolen Zeus-lightning bolt