Sunday, January 10, 2010

42 days grounded and 322 up in the air.

There are 42 days from the New Year until the Opening of the 2010 Winter Olympics in BC, Canada.

Goro highlights this day in the timeline leading up to December 21, 2012. There actually 1042.4 days from February 12 to Dec 21.

February 12th is the 43 day and at that point there are 322 days left in the year.

322 Day we know as the number on the logo for the Skull and Bones fraternity.

james ;)

The same schedule GeorGe kLooney keeps in Up in the Air.


Well James, you are right. That is cool.

Perhaps the first 42 Days of 2010 we are getting ready to take off and after February 12 will go Up in the Air.

Skull and Crossbones/X marks the Spot.

February 12, or Day 43, we also have Wolfman opening in theatres. Perfectly timed not to only coincide with the Olympics, but also the ancient celebration of Lupercalia which is from Feb. 13 to 15h.


  1. to me this says, "wow, the refraction of light off an object blinds the essence" what is the essence? The essence appears to nothing but gold in various forms.

  2. Great stuff guys!
    It's good to see that the influence of Pan (via the celebration of Lupercalia) will be strong during this period.
    The Wolf/Pan connection brought to mind this old pic.