Sunday, January 24, 2010

Release the floW

In the 2010 Matrix Code Jim pointed out that the Vancouver Winter Olympics (February 12th 2010) coincides with the Lupercalia festival, a celebration of the Wolf:

This date coincides with the release of the Wolf:

I was just watching TV and caught this Winter Olympics BBC commercial. Seems to be yet another reminder that the floW is about to be released from it's Cage in February:


  1. hehe

    the ads for the olympics are mental. there is another one that plays in canada here that is so loaded. can't find it on the internet yet.

    this is just silly

  2. The Wolf is a symbol of the Past and therefore a symbol of Birth.

  3. This is way more exciting than watching the Olympics. Perhaps a future sport is here? Synchronized Flowing. I'ma dork.

  4. No Kidding from the J.Kidd! WOW!

    The Bear roars (YELLs Out) and the STONE goes flying!


  5. Yellow Stone is quake swarming in the last few days.

  6. Wermes,

    If we follow the Map on GOOLGE MAPS we can see that the South Dakots BADlands (bad = 214) National Park (Hwy 44) is next to the Custer/Black Hills National Parks and Mt. Rushmore (Hwy 244) with Abe Licoln and Teddy (both in Night @ Museum 2).

    The Thunder Basin Bational Grassland, which terrifies POSSUM in the Fatastic Mr FOX, is just WEST of those two. A bit to the North is the BigHorn National Forest.

    Continue on this synchromystic journey a little further west and we get to the Custer National Forest and


    ...also the "AHKMUNRAH tablet" is a "Yellow Stone" which opens the gate (as the KEY) and lets the MoNts flow in from the Underworld.


  7. Left one out...

    Just north of Thunder Basin Grasslands is the "Devil's Tower" national monument featured in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".

    And the "Vulcan's" (Gods of Volcanoes) figured prominently this year in STAR TREK with the evil hero Gabriel (Arch-Angel that blows his Big Horn at Armageddon) / Sylar playing Mr. Spock.


  8. Tie all that together with Mt Rushmore and (K)Night at the Museum 2...

    We've got the SMITHSONIAN, (God of blacksmithery and Volcanoes is roman VULCAN),

    We've got George Washington's Face, (how many times did we see the Washington Monument in Night @ Museum 2 - Smithsonian in Washington),

    We've got Jefferson, moved 1st into the Whitehouse in 1801.

    Benjamin Henry Latrobe was the architect, Barack Obama (44th pres) corrected his oath under the picture of Latrobe near the Fireplace in the Whitehouse with the JUDGE(ment).

    We've got Teddy Rooselvelt who figured prominently in Night at the Museum 2 : Battle of the Smithsonian. He needed his NOSE scratched because he had no arms.

    We've got Abe Lincoln who figured prominently in Night at the Museum 2 : Battle of the Smithsonian. He was the Big-Foot made of stone that MONTu armies of KAHMUNRAH.

    We've got the DINOSAUR / T-REX bones which links to THERMOPOLIS, Wy.

    and Even Jedediah was Badlands cowboy...

    and to top it all off, the YELLOW STONE tablet of AHKMUNRAH was the KEY-Stone.


  9. and correct that Abe Lincoln above to

    ...made of stone that DE-FEATED (feet) the MONTu/Horus armies of KAHMUNRAH.


  10. Syncro-gasm.

    The FLOW is released, LOL...
    I'm off to smoke a cigarette.


  11. Twas a good smoke!

    here's some more...

    Jedidiah puts out the Distress Call to Larry Daley in Night at the Museum 2:

    Owen WILSON plays Jedidiah...

    smack dab in the middle of the Teton National Forest (just south of Yellowstone) is WILSON, Wy

    If we investigate "Jedidiah" we find it has only Three relevant entries in Wikipedia:

    Jedidiah SMITCH

    Jedidiah Hotchkiss

    "The name Jedediah comes from Yedidiah, a Hebrew name that means "Friend of God." In the Bible, Jedidiah was “blessing" name given in infancy to Solomon, King David's second son by Bathsheba"

    J.Smith was an explorer and J. Hotchkiss was a TOPOGRAPHER (studied land formations and made maps)

    Jedidiah Smiths "stomping ground" MAP


    and if we MAP, as old Jed would have done, we find between 42º N to 45º N and 109.5º W and 112º W...

    ...lies "YELLOWSTONE"


  12. Wolf just keep Flowing - and for me its the white wolf , the winter snow wolf particularly at the moment , evn jason kephas has touched on the wolf and dog memes in his latestest blog cast and linked it to lucidity in the dream state - for me they resoanate alot about sexuality and dominance submission - i'm probably being to open, but if you can make sense of my lates "black dog white wolf " post deliberately decoded i'll give you a medal