Thursday, January 7, 2010

Eddie the Eagle carries the Torch in Winnipeg (toure'd)

Eddie the Eagle soars in Winnipeg.

Atomic Arc! 88! 24/42!


just took this pic today with my new macbook... tonight actually. i was looking for a change for my facebook page... never been skiing...

wish i had more to contribute here. i've been trying to get used to the simplicity of sync, though. there is such beauty in the quick hits... i'm programmed to see more significance in the more complex, long-winded sync-winks... as if sync requires a verbose intelligent-sounding explanation to be valid. truth, i'm beginning to believe, is concise. easily seen, translated and understood. simple. child-like.

one of the lines from Avatar that still rings in my head is when Neytiri calls Jake a "baby". I felt like she was talking to me. us, rather.


  1. thank you high weirdness

  2. YO BLOB
    man, I have much a desire to read your blog on The Box,
    AND YET, the internet seems to have misplaced it...
    check the link good sir and hopefully I can continue syphoning your wavelength as I have been for the past little while.