Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lies From Honest Apes: New Patternist Posting


New post finally finished at The Patternist; I could really use some help with this one. I get frustrated sometimes when the journey of sync leads me right back where I started, telling me what I already know. As if I was just lying to myself all along... let me know what you guys think.

I didnt even get to the Honest Abe syncs... i had no place for the image below, so i figured i'd make a sync whole header...

also: I borrowed conceptual references from posts I've read that I couldnt recall or find, so if you see your stuff mentioned without credit, let me know so I can put it in.


  1. Knight = L movement
    Yod = L movement
    DNA = L movement

    The Knight is the only piece with an unique move in Chess. All the other pieces are a fraction of the Queen.

  2. The pawns, king & castle can do some weird stuff but only in special circumstances.
    Love it the L, 7 shape of the Knight..

  3. I was thinking the same thing about the movement of the knight. as a kid, i always thought the knight was the coolest chess piece due to the 1-2-to-the-side movement, and because the knight was the only piece that i recognized.

    Once i put the jupiter42 symbol on the header, the curve of the 2 almost immediately reminded me of the curve of the knight's kneck. the knight resonates with Will's work on the white horse as well as the decapitated horse head seen in other posts.

    it was only after i put it next to the trident -which i only added as a nod to Rich's work and the triangle Abe stood under- that i noticed the three symbols "spelled" out the first 4 numbers;

    knight = 1, trident = 3, jupiter = 4,2

  4. is that an obama penny? where'd you find that?

  5. I watched the new Hulk animated movie and he pairs off with the Horse Head Thor.

  6. sandcanvas, i just google searched for it. the one on the banner is artwork, but there's actually a real obama penny you can buy out there somewhere.

    i was about to download the new hulk. is it any good? i hope its not a scaled-down version of the world war hulk storyline