Thursday, January 28, 2010

Abe/Zeus/Jupiter and the Plant deVine

Quick update on the connect or resonance between Abe/Zeus/Jupiter and Plant Consciousness.

The Lincoln memorial was modeled after the temple of Zeus, making Abe a Zeus resonator. Zeus is the Greek version of the Roman Jupiter.

Synchromystically they all become interchangeable.

Plant Consciousness Ayahuasca helped synchromystics realize the significance of Jupiter/42 suggesting a relationship...
Sailor Jupiter is the third member of the Sailor Team to be discovered by Sailor Moon, and serves as the "muscles" of the group.[3] In addition to being physically tough, she is able to manipulate electricity and uses some plant-based powers.
Sailor Jupiter
42, the angle at which light refracts into the rainbow.


Lincoln died at 7:22 ... this video is 7:22 long ... and a Star Trek link

there are 72 stones on this pyramid's face

"The early star gazers, after dividing the zodiac into its houses, appointed the three biggest stars in each constellation to be the joint rulers of that house. Then they divided the house into three sections of ten degrees each, which they called decans. These, in ture, were divided in half, resulting in the breaking up of the zodiac into seventy-two duodecans of five degrees each. Over each of these duodecans the Hebrews placed a celestial intelligence, or angel, and from this system has resulted the Qabbalistic arrangement of the seventy-two sacred names, which correspond to the seventy-two flowers, knops, and almonds upon the seven-branched Candlestick of the Tabernacle, and the seventy-two men who were chosen from the Twelve Tribes to represent Israel."

Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

1 stem, 7 branches, 72 flowers, knops (fruit) and almonds
7 thresholds

Manly goes on to talk about the candles found all over the world that burn forever without fuel or wicks ... very interesting. Yup, I'm mean Yod.

rules for beginners
if you can mirror or rotate a letter and
it becomes another recognizable symbol
use it

click on the image for a large view

The Sun retrogrades 1 degree every 72 years
giving us the precession of the equinox


  1. I have a bunch of different color hand things from Logans Run. They are made from the original mold, but they don't light up. I love that movie so much and Jessica is smoking hot!

  2. Abe Amp Map ... read about lamps that burn forever today

  3. Stone carved Abe covered in vines - Jupiter finger points to Abe. Awesome, Jim.

    Abe's in the opening credits to Aqua Teen Hunger Force. There's a scene in the ATHF movie that explains the relationship that is hinted at in the shows credits.

    Check out the Lincoln built video-game console that is connected to the TV by nothing other than vines!

  4. Nice. Sailor Jupiter speaks to the plants and the lightning. perfect. I initially chose the Abe banner image for the pyramid triangle tent, but it also kinda looks like the tree is growing out of his hat.

    and yeah, jessica is smokin hot

  5. Very cool sync bringing in the Ka-Ba-Allah-istic 72 names of GOD (angels..etc)

    ** yes my 'Kabbalah friends' go APE-shit when I say that.

    and THank You Jake for your invite to the Hole!
    I accept.

    Here's yet another name from Obama...
    "R"ecovery "A"ct


  6. o'snap ... the force is strong with Strange Eye ... welcome aboard ...

  7. hey stefan j. wasn't me. it was the other wermes.

  8. James,
    forgive me but has anyone @ the Whole looked into or synced the "TOYOTA / Taurus / Bull-God Logo" Stuck Gas peddle NEWS ?


  9. I don't know the Asian car company logo meanings, but I'm aware a pattern exists.

    let it rip

  10. I am so behind in my reading. I need to reread like the last five *Whole* post and the new Toure drop.
    has anyone noted the first sync that most everyone ever trips on?
    You know the Kennedy/Lincoln synchros? I don't know how much of that is really "true"--but the syncs are uncanny--which makes me think that I don't know if I like where this thing is headed. I see a hanged man. The island needs a sacrifice?
    I dunno. Hopefully you guys chasing this beast can figure it out for me.

  11. Not ABE L, but is a NEWS synch to Star Trek and Civil Liberties.

    The actress Jean Merilyn Simmons, OBE (January 31, 1929 – January 22, 2010) played NORAH SATIE on Star Trek TNG.