Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Lovely Bones (By jUPiter, there's a Blue Star & Yellow Flower!) Conjuncted

I recently had a chance to watch Peter Jacksons latest movie The Lovely Bones and thought I'd chime in with a few things. I want to look solely at the symbology of the movie, so I'll be giving any spoilers a wide berth. IMO it's best to watch this beautiful film without knowing any of the details. Here goes....

The movie starts off with the Penguin. Whenever I see the Penguin in a movie I'm always reminded of Jakes mild obsession with the animal.

In the very next scene we see two more references to the Penguin on this book cover.

Close-up of the Penguin Books logo:

Here we see the name 'Vincent Van Gogh' in relation to the Pair of Penguins (PoP).

I then noticed that Van Gogh's famous SunfloWer painting was hanging on the wall in the background. It's probably worth mentioning that Jake recently visited the Van Gogh museum during his travels in Amsterdam. Yellow Flowers (like Penguins) always bring to mind the wonderful work of Mr. Kotze.

In this same scene actor Mark Wahlberg lies back on a pillow which is covered in a a pattern of Blue Flowers. If Yellow FloWers point to a Yellow Sun, then the Blue FloWers point to a Blue Sun, or Blue Star.

This next sync really made my ears prick up. Again, I'm not going to go into any specifics here but this next scene plays a pivotal role in The Lovely Bones. In the movie this dumping ground is called 'The Sink Hole' - a direct reference to The Sync Whole!!!

'The Sink Hole' is a place where all the useless junk is stored. I hope this movie isn't trying to tell us something! :)

Next up we're taken inside a Dolls House. Between the Twin Pillars (symbolized by the pair of illuminated candle-sticks) we find a reference to the White Horse. Check out Wills I looked, and there before me was a white horse.... for more on the syncnificance of this particular creature.

Next up I found a sync-wink to my own work. A Black Dog (in the form of this dainty Pug) pulls a sledge across the grass.

The Black Dog pulls along a sledge which carries the star of the movie (a character named Suzie SalMON).

The Pug drags her straight of the peak of this Mountain/Pyramid:

The Lovely Bones is a movie that takes an intimate look at Death and the Afterlife, so it's probably worth mentioning here that the ancient Egyptians and the Dogon tribe, in Mali, Africa, both had some interesting concepts about Death. They both believed that when our soul departs the body, it travels through the ethers until it reaches the Dog-Star Sirius. According to these Egyptian/Dogon beliefs, we will each visit Sirius one day. This could of course simply be a reminder that our soul will one day return to goD.

Getting back to the movie we find Rabbits, a giant Penguin, a pair of Dogs (running on top of the hill), and a hot-air balloon.

I mentioned that Van Gogh's Sunflower appeared in the intro of the movie, and later on we see that the Yellow FloWer is indeed a Sun FloWer. The Yellow Ray helps show Suzie SalMON the way:

In this next scene we see the Yellow Sun in relation to a Jack in the Box (top left), which happens to have a spiral S (or 'Blue Worm') beneath it:

The young boy who points to this picture tells us that Suzie is now in the 'In-between' (also referred to as the 'Blue Horizon'). This is a Blue Bridge (or Rainbow Bridge) which unites Heaven and Earth. To the right of this Blue Bridge we find the Blue Car on the wallpaper, something I synced about a couple of months ago.

Later in the movie the SpiriT Palm makes an appearance via this mandala-shaped Red Rose.

And finally we have this scene which appears near the end of the movie:

This image reminded me of the Tree of Life which appears in the finale of the movie 'Knowing' starring Nicholas Cage.

The kids walk through a field of Yellow FloWers as Blue Lights (Blue Suns?) float in the air around them.

Reminds me of this pair of Rabbits we looked at earlier:

The Lovely Bones is a wonderful movie. Hope you go check it out.

Peace all.

JaWes : Funny you decided to post about this movie while I was posting this.


Some Blue Star/Sun/Flower action today here in my slice of the sync web also..
Started watching "27 Dresses" with Kathrine Heigl because I'm into 27 and 27 is into me. You realize after a while that you and the syncs are inseparably intertwined unveiling our union with the totality. I mean, since getting into this NR for some reason or other I have learned that JAKE is 27 (J=10, A=1, K=11, E= 5) and realized this is also my current age, what's UP with dat?
Above Heigle as Jane arrives at a wedding. She places her bag on a table with the Israel Flag and many flowers on it.
WE/ME note then the strange attraction of flowers and stars, something that was noted in the Kirsten Dunst Yellow Flower post. To the synchromystic the association almost needs no justification as the resemblance, thus resonance, of a star and a flower is crystal clear. The connection between Star/Sun and Flower is very profound and again was touched UPon in Yellow Flower.

This flag bears the awesome David Blue Star. The Blue Star is associated with jUPiter, Sirius and the dawning of Cosmic Consciousness.
Perfectly susynct as the very next scene sees Heigl reach into her bag to find a bindi which she applies to her friend's forehead. A Blue Star of Joy proceeded by the mark that highlights enlightenment, good stuff.
Little later she is trying to fit her latest wedding dress inside her overstuffed cUPboard when we see another decorative Blue Flower on a Blue hand bag (far right in the tiny image above).
As she struggles to close the doors an S-Shaped Blue Worm squiggle moves into frame hanging from a Red Flower decorated hand bag. The Blue Worm or Aztec Xonequilli is also associated to star constellations (perhaps Sirius..), very fitting as seen here in close proximity with flowers.

Funny seeing all this on the same day Richard posts this lot above..
Oh and another thing.. I was also looking at the Heigle's poster line UP when I noticed how this version of Knocked UP (a 2007 film, no less) has the words KNO (sound like know, you know?) UP highlighted by her body. KNO UP! she is telling us, so I looked UP all the other recent UP posters as they have been powerful sync strange attractors.

Here they are:
Jim says this is a good one...
UP, where WE/ME journey to the land of OZ complete with a giant Blue Bird...
Surfs UP, entraining with my mild Penguin thing... One of these are Zooey Deschanel, Dorothy from OZ in Tin Man. Think the thing here is that Heaven is UP and Heaven is just like OZ and Wonderland, dig?
Another interesting one as Miss Murphy recently reverse birthed on us. Consider the H1N1 Swine Flew with the coiling DNA/Blood type element at play here..
Here we go, this one gives it all away! The Tree just like Richard points out with the word UP above it. The world tree/pillar/staff/axis leads as to "The Air UP There" or Heaven. The Heavenly clouds confirm all, where we find a native pointing the way with his Jupiter Finger. This poster is basically Avatar in a nutshell. Guess Basketball's resonate Jupiter.

Oh crap, nearly forgot about Tunney!

The Mentalist S2 E9 "A Price Above Rubies" was also watched soon after 27 Dresses.
She's actually crowned in this one, right as her screen title and CBS eye watermark share the moment. Nicest Tunney title yet. This vivifies the crown of her subtle body an expression of enlightenment or becoming aligned with the Self.
The network overlays are just getting crazier and more susynct with every passing episode.
Above Blue Snowflake type Stars play with the cast including the soon to be crowned O.G Priestess of my part of the sync web.
Here the common Blue Star burst hits her profile more directly then ever before. The syncs react and grow with direct relationship to our awareness of them.
Above is the C type Blue Worm squiggle coming out of Tunney's crown, the fuzzy brown on the far left. Remember she is a Star also. All these syncs WE/ME plot are attracted to the gr8 gravity of the Stars.
Here is a pic I took in SA with the C and S type Blue Worms. An Ibis, bird of Thoth, entrains with this moment.


72 followers at the point of this writing. That's how we like to role here at the sync hole.

Kevin: Beeutiful stuff up there everyone, beutiful flow gardens.

It got me thinking about as we read and write this Jupiter is making its yearly shift into another astrological house today into tomorrow,(January 17th-18th) into the house of Pisces, the Two Fish, the Waters,Emotions and Unconscious ruler of the Moon Tarot Card, I sense showing the Tarot Cards for these Signs/Planets can help sum up their influence.

Pisces and Jupiters Tarot Cards and influences.

According to Aleistar Crowley Jupiter in Pisces is represented by the 9 of Cups Tarot Card of the Minor cards.

From Aleistar Crowleys Book of Thoth, his words on the Nine of Cups-Jupiter in Pisces.

I was reading theres a big buzz in Astrology about the Uranus and Jupiter Conjunction in 2010 that have been historically important times previously. This Year Jupiter and Uranus will have a once every 42 year alignment in 0 degrees Tropical Aries in on June 8th of this year. This to be astrologically simple would be marked by events of Expansion or Benefaction (Jupiter), and Transformation and beginnings(Uranus). Now Jupiter and Uranus get together every 14 years, but only every 42 years do they conjoin in Aries or Libra. Reading some astrology blogs the history of these alignments synch up with the Roaring 20s, the Cold War, Lunar Landing in 69, 80s technology, 90s Internet, and now June and September 2010 will be the next impactful alignment of Fate, Destiny Jupiter with Scientific Aquarian Innovation and Transformation Uranus. The year we make contact...The Cover of the film Features a Baby and the Planet Jupiter, The Baby resonating The Fool-Uranus Tarot card which symbolises Birth and Uranus as well. The Fool rules the Element of Air, as Uranus rules the Air Sign Aquarius, the Astrological Age we entered in the 1900s. Read more on the Image below

I just found that all quite interesting so I thought id make an AstroSynchromystic projection for something Synchnificant happening or beginning for everyone around June or before 2011 according to the astrology. Read more about Jupiter and Uranus alignments here. Much love yall and be verily blessed with Joy and Peace. <3 id="gwProxy" type="hidden">


Yellow Flowers also seem to be attracted to the themes coming up lately..
Here Heigel interacts loudly with yellow flowers in 27 Dresses.
Jame's Marsden, famous as the seeing red Cyclops of "X-Men" points his jUPiter finger at the yellow flowered Heigl. The red eye of cyclops entrains with the red eye of jUPiter and is invoked by the jUPiter finger.
He takes a snap of one of the 27 Dresses, this being the yellow one..
His camera, backed and fronted now by Yellow Flowers, flashes a Blue Sun/Star, suggesting a relationship between the two elements.
A few scenes forward and Marsden (fascinating as Mars is a powerful theme in his recent outing "The Box"...) is aiming his red eye scanner at...
A bunch of freakin penguins, bwhahaha!
One more observation from the film "The Proposal" which I saw in the sky on my merry way to Amsterdam.
Sandra Bullock, who can't swim, falls into the water but is saved by Red Buoy 27 and Ryan Reynolds.
Bullock connects back to the Yellow Flow via "Divine (The Vine/Ayahuasca) Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood".



Just finished watching Mr. Fantastic Fox with my daughter.

Below we have Mr. Fox, or George Clooney aka Galactic Centre aligned with the number 27.

Now we have his son and CHRISToff in the Alchemy Lab that is fittingly room 241.

Once again we have the number 27.

Here we have Mr. Fox entraining with GG or 2 Gs, otherwise known as 27.

Since Mr. Blackdogstar started this post himself it is fitting that we find a blackdog reference in the comic book.

The film as well ends with the sighting of a Black Wolf, a once feared animal of Mr. Fox who now is realized to be an ally. A sign that flow is here to stay.

Here another connection between jUPiter and the Yellow Sun Flower. Helen Mirren, one Russian Astronaut who encounters jUPiters transformation into Sun/Star in 2010 (note the 2 is our 27) and Crowned nude lady plus Sun Flower in Calendar Girls.

Look carefully at these 2. The Sun Flower on Mirrens pink hat is at almost the exact position as the sun between baby and jUPiter!

Methinks jUPiter is the soon 2 blossom Yellow Sun Flower!


  1. cool winks, rich.

    i was on the fence about seeing this one... i was worried that without some real depth to drive it this film would be just too boring to tolerate. plus i'm not a huge fan of marky mark. with your recommendation, tho, i'm gonna check it out.

    the sink hole sync winked at me too recently; i was watching AMC's remake of The Prisoner yesterday when random sink holes started showing up around The Village. i'll have to finish the series to see what those holes are about...

    reminds me of Shia Lebouf's movie Holes with Sigourney Weaver... i smell a pattern forming...

  2. Wicked Mr Smith!
    I was just over at Jim's house.
    I gave him a fridge magnet of Van Goghs yellow sun flowers which I bought in Amsterdam and we also had a look at his daughters Penguin game in which you build a pyramid out of these animals.
    Further he explained to me how dominoes are bones then mentioning the release of The Lovely Bones!
    Its like you were there with us. A part of you must be, dig? A part of me and Jim must be with you too, no?

  3. I saw this movie too. Ray stands inside an octagonal pagoda.

    I just wrote a post at my site about a few of my early death experiences, quite the sync

  4. Excellent!

    Definitely fascinated with the tree symbol, since seeing it Knowing and Avatar. There is a sinkhole plot in Heroes as well. The white horse is a nice catch, linking it to the blazing star between twin pillars from the masonic tracing board, since it is generally considered a messianic motif.

  5. not to mention jake we played with my girls and their snow mountain.
    nice richard. i totally plan on seeing this one.

  6. Hey Toure, I'm glad to hear you'll be giving the movie a chance. Curiosity kept me from being bored because I was never quite sure where the story was going next. I love a movie that's unpredictable and keeps me on my toes.
    I wasn't aware there was a new Prisoner remake, but having had a quick look at the actors involved I think I'll check it out. Looks good.

    Jake, loved all the UPdates. It never ceases to amaze me how this work helps to dissolve all boundaries. I might not be with you in person, but I'm certainly there in spiriT. The All-Seeing Eye of RA is always keeping tabs on you guys! :^D

    James, I forgot about that pagoda sync. I'm about to hit the sack but I'll check out your near death experiences asap. Come to think of it, Death has been cropping up a lot recently. I did a mini tarot reading the other day and guess which card made an appearance: Death. I took it as a sign that new beginnings are on the horizon. I also watched The Road the other day (another great movie, although much bleaker than Lovely Bones)and again death was a strong theme in the movie.

    3rd Eye, since reading Mr. Morgans White Horse post I've been finding them in the strangest places.

    Same goes for the Tree. I've just checked, and yep, Jon Kidd still has the Tree up for his latest banner. I'm reminded of the LOTR scene where Gandalf rides Shadowfax, his White Horse, past the dying White Tree. Pans Labyrinth, Chronicles of Narnia 2, the new Alice in Wonderland, and even Ghost Rider all place a lot of emphasis on the Tree.

    Jim, love it! Nice timing with your comment.

  7. Interesting blue stuff. I especially liked the dreamy blue flowers on the pillow! Perfect indication of the sleep effects of the blue (pill) handed out by the god of dreams in the matrix we all live in.

    The sync wholes open, the world ceases to exist, when the sleeping GoD wakes UP. This happens in The Prisoner where Man/Number 6/Prisoner tries to escape his prison/matrix/body and become Number 1 (I say as I point up with my jUPiter/ZeusPater/GodTheFather finger). In, I think, the 2nd or 3rd episode of the new The Prisoner series, No.6 asks who is Number 1 (No.1, no-one, because every-one combined = no single "one"), and all the kids point up.

  8. Where is Up? Up in relation to where. Why is UP not called a certain distance from a certain object? If you kept going up on side of the planet and someone else kept going up on the other side of the planet, then they would be going in opposite directions but still going UP. There word Zenith means up in English but means the Sun's Decline in Arabic. Nadir is beneath you.

    UP is a relative term. Maybe there is so much polarity between the Eastern and Western Cultures because they have an opposite UP

  9. whoa... signaling the number "1" is the same as pointing Up. no.1 is no one, and no one is up. i guess we're all down. hence the sinking hole... nutz

    also; watched some of The Simpsons Movie recently, forgot that the sandbox sink hole was the family's escape from the dome (and the mob [?])... soon after they all head Up north

  10. Excellent RA

    I also noticed there's a Maple Leaf sticker (Made in Canada) on the bottom of the penguin snow-globe. It's at the very start, right after MW's character Jack says "...he's trapped in a perfect world" and shakes up the globe with the bottom angled towards the camera.


  11. RA,
    also thought it worth mentioning...
    In the opening bedroom scene:
    - The RED EYE in the pyramid (diamond actually) on the wall.
    - The Blue globe lamp
    the Books:
    - Exile and the Kingdom by Albert Camus (1957)
    - To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf (1927)
    - Siddhartha by Herman Hesse (1922)!
    and moments after the 12 Years later... after she talks about her camera...
    Susie Salmon runs past a Baphomet on the kitchen wall!

    The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold - Book Link at Google Books


  12. Jupiter or Saturn? When the radioactive core of the Cassinni spacecraft ploughs into Saturn, the gas giant will ignite? A synch whole, whole synch=gnosis. Dennis

  13. StrangEye, I spotted one or two of those syncs you mentioned, but man, you've got eyes on you like a hawk!

    Superb stuff Jake, Jim & Kev. Loved the floW!!!

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