Tuesday, January 26, 2010

22 / 7 = π

a BoBBer

The Major Arcana and the 22 Hebrew letters

the Major Arcana is divided into two groups
the cards 1-21 and another group of just the fool
this highlights the concept of ZERO

I would like to see the shadow angles of Yod to make 22
and I would like delve deeper into the Asiatic Zero but I digress ... dissonance ... chaos

MoM and PoP meet BoB

" The word pyramid is populalry supposed to be derived from fire thus signifying that it is the symbolic representation of the One Divine Flame (Yod = flame), the life of every creature. John Taylor believes the word pyramid to mean a 'measure of wheat', while C. Piazzi Smyth favors the Coptic meaning, 'a division into ten' (Yod = 10 and makes 22)

more Manly ... I'm only on page 117 (Giza is a 7/11 rise run ratio)

all of the overlapping and cross associating among the children of Ham is quite perplexing, I'm really tripping out on this Typhon character, the pig dragon. I'm probably gonna have to draw (chop & shop) an Isis Eye Crystal and Osiris Eye Sun tonight.

All 22 comes from Yod
Yod is the Rainbow Bridge
the Rainbow is 7
preheat your oven to 420
and lets bake some Pi

God is Roy G. Biv ... and goes by 7
God has many names

this is my facebook friend JAy Matlalti-Cuauhcoatl Syamasundara, he does synchromystic music

Planning on seeing Alex Grey's Gallery this Saturday with Kevin, hopefully we will have some footage ... syncHHole Tarot drawing classes have started


  1. Who told me I seem happy

    "In a sense when this attunement is activated we can become emotionally very happy. "

  2. Moon Keys or Apes are hidden behind the veil of Isis ... the apple?

    Please tell me how Osiris and Isis are different.

  3. Om the original We Three Spinner W3EM

  4. 142857 !

    Nero to Zero

    Did you like E.B. in that role?

    I thought he was more than fantastic in the "Time Travellers Wife"


  5. thanks for always reminding me of 142857 ... I never saw the Time Travelers wife cause the bootleg copy was always terrible, but I see that they've a new copy online, so I will check it out

    Peace hommie