Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Rabbit Whole

let me be Frank . . .
frank 1
open, honest, and direct in speech or writing, esp. when dealing with unpalatable matters : a long and frank discussion | to be perfectly frank, I don't know.
open, sincere, or undisguised in manner or appearance : Katherine saw her look at Sam with frank admiration.
Medicine unmistakable; obvious : frank ulceration.

ORIGIN Middle English (in the sense [free] ): from Old French franc, from medieval Latin francus ‘free,’ from Francus (see Frank 2 : only Franks had full freedom in Frankish Gaul). Another Middle English sense was [generous,] which led to the current sense.

Frank 2
a member of a Germanic people that conquered Gaul in the 6th century and controlled much of western Europe for several centuries afterward.
(in the eastern Mediterranean region) a person of western European nationality or descent.

ORIGIN Old English Franca, of Germanic origin; perhaps from the name of a weapon and related to Old English franca [javelin] (compare with Saxon ); reinforced in Middle English by medieval Latin Francus and Old French Franc, of the same origin and related to French .
-Frank Wheeler

-City of Frank

-Francis "Frank" Xavier Cross

So? This past summer I was being bombarded by Tommys. I didn't lay them out. . . They were part of something larger that never happened. I wonder if I shouldn't reacquaint myself with them?
The Tommys:

-Tom Hanks (in Mazes and Monsters attempting to jump from the twins).

-Tom Riddle
(Kings Cross/Kings Crossing) this is where Harry's Adventure begins & ends. . .

-Tommy Walker

-Tommy Creo

-Tommy Gnosis

-Tom Cruise

Jump Fool!
Now it is Tom w/ the message. (From Aug. or Sept or so. . .)

Tom Riddle?
Tom Hanks?
Tom Cruise
Tommy Creo?
Tommy Walker?

Let's nail down the syncs: Bridges, Toms, King's Cross[ing], Lost Boys, Great Hall[hallos/halloween]

[God, J.K.'s mythology is so perfect. It has one job, to prepare us all for death through love. Perhaps H.P. is the Aqurian hero. Jesus had his run, I think there is about to be a shake up.]

MM WTC vid.

Fearless/King Kong WTC pic.
Bridges Post: Eunus Noe
Jumpers: Eunus Noe
Elliott Smith: lyrics/vid (Merry Christmas!)--It thoroughly floors me that this song mentions Dominoes

So I had Jeff Bridges and Starman up on deck but watched Mazes and Monsters tonight w/ my kids.

Oh My God.

I don't know if a movie has blown my mind more than this one from 1982. I think that I may (?) have seen it Dec. 28th 1982 on CBS. It seemed vaguely familiar. It ruined Dungeons and Dragons for many of my friends. After the film many of my friend's parents wouldn't let them play. I think I got my first basic set over this Christmas break too. I was ten.

In the film, Tom Hanks got "stuck" in the D&D type game and went crazy. His quest took him from the Pequod caverns to THE WTC! The Pequod was the ship that hunted Moby Dick, and Tom's quest was to Jump from the North Tower, (I think). This might be a good one to lay on The Secret Sun actually. I dunno.

This film's surface message was one of warning in playing with the idea of the imagination with a game like D&D. Tom Hanks ends up crazy. (Another film that really killed me was Vanilla Sky-everyone told him to jump in that one and he did with the twins in the background.

The (intentional/unintentional)metaphor of this film is quite interesting though. The game is life. We play the game to work on our stuff, but we have to be careful not to take it too seriously. We identify w/ our character and our role while we are playing, but then we can step back and know that none of it was real and that the monsters were all in our head. Nothing new there, but wow.

I may watch this a few times, but I might not too. I don't know if this will become a post or not either. Maybe it would be better on my site. Humm.

There was also a hint of a warning in this film to me though. I sometimes worry that I too am going crazy. What happens when it's all sync all the time. Well, that's the singularity. I'm not ready for that. I like this dirty sandbox. I want to try and clean it up so others can play too.
-respond if you've seen this or have any thoughts. I'll have to think what I'm going to do with this.
Maybe, I'll just watch Starman as originally planned to chill out.

The Rabbit WHOLE

-I've really been inspired lately by the work of toure and AFST-Shaman. They've kept me thinking about wonderland.

-I've recycled a ton of stuff here I never used. . .
I'm working on something I'm calling "A Diagram of The Universe: 432" It may start w/ a prequel first though in seven parts. Read Jake Kotze. He blows my mind. He is a mystic. No doubt, just flow. . .

A point? not sure there is one.
let go. . .


  1. Great stuff Ishmael, Im C-ing Murray everywhere these days too hah, Beutyfool flow, be blessed - Namaste :)

  2. Yeah i really like it Ive been syncing the rabbit for weeks now and in the last week started to think about the FRANK connection great to see im not alone, i know what you mean about thinking sometimes your going mad when the sync cresendo - i guess that the real key expanding your level of conciousness (concious awarenes ) but remaining grounded in the moment and not letting your emotions ,intellect of pyschicality run away with you

  3. It is time to get out of the sandbox. You should play there with you're friends and family but approaching the singularity is a challenging endeavor. Rare individuals are capable of the journey. It's like being stranded in the middle of a dessert and randomly finding a way out. Is it just a mirage?

    don't drink the kool-aid! even though you (I) really want to. your post made me depressed, Darko makes me cry T.hanks

  4. and I heard Tommy just got his computer fixed so he will be back at the "Helo Wyncs" soon

  5. just realized I think of sand as Hexagons and I also think the veil / maze is an array of hexagons. This is definitely the subject matter of Jon's last post at Accidental Alchemist.

  6. I remember Mazes and Monsters created a lot of stupid rumors of kids getting stuck in RPG's and going "nuts", back in the 80's.

    Mercuries Messenger's recommendations for Ishmael, take em or leave em.

    Freaks and Geeks -
    [James Franco aka Hobgoblin, James Dean & "Carlos the Dwarf"]

    And these are to help you with your [Jeff] "Bridges"....

    K-PAX trailer
    (One of the most underrated movies of all time IMO, starring Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges.)

    Tron - Trailer
    Jeff Bridges

    The Wizard - Trailer
    Brother Beau Bridges

    Beau Bridges also plays Carl Hickey [Earl's Dad] in "My Name Is Earl", the best recent TV Show IMO, it's about karma and very very synchromystic [for me at least]...
    "My Name Is Earl" - Trailer

    EXPAND INWARD! Now if you will excuse me I have a beam of light to catch.

  7. I've been watching Lost Season One.
    And of course tonight we would naturally happen to be at "White Rabbit". Jack's dad of course died at Kings Cross in Sydney.
    Thanks for all the comments.
    ride on!

  8. fantastic article!! as always!! I didnt think I would ever know of anyone who watched (or know of)"Hedwig and the Angry Inch" !!