Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Giant Gas Tiger: "Call it a bad romance"

I was hanging with Kotze and walking through a park talking about the state of sync, when he mentioned Tiger and Gas Giant, meaning the planet Jupiter.

As soon as he said that I thought of the Esso Tiger. Esso is a Gas Giant and it's logo is a Tiger. Hmmm....

Makes me think of Giant Tiger as well.

What I was explaining to Jim was that I saw this image above of a Gas Giant clearly inspired by Jupiter with its similar red spot. It is from an Alan Moore comic Jack B. Quick. We have often connected jUPiter to Jack in these here sync pages.
I also like that the panel sharing the 'Gas Giant' has dialogue including the word "badmouth". BAD as 214 alphabetically shows how the word resonates jUPiter.
Jack nicknames the little 'Gas Giant' he has created "Gloria".
Right after reading this issue I got in the car still pondering this Gloria/Jupiter sync when the DJ on the radio starts talking about a DJ or MC Jupiter.
This is one of the most popular singles on the planet right now, Lady Gaga's "Bad (214/Jupiter) Romance".
I'm quite taken with her, I must say. She seems to express the desperate and necrotic extremes of our consensus situation quite beautifully. I am hopeful when our art so clearly reflects where we are psychologically and spiritually stuck, regardless of whether this is the intention of the artist or not. I would guess it is not. If something is visible, it is in consciousness and consciousness inevitably heals stuck energy. Hell, I would go so far as saying allot of pop and hip-hop is a valuable mirror for us to see and recognize our disease so we can process and heal it. I always feel this when I watch a typical Will Farrel movie, which I usually enjoy.
Bad Romance is currently number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. It shows how loudly jUPiter is coming through the sync web right now.
Jim has pointed out the extreme high resonance of mystery surrounding Valentines Day this year and its connection to Jupiter in 2010 Matrix Code. Valentines Day is a day of romance making Bad Romance even more susynct as a reflection of subtle forces at work in our consciousness.
I put these side by side as a banner at The Blob a while ago just because I like both of these things and was interested in the double G's in play. GG is 77 or 2 sevens thus 27.
Only after did I notice how both Gigi and Gaga have a highlighted singular I/Eye of Consciousness.
Lady Gaga then expresses Jupiter via wanting Bad Romance and by the Twin G's.
Here again in her song "Paparazzi" we find the single I/Eye and the Twin Blue G' Stars.
I hope to finally put out this crazy old post that has been simmering at The Blob for a few months going more into the Twin Suns, soon.

Just a little something about Gloria, the name of Jack B. Quick's planet resonating Jupiter.
Gloria is a penguin in "Happy Feet", a popular sync animal receiving lots of attention recently for some mysterious reason..
Gloria is voiced by the recently departed Brittany Murphy, just saying..

Good sync flow as I just saw this Esso Tiger in the opening sequence for Charlton Heston sci-fi classic "Soylent Green".
"It's people!"

Not 24 hrs after the subject came up as related to Jupiter.


  1. Alway a pleasure, thanks J+J. Love those heart Syncs around. Brittany Murphy probably died from a heart attack (note the heart/ heart song in the Happy Feet poster) - just like Michael Jackson. The Lupercalia pic shows a flying heart in the 2010 Matrix Code post. The arrow of the archer hit our heart in now so it's going UP to Jupiter?
    James Rattle found an outstanding Sync: - "Halo is donating up to 77,000 dollars, it's like a hundred bucks for every ten people that wear their Heart badge in matchmaking today and tomorrow." Well, you know what UP to 77 means :-)

  2. The Canadian Maple Leaf pretty much looks like the shape of a heart also...

  3. Over the last few weeks I have been remembering scenes from the film True Romance. In True Romance, Christian Slater as Clarence Worley gets shot in the eye and survives with one right-eye left intact.

    SLaters are known as Pill Bugs.

    pill bug
    n. In both senses also called slater, wood louse; also called regionally doodlebug.

    A small terrestrial isopod crustacean of the genus Armadillidium closely related to the sow bug and having a convex, segmented, flexible body enabling it to curl into a ball when disturbed. In this sense also called roly-poly.

  4. awesome. and posted at 2:41 no less.

    Question: given the concept that the conscious and unconscious are one, is the significance the same if i post something at 2:41 on purpose, rather than happening to be finished at that time?

    i agree about Lady Gaga; at first i was a bit put off by her artsy uber-popiness, but after listening to the lyrics for "Paparazzi" and opening up to the syncs, i appreciated her place in the pattern so much more... her reflection, as stated here.